It's your choice

While i was sitting in my garden (when there were actually 10 minutes of sunshine), i was thinking about doing a post, that'll make this blog a little more interactive. Just because i'd love to know what you think about different things and what your perception of style is.

So i made some questions, from which you can choose only one from two options.

I am very curious about your answers, and it would even be better if you give a little explanation about your answers, if you'd like to, of course.

I am already really looking forward to read all of your answers!

My answers are at the very end of this post.

1. The very popular and modern Bugaboo or the old pram?

2. Bathing suit or bikini?

3. Sexy Victoria's Secret lingerie or sophisticated Stella McCartney lingerie?

4. A classic beauty like Gisele or a more strange looking beauty like Iekeliene?

5. A modern place or a vintage heaven?

6. Romantic Paris or the city that they say never sleeps?

7. Skinny jeans or wide legged jeans?

8. Strong and bold editorials or soft and dreamy editorials?

9. D&G's or Roberto Cavalli's Maxi dress?

10. A fresh and early morning or a dark, mysterious evening?

My answers: 1. an old pram, so nostalgic and cosy, 2. the bathing suit at this moment, 3. Sophisticated Stella briefs and bra's of course, deeply in love with them, 4. Iekeliene Stange is more beautiful to me and much more interesting to look at, 5. A vintage heaven is really heaven to me, 6. I would say NY because i've already been in Paris and my curiosity for NY seems to increase every day, 7. Wide leg jeans, although i still wear my skinny's sometimes, 8. Soft and dreamy, denitely. But i guess you could already tell by everything i post on this blog, 9. Neither D&G nor Cavalli are favourites of mine, but this time i have to go with the Cavalli dress, there is a little something i like about it, 10. I tend to go for a fresh and early morning, but there are days i can't say no to a dark and mysterious night also.


Anonymous said...

old pram it's so nostalgic, bikini, i love the vintage style bathing suit but it's just not for me, difficult one i think the sexy lingerie because it gives you a great confidence to know that you were sexy lingerie underneath your all-day boring outfit, strange looking model because it's less boring, difficult! vintage feels more like a home but modern gives you some sort of peace, romantic paris, i've never been in NY but i love paris because it has so much character!, neither, skinny's are overrated but wide-legged makes me feel rag, soft and dreamy, definetely robberto cavalli because the other one is just ugly!, dark, mysterious evening

Mila said...

Thanks anonymous, for your interesting answers!

sd said...

pram is way classier, 1 piece especially 50s style, stella because im not really a fan of vicky, iekeliene! love her uniqueness, vintage room because it seems cozier, paris since im a fan of history, skinnies dont suit me so wide legs, dreamy edis always catch my eye, cavalli although im not a fan of either really, fresh early morning though i usually sleep in and miss it!

camille said...

1. old pram. much more beautiful.
2. bikini, although there are lovely alternatives of bathing suits, but i'd rather take bikinis.
3. it always depends on the occasion.
4. strange looking beauty. i like gisele, but sometimes i get bored of all those equally-looking models.
5. vintage heaven, i'm a vintage lover! i already have my idea of vintage house for when i live by myself ♥.
6. romantic paris, my dream is paris and london. dream ·2: ny.
7. i like skinny, but wide legged jeans are more comfortable and some of them are really beautiful.
8. dreamy editorials! (i love that particular one you posted. and there's ali michael, one of the young models i love).
9. roberto cavalli's. it's much more simple and lovely.
10. morning. my favourite time of the day together with the afternoon.

danica said...

This is fantastic idea!

1. The old pram - much more aesthetically pleasing (although possibly dangerous for the baby)
2. Bathing suit - definitely (because I'm shy)
3. Stella McCartney lingerie - sublte and sophisticated
4. I love Iekeliene!
5. Vintage heaven - so beautiful :)
6. Paris please
7. I used to do wide leg, but I'm into skinny at the moment
8. Soft and dreamy *swoon*
9. Neither. I'm not into the maxi dress thing.
10. Hmmm...maybe the dark and mysterious evening...

Anonymous said...

1-the old pram is beautiful and nostalgic but I think when I'll be mum I'll choose Bugaboo, more easy!
2- bikini, because I don't wearing well bathing suit
3- Stella McCartney of course, I don't like sexy and provocative style, also for underwear
4- strange looking beauty, Gisele's beauty is more conventional and less more charming
5- a vintage heaven the furnitures have already a history
6- NYC I hope visit it a day, I often come to Paris
7- the more difficult question!!flare but I don't often wear shoes at heel and I find even small with flare, actually both, I adore also slim, I can tell beautiful right jean?
8- soft and dreamy editorials I believe that you can see it in my blog!
9- like you, D&G and Cavalli are favourites of mine but I have a Cavalli dress interest
10- a fresh early more pleasant than a stormy night

onomatopoeia. said...

1. de oude kinderwagen. We hebben er zelf eentje op zolder staan en die is gewoonweg prachtig. Daar komt bij dat ik Bugaboo's ronduit lelijk vind.
2. Bikini. Hoewel ik badpakken ook erg leuk vind trek ik toch nog steeds liever de bikini uit de kast.
3. Stella McCartney. Ik ben verliefd op haar ondergoed. Wel jammer dat het zo duur is.
4. Anders dan anders mooi zijn. Nu wil het toeval dat ik Iekeliene dan weer net wat minder vind maar over het algemeen vind ik mensen die net niet helemaal 'perfect' zijn stukken mooier en bovendien interessanter om naar te kijken.
5. Een vintage paradijsje. Ik vind het gezellig om omringd te worden door allerlei leuke en aparte spulletjes.
6. Parijs. Voorspelbaar hè? :p
7. Skinny jeans. Ik vind die wijde broeken wel leuk staan bij anderen, maar ik trek zelf toch liever een skinnyjeans aan.
8. Dat is een lastige keuze. Beide hebben hun charme. Maar ik ga dan toch maar voor dromerige foto's.
9. Ik vind ze beide afschuwelijk, maar die van D&G net iets minder
vanwege de kleurencombinatie.
10. Nu het zomer is kies ik voor de vroege ochtend. Hoewel ik totaal geen ochtendmens ben ahum, word ik ongelofelijk rustig en vrolijk van een vroege zonnige zomerse ochtend. In de winter
heb ik echter liever de donkere avonden, die zijn dan wel zo gezellig.

Zo dat was nog niet niks ;)

Le chouchou said...

1. De oude kinderwagen. Iets wat al ouder is heeft meer waarde dan nieuw vind ik. Die nieuwe kinderwagens vind ik ook ronduit lelijk!

2. De bikini. Ik heb geen enkele badpak in mijn kast hangen. Hoewel ik ze toch erg mooi vind. Ik voel me denk ik toch zkerder in een bikini hoe raar het ook mag klinken.

3. Absoluut Stella McCartney. Heb de collectie in het echt gezien, zo mooi. Maar jammer genoeg erg duur!

4. Iekeliene spreekt mij veel meer aan. Wat je zegt, veel interessanter om naar te kijken..

5. Vintage haven! Als je bij mij thuis bent weet je waarom whaha. Ik heb niks met dat strakke, moderne..

6. Paris! zonder twijfel!

7. De skinny jeans. Ik heb alleen maar skinny jeansen in mijn kast hangen. Vind de wide pipe overigens erg leuk, maar niet mij mezelf.

8. De dromerige, spreken mij toch meer aan..

9. Vind ze beide niet mooi, maar als ik moet kiezen ga ik toch voor die van Roberto Cavalli.

10. Moeilijk, met beide heb ik namelijk wel iets. Maar als ik weer moet kiezen toch voor de donkere mysterieuse avond. Warme chocolademelk erbij, openhaard aan hmmmm

Rina said...

Hi Mila!, first of all thanks for your comment in my blog, your blog is really beautifull and I really like to read it and look every picture.
Here´s my answers:
1. old pram
2. bathing suit
3. stella Mccartney lingerie
4. strange looking
5. vintage deco, I love vintage!
6. Romantic Paris
7. Skinny jeans, but I´m not sure that fits me right, I always have a dilema with jeans haha
8. dreamy editorials
9. Roberto Cavalli´s dress
10. a fresh early morning

Thanks for this, It was so much fun!

Erica said...

I wouldn't fit in either the Bugaboo or old pram.

NINA said...

Old pram
Stella McCartney
Classic beauty
Vintage heaven
Skinny jeans
Soft and dreamy editorials
RC maxi dress
Fresh & early morning.

Anonymous said...

old pram, bikini, can't really decide between victoria's secret and stella, i'd have to say both, depending on the situation!, how bout gisele's body and Iekeliene's face?!, vinatge heaven, paris, wide leg, soft and dreamy, D&G (I like OTT!! and my boobs are too big to wear the cavallli!), dark mysterious evening!

cottontree said...

1. Old pram. Looks much sweeter.
2. I like bikinis but I'm much more likely to wear the bathing suit.
3. Stella!
4. There is no doubt that I like strange looking girls far better than conventional beauties...
5. A mix? I can't decide!
6. Have to say Paris, it just seems like the most amazing place. But New York is a very close second.
7. Skinny jeans because I find them easier to wear.
8. Soft and dreamy.
9. Roberto Cavalli
10. Hmm a hard one. I tend to be more awake at night though.

Heart in a cage said...

1. De oude kinderwagen! Misschien iets minder praktisch maar wel mooi.
2. Bikini. Maar ik vind dat badpak op jouw foto ook ontzettend leuk!
3. Stella McCartney! Ik vind haar ondergoed echt prachtig! Jammer dat het zo duur is.
4. Iekeline. Interessanter om naar te kijken.
5. Vintage heaven! Veel persoonlijker, en ik vind het altijd heel leuk om er naar te kijken(op foto's). Ik wou dat mijn kamer er zo uitzag.:)
6. Parijs! Daar hoef ik waarschijnlijk geen uitleg bij te geven.:p;)
7. Hmmm.. beide eigenlijk!
8. Zachte en dromerige editorials! Ik houd gewoon van die sfeer enz.
9. Ik vind ze beide eigenlijk afschuwelijk.
10. Ik denk een frisse en bovendien zonnige ochtend. Maar een donkere avond kan ook heel gezellig zijn.

colette rose said...

pram, bikini, sophisticated stella lingerie, somewhere in between strange looking and classic, a mix between vintage and modern, new york, wide leg, definitely soft and dreamy, roberto cavalli, both fresh early mornings and dark mysterious evenings have their charm