6 Things

I've been tagged by the lovely Cottontree from the great blog Windy Days.
Thank you so much, my dear!

I have to name 6 things i currently like and tag some other people to do the same.
Well, only six things i like...that's not too difficult.

1. Searching Ebay for vintage and antique bustiers.
I love the lace and the romance behind these pieces of clothing/lingerie.

2. Reading through old magazines, especially Elle Decoration and Vogue Living (UK's and Australia's copies are my favourite!), to inspire me to do little things in and around my house.

(Picture from Dutch Elle Decoration)

3. Sitting in my garden when the sun shines and my cats are running through the garden.

4. Painting little things on white plates.
Together with my mom, who is way better at it!

5. Thrifting, thrifting, thrifting...
I can't get enough of old things, especially little sweet things to decorate my place. Flowered cups, old colourful boxes...

(not my pictures)

6. Reading lots of great books. I am currently reading only Dutch books, one about a Dutch doctor in Africa (my fascination for Africa gets bigger and bigger..), another one from German Eckhart Tolle, i guess you all know who he is and sometimes i read some passages from the Bible my sister gave me. (First time ever i read the Bible)

I hereby tag Soir de Fete, Heart-in-a-cage, Paper Cut Heart and Rose Sucre.



I have to say that I absolutely adore your blog! And the home photos from Dutch Elle are fantastics-- I recently moved into my own apartment and decorating has been one of my obsessions.

Hila said...

Hi Mila :)
Thanks for visiting my blog - yours is very sweet and filled with lovely things too!

cottontree said...

i'm glad you did it! lovely things here.
dutch magazines look great too! :)

danica said...

Oh lovely, Mila :) I love the painting on plates - such a gorgeous idea! Thanks for tagging me - it will be my next post.

Heart in a cage said...

Bedankt voor het taggen!;)

Maria said...

I agree with you on number two. Love getting inspiration from interior magazines and blogs!
And I really like the bustier on number two, what's the sellers name?

Mila said...

Hi Maria,

Unfortunately the bidding has been ended for this vintage Dior bustier (it's sold for $35). The seller's name is Swanhilda and she's from the USA.
Hope it helps..

Rose Sucre said...

Thanks Mila !! I like so very much your tags.


Vintage teacups are beautiful. xx