Attention! Attention!

Yes, some things are that special. They need ATTENTION!
Sorry for being a bit hysterical, but sometimes i feel like i just have to.

First of all: you have to buy or read this (online) mag.

It's beautiful, refreshing and oh so inspiring!
Mag for mankind.
It's created by the owner of this great, funny blog that makes you really happy. I am all into the positiveness this blog screams!

One of the contributors of the mag is Jen Taritz-Gotch, whom you all know from her polaroid blog.

Second, i discovered a blog today which i absolutely love. Notes by naive.
Maybe i am late again and everybody knows this one already, but nevertheless i'll share it with you! (You can also find it on the right at my list of blogs i love.)

She has some amazing clothes and puts really nice and sweet pictures on her blog, it's really worth a visit!

Third: nothing very special, but i am working on a big post about bathrooms, not just bathrooms to bath in, but to love so much that you want to live in them...
I am dreaming about beautiful bathrooms while searching for the most amazing ones on pictures.
More about this soon.

Have a lovely night.


Hila said...

you've just listed all of my favourite blogs! And Erin from design for mankind is just about the loveliest person :)

Anonymous said...

is there any way i can purchase mankind mag? i read it online but i want to own it!

Mila said...

Hi Anonymous!

I totally forget to also post the link of how to purchase this great mag. I'm sorry..

This is the link:

Good luck!

design for mankind. said...

You are so sweet to write such lovely things about my mag!