tears don`t lie?

i hope you like this small collection of pieces of art
from some of my favorite
inspiring and unique artists.
(BETSY WALTON is my absolute favorite!)

(i was wondering:
when you want to create something yourself,
whether it is a painting, a piece of jewelry or whatever
but you find it very hard to actually start creating...
is there something you do to motivate yourself?
like, for example, listen to some specific song
or go outside for some fresh air?)

i`d really love to hear your ideas about this!
thank you so much in advance, dear readers ♥


Shelley Whiting said...

Your art is very delicate and soft. It's quirky and whimsical. I love the fun patterns and bright colors. Unique and beautiful art.

Rebekah Leigh said...

A great selection! I'm stuck right now,I even sorted my finances instead of doing my artwork!!! I may go for a walk then try again later.I know that usually helps.Or doing something different completely..a new exercise class,see a friend at a new cafe....

Miki's scrapbook said...

What an amazing selection of pieces of art! A total delight to the eye! :D

Have a fun weekend!


strawberry-emily said...

the patterns colours are great

http://anna.elle.se/ said...

Thanks for sharing those lovely happy pieces of art!
Your blog is so inspiring!

Have a look at my blog here,


Lili Emilia said...

Nice colorful post! :)

flonlis said...

Things that motivate me: painting outside, gardening, being in the nature...cooking, walks, reading, dancing, friends/family,food, studying cultures,riding my bicycle, my daughter, my husband...making love!, photography, a great beer, a smoke, daydreaming... hope that helps! -xox

Jasmin said...

Love this post (and your blog) - as always :-)

RINO said...

Wonderful... ! Joli blog aussi :)

loveology said...

thank you all so much for your sweet and helpful comments, dear readers.

i truly appreciate every single one of them and they still make me feel special and very honored! :)

lots of love to you all.

Cara-Leigh Jane said...

Lovely post. I listen to the Radio Dept to get some motivation, they make me feel free and creative! Definitely recommend.

Sarah said...

When I'm stuck I draw a squiggly line and see what I can turn it into. Works like a charm.

deryik said...

i make my own jewelry, generally necklaces, which is very relaxing. nice thing is it's wearable and reminds me of the day i bought the beads, the stuff that kept my mind busy while making it etc. it's like a diary in bead form :)