bombs of sweetness and disaster

the rest of this post will be filled
with the gorgeous products of RICE from Denmark
(click on the catalog to view the full A/W 11 collection!)

below some of the pictures i really LOVE...

(please click all pictures for sources)


Claire M. said...

Very colorful! love it ;)

Adie Andrews said...

So many colors and colorful inspirations :) I just love them.

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Nia said...

amazing as always :)

Greetings from Barcelona


Chrissy Foreman C said...


Anonymous said...

what a colorful world!

Pushemek said...

So colorful!
Love this!

XO from LittleBlackOrchids

Adie Andrews said...

I love this one. So colorful, so adorable. I love the design too. Good job.


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MUS said...

nice to discover your blog! ;)