when a beautiful person walks away from you

(just because you are willing

to give that special person
all the love
you have
inside of you)

(click pics for sources)


Raincloud said...

Hello Mila, I admire your blog, as well as tumblr and gorgeous finds at Pinterest and I'm wondering how I can get an Pinterest invitation?
Sorry for question, but I don`t know who else to ask.
Wish you a nice day!

sunny smiles said...

I feel like I'm about to float away on a rainbow of color...love it!

Little Sable said...

♡Very beautiful photos!!!
kisses from your follower! ♡
With love Little Sablehttp://littlesable.tumblr.com/

maria moor said...

loove your things! some time ago you posted on your blog you were going to be involved in unicorn magazine and later I participated with one of my poems! thanks!!!

AVY said...

Very pretty stuff!

/ Avy

Kati said...

I love this post. The colors are so intense & the things incredibly pretty. I also just check out My Chrochet Shop on Etsy & I might be doing a post about it as well...so pretty! Thanks for sharing this.

Greeting from Germany, Kati made in hier

Zenchukovskiy said...

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electric feel said...

absolutely lovin this post! makes rainy days colourful!

thea said...

want to read those books!!!


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