Loveology at DaWanda!

Let's forget about Etsy.
Just kidding!
Keep visiting Etsy, of course!
But...also visit DaWanda, especially my little shop I just created there!

I've been talking (and posting) a lot about starting my own Etsy shop lately.
However, since i found out you need a creditcard to start a shop at Etsy,
i had to say goodbye to my Etsy-dream.
I have no creditcard, nor am i planning to get one.

(One of the collages that are for sale at the shop!)

I had already visited DaWanda.com for several times and thought it was a great place.
A little bit different from Etsy, but hey, that's not a bad thing!
Luckily no creditcard is needed to start your own shop at DaWanda, so i created one for myself right away!
I couldn't wait and now i feel all excited about it! :)
I don't really have any expectations, let's just see how things will work out...

(This is the latest collage i made. Also available at the shop!)

You are all more than welcome to visit Loveology The Shop at Dawanda!
The door is wide open and tea is ready! :)


On the left sidebar of this blog, you can also find a link to my shop,
just below my profile information.
If you decide to visit via that link, you probably arrive at the German version of DaWanda (where this website is originally from).
But don't worry, just click on the English flag in the right upper corner of the page, to go to the English / international version of the website.

(The decorated Moleskine journal, i also listed in my shop.)

As you can see, for now i only listed 10 items.
However, several items are in the making and on their way to the shop!

Of course i am open to any comments, feedback or tips on the shop and the items i listed.
Don't be too harsh on me though...remember i just started, still have a lot to learn and have to figure things out and maybe change them some time soon when i discovered things aren't working out as i hope they will.


To 'celebrate' the opening of the store, i decided to give away presents (surprises) with any purchased item. I have to put that on the site of the shop though, as i just decided this one minute ago.
So, if you decide to buy something from the shop, you will also receive a surprise gift with your package!

Oh, look at the gorgeous plate my mother found at a Thriftshop and gave to me!

Excuse me for being a bit hysterical...
I just can't help, but feeling so excited!
Maybe i will never sell anything, but nevertheless it somehow feels like playing 'little shop', like you did when you were a kid, remember how exciting you felt then? In some strange way, i feel just like that...

(The collage i was working on while taking this photograph. It's ready now, so i will list it in the next couple of days.)


Don't forget to take a look at my last post below!
It's full of pictures of my finds from my London trip,
AND....consists information about the winner of the Giveaway!

Anywhere i lay me head, the winner of the Giveaway, unfortunately still hasn't contacted me.
I hope she's just on holiday and didn't just decide to throw her computer out of the window or something.


If you also have a DaWanda shop, please let me know!
I'd love to visit your shop!

Bye dears, have a great rest of the week and i hope to speak to you soon!


Melanie said...

I really enjoy reading your blog Mila. The things you are selling at your new shop are lovely and in these credit crunch times I think it's a very good thing not to have a credit card. Well done!

Anonymous said...

lovely things and the pictures are so pretty <3

butterfly said...

I've not heard of Dawanda...nice shop! May even be tempted to get something :)

un bel oiseau said...

oh i am so jealous of that bird plate! use it well :)

Mila said...

Thanks guys!

Suzannah, what item do you like the most then, if i may ask?

At this point, i am very curious about what people think of the items i listed now and the pricing, the big text on the first page and also the banner....

Any feedback is very welcome!


Anonymous said...

your very welcome! and ooh i'm not very good at choosing favourites... but i would have to say that i love the moleskine notebook that you've decorated i love the vintagey bird pattern and the lace on it :)

Johanne said...

You make the prettiest collages!
I'll make sure to visit your shop;D

Shayla shut your eyes said...

gorgeous lady!! ooh, i'm so excited for your shop! i've never heard of dawanda either!!
i'm so excited to explore!


shopgirl28 said...

Congratulations on starting your own shop. You have such beautiful things. Funds are currently tight for me right now, but I would love to get something from there. Good luck. I'm sure your shop will be a success.

StickyKitten said...

I will definitely check out your Dawanda shop! Good luck with it! I know what you mean about "playing shop"...having an shop is so fun! You are sure to do really well. xoxox

setyourselfonfire said...

Mila that journal with the birds and the lace is completely amazing!!!

Rosie said...

darling mila,

i have not visited in so long, but oh my goodness!!! i have just read through all the posts i have missed, and got ever so excited, as just this week i have been busy setting up an etsy shop!! how very strange and coincidental!!
i have been so excited about it, and i feel as though i am a little girl again too, playing shops!! i have had so much fun i almost do not mind if nobody ever wants to buy anything from me!!

also your raindrop garlands-wbjch are so very pretty, mila- i make very similar items myself!!! i have made them for a long time to hang in my window, but lots of hearts and sequins instead of raindrops. yours are gorgeous!!

i adore your collages and paper cranes also, it is all such beautiful work. once i gather som pennies together, i am going to decide which beautiful little item i would like :)

oh and your trip to london!! i cannot believe it, you were in london at the same time as me! i live very close to london anyway. i am so glad you had such a lovely time. and the top you got with elle magazine- i have that too!!

thank you for having such inspiring and wonderful posts that have made me ever so excited, dearest mila- i fear i have used many exclaimation marks and rambled a little in tis note!

and happy belated birthday darling girl :)


notebookdoodles said...

congratulations on your shop!! i will go there and check it out now :)

Rachel Follett said...

Congratulations! That is so exciting! I hate credit cards too so I have a debit card that etsy let me use. Your shop is beautiful and I especially love that bird collage. So pretty!!!

Heart in a cage said...


Ik heb al iets besteld!;)

Anonymous said...

Your shop is sweet! I hope you have much success!


Hayley said...

the items you make are so incredibly lovely. good luck with your shop !

jen a said...

i adore the new header - love!

Rachel said...

Ik vond je blog al geweldig en je DaWanda nu ook! Ik het eens in de gaten houden om iets te kopen :)
En ik weet wat je bedoelt met het winkeltje-idee, ik zit ook al de hele tijd te denken aan een etsy-maar-dan-anders (vanwege het creditcard probleem), alleen maar om dat gevoel.

Shayla shut your eyes said...

i've featured your shop on my blog today as my fabulous friday find..

just wanted you to know i think your things are so wonderful that i wanted to share you with all of my readers. <3

Anonymous said...

sorry about your etsy dreams ending, but DaWanda seems awesome. my favorite thing you've posted here is the moleskin notebook you so beautifully decorated. you are a genius :)

PinkBow said...

i hadn't heard of this shop before, your things are amazing, good luck with your new project

anywhere I lay my head said...

I won? You must be kidding me? Me? Whoaaa! I can't express how happy I feel right now! My mom wondered what was up when I suddenly cried out loud! I'm crying right now, that's how happy I am for winning your lovely lovely giveaway! I'm sorry it took me such a long time to answer, I came home yesterday from a place with no computers that I could find!

Again, thank you so so much for this! This makes my whole summer soo much sweeter and magical!

I didn't find your e-mail anywhere, must have missed it xD But my e-mail is vintagepepsi@gmail.com I can't wait to send you my address!

Lots of love

agnes said...

awww. congratulations on your new shop! I can definitely feel your happiness while you are writing this post, I am really happy for you too :)

I love the collage you have been making the most, the choice of materials do really work well together..

I have been making some necklace too :)


maçã said...

You have lovely things, it's obviuos that you'll be a success! *

thischicksgotstyle said...

Wat een mooie spulletjes!!

Melissa said...

Beautiful items - and a beautiful blog!

Shayla shut your eyes said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU! they're my very own drawings (my header) i'm so glad you like them! and you're VERY welcome lovely. your beautiful things are too precious not to be shown off. <3

Dottie said...

Beautiful store. I might have to get that moleskin notebook!

Rosie said...

wow!!! darling mila i am so excited!!!

The swap is a wonderful idea!!!!!! i would absolutely love to do one with you!!! wow!!

i have never done one before, although me and lottie from the tea drinking english rose send eachother packages all the time, which i suppose is very similar. there is something wonderful about giving and sending packages, and iam so excited you would like to do a swap with me!!

here is my email address, so we can swap addreses:


i am going to get started on putting someting together for you today :)

darling mila you have made my day!!! i do not think i will be able to stop smiling :D

love Rosie

Anonymous said...

i've tagged you on my blog! :)

FashionLagniappe said...

I LOVE and am a HUGE fan of your blog! Hope you can take the time to check out my site!

We sell Vintage and Designer clothes, shoes, and accessories all in one place. We have some really great things up right now! Studded boots, Alexander Wang halter top, and vintage blazers. Check it out!


georgia b. said...

oh, congrats! i just started an etsy shop, so i understand your excitement! i will definitely be checking out your new shop. i had no heard of DaWanda, so i am intrigued.

your blog is great! i found it via kitty at dolliedaydream—she tagged me in the same post that she tagged you in. i'm glad to have discovered it.

have a wonderful day!


tori said...

i love all the items in your shop! you are really talented. i'm considering getting that paper crane with the blue lace, but i need to figure out the exchange rate between dollars and euros.. :D

Anonymous said...

I really like these things in your shop. They're really lovely.
Keep up the good work! :)

Check my blog on: http://ispinmadlyon.blogspot.com

oh, hello friend. said...

hi mila!

would it be possible to get your email address so i can email you? thank you friend!



So glad for your new shop...will check it out for sure! Best wishes for this new endeavor Mila!

STEFANIE said...

So many lovely things here!

Alexandra said...

Actually, you can use a debit card for etsy. I did. Really pretty stuff, by the way.

Maverick Malone said...

Elina Minn's work is awesome! I love the little guy with the books atop his head. So cute!

Mila, I love your blog! <3 Hope you're doing well!

xox, mavi

Anonymous said...


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