Back from London & The Winner!

Ooooh, i can NEVER find the right words,
to describe the amazing time i spent in London with my mom!
It was such a great adventure...
Everything about it was just perfect; the quality time with my mom (we really needed), the gorgeous and lovely city London is, the huuuuuge amount of beautiful shops in London and of course the shopping my mum and I did.

We both bought the greatest things!

Oh and let's not forget about the heatwave! ;)

Before we went off to London, i made a big list of all the shops we wanted to see. (Thank you Susie Bubble, for making this enormous list on London shops you love!)
We had to make some kind of schedule, because we were there for only four days and the city has so much to offer!

To be completely honest, Topshop was a little but of a disappointment.
Of course i expected very much of it, because i had never been there before and all i see on the net is greatness from Topshop.
I only went to the biggest Topshop, on Oxford Street....and oh my goodness, it was just overwhelming! When you step in, all you see is colour! It's all so much and so big, you really have no clue where to start looking! (Or maybe this is just me, Dutch girl used to Dutch shops...?)
Nevertheless, i bought two great items there, which of course look horrible because of my photography-skills.

I also bought these great notebooks at Topshop!
The right one is also lovely inside, with Little Red Riding Hood on every page and a sentence of the story...

The most amazing, sweet, little shop i've been must be 'All the fun of the fair'.
This shop was in this gbeautiful, pretty small, kind of 'open-air mall' called Kingly Court, near Carnaby Street.
It truly was like a fair, with all kinds of vintage buttons, laces and trims and the lady who was the owner of the shop i guess, was the most lovely lady i've ever met in a shop.
(See the first picture of this post to see what i bought here...)

Muji was also such a great shop!
They sell all kind of things for a really good price.
The designs are simple, yet very pretty...

At this beautiful, but very expensive shop VV Rouleaux, they sell an amazing amount of gorgeous ribbons, trims and buttons. Lots of them are vintage.
I bought these two cute ribbons, the right embroidered one is a vintage one.
Oh, the gorgeous cards were for free! ;)

At Traffic People, i bought this lovely little purse...
Love the fabric!

I was really amazed by the beautiful and lovely cards,
they seem to sell everywhere in London.

At Habitat, which unfortunately left Holland, i couldn't resist buying this gorgeous plate and bowl. The print on the bowl goes on on the outside of the bowl too... <3

There was this beautiful clothing store, which i stupidly can't remember the name of, which was quite expensive. The clothes were oh so pretty, but out of my budget. Luckily enough, they also sold these great A5 notebooks, covered in the fabrics which the clothes were made of. Such a great idea!

My lovely, LOVELY mum, gave me this amazing decorating book from Domino Magazine!
Look at that gorgeous cover....

Oh, i'm so happy with this pack of 3 small Moleskine's.
I am going to decorate them for my coming Etsy shop!

The heatwave in London forced me to buy this lovely 'blower'...

My mother bought these gorgeous, porcelain buttons for me at the shop of the Natural History Museum.
So pretty and sweet...

Hihi, i HAD to but something at Harrods (Gorgeous store...!)
So i bought this nice thing to hang in your closet. It smells like Lily of the Valley...hmmm...

I also bought lots of gorgeous paper!
How lovely those prints are...
These are from Paperchase, which was heaven to me...

They also sell the most beautiful tissue paper at Paperchase!
(Paperchase, please open a store in The Netherlands...)

These are from Cath Kidston!
They are double-sided. Oh, that store....heaven again!

And now my great pride!
I was looking for a new bag, it had to be big and lovely..
Well, i found it and Cath Kidston! :)

Okay, now over to the clothing!

(Bought at Zara, Urban Outfitters, Oasis, Noa Noa, H&M and the ruffled sleeveless top from Paul&Joe Sister i got for free with a magazine!)

To end the London part, i wanted to show you the lovely, bronze jelly flats i bought at Office. Yeah, they walk like heaven...

Well, I guess this was London!
Mum, thanks again with all my heart for this amazing trip!
I will never, never forget it! <3

I almost forgot it was my Birthday the 22th of June!
I got some great presents. Of course, the trip to London was by far the biggest!
From my mother and stepfather i received this lovely little vase and these gorgeous bedlinen (my mother made the flowery trim on it herself!) (which this pictures does NO justice at all..... Note to myself: new camera for Christmas!)
I also got a bag full of lovely, little things like an Estee Lauder mascara, organic face-oil and other lovelies...)

My sister and her boyfriend gave me this great Rituals set.
The Ayurveda stuff smells more than delicious, especially the honey bodylotion!

And NOW.....

The Winner of the Giveaway!
I think i am more excited than all of you...haha! :)

I said i wouldn't show anything of the presents, until the winner receives them...but i just can't hold myself.
This are just two little things that are in the package:

(Two hairpins that are already packaged and one of the four sets of all kinds of papers!)

Okay, here we go.

The winner of the Giveaway is....................................

Anywhere I lay my head!

Although your last post on your blog said 'Au Revoir', I hope you contact me very soon, because a big package of nice goodies is waiting for you, dear! Please let me know your address, so i can send you the gifts!)

All the other participants, thank you so, so much for your great answers, the tips and your honesty. It's truly, greatly appreciated!


oh, hello friend. said...

WOW! mila, all your finds from London are AMAZING! london has such lovely style...so glad you had a good trip! :) and hurray for your giveaway! swap details coming soon!!


Anonymous said...

Where exactly in London was Cath Kidston, if I may ask? I would LOVE to go there next time I´m in London! It is my favourite city in the world. Lovely blog and gorgeous photos, dear.

kerri ní dochartaigh said...

what beautiful finds girly. i think the notebook is orla kiely? xxx

Mila said...

Thanks dearies! <3
No Kerri, it's not Orla Kiely...


butterfly said...

You did pretty well with your shopping. Some amazing things. I love Paperchase and Cath Kidston, 2 of my favourite non-clothes shops :)

Anonymous said...

I looove NoaNoa, it's one of my favorite shops. Love your new shoes as well.

Lori said...

Ah, I was at the Natural History Museum yesterday. It is magical!


wow...loads of goodies!
Sounds like you had a lovely time... There was Cath Kidston store in Japan when I was there...beautiful colorful things!

XO* & have a beautiful weekend Mila darling!

Isabelle(Brest,France) said...

Oh,lucky girl!!!Merci de nous faire partager ce séjour à Londres et tous les trésors trouvés là-bas!

Anonymous said...

Oh Mila your London trip with your mum seems have been very great, your shopping are very cute particulary every notebooks, paper and plates. oh I forgot the lovely cath kidston bag and the printed sweater.
I'm sorry I'm disapeare of blogging area but I have some problems with my laptop, and for the moment my moral is low... I have doubts about next year...
In any case your etsy project is such a great idea, I'm falling in love with your bird mobile!
have a beautiful day sweety!

shopgirl28 said...

Congratulations to the winner. I'm glad you enjoyed your time in London. You came back with some very nice buys. I love that bag and the notebooks in particular. Happy belated birthday.

leeselooks said...

WOW. mila what a gorgeous collection!

london sounded amazing for the heart + soul.
i am sure life long memories were created, which in the end are most important!
thanks for sharing!

* sorry i could not do the giveaway, i was in nyc and did not get a chance to do much at all!

enjoy your summer beauty


Anonymous said...

Zoveel mooie spulletjes! Ik kan niet wachten om zelf nog eens naar Londen te gaan :)

setyourselfonfire said...

Wow i would love to go to London! All your finds are incredible and exactly my taste! Yay for you :)

plainbananas said...

Take me with you next time you're in London -- you clearly have a great eye for wonderful finds. I think the topshop journals are my favorite! xx

PinkBow said...

what a great tim you had, you found some fantastic shops & your buys are just great!

Cris said...

Oh that ruffled tank is very cute and I love the jelly flats!

Your trip sounds like it was alot of fun. I hope I can have the chance to travel next year. ^_^

Eyeliah SS said...

Glad you had such a great time and congrats to the winner!!

umama said...

What gorgeous finds!!! I went to London two summers ago for about 3 weeks and still thought it wasn't enough time!! So much to do and see.... too bad we pay double for it all!

manon 21 said...

je veux tout!!!

lo said...

love the topshop notebooks & the domino book!!



Rachel said...

Holybef, jij hebt nog eens goed gewinkeld! Ooit, als ik een beetje meer geld heb, ga ik duidelijk ook naar Londen. Misschien moet ik maar een businessplan opstellen.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Super leuke spullen die je gekocht hebt!
X SHula

BETHANY. xox said...

OHH, you have bought the MOST beautiful things! I am so jealous! I think a shopping trip is in order!!xxxx

Anonymous said...

i'm in love with all that you bought from london! the notebooks, cards, lace, everything.. they're gorgeous. it really is an unforgettable trip ay. :) aww too bad i missed the give-away. i love give-aways (do they work for ppl from foreign lands aka me? hehe.)! your give-aways always sound juicy ;)


Heart in a cage said...

ah wat gaaf londen! ik ben jaloers:p leuke dingen heb je gekocht zeg! ik ben echt zo benieuwd naar je etsy shop!

sharon said...

oh Mila, your trip sounds like so much fun. your mom sounds really cool and with great taste!
all of your finds are just like your blog, so pretty and lovely!


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Wow what lovely buys! Love the notebooks from TS! x

Kb said...

Glad you like London, seems like you bought a lot of cool stuff. I love the Paperchase tissue paper. Makes me want to trek up to Oxford St again...

Jen said...

Wow so much fantastic stuff! I really love that bag you got- the flower print is adorable!

shelliebellie said...

OMG!!! i'm sooo excited about your lil shop!! i have an etsy with my ATM card (idk i'm in america though?) but they charge fees for posting so i opened my on shop on my blog

www.xomichelle.blogspot.com you could do that too if you need help with figuring out how to set up the pges like i did or the paypal buttons i would be more than happy. I ADORE you collages!!!

Hayley said...

ah! i am so incredibly jealous. i would LOVE to go to london. also, my mother and i want to go on a trip to Paris (: oh, those journals are so adorable! i love journals so much. the cards you got are so adorable! i just can't get over it! i adore the first bowl. the design is so lovely! i am so incredibly jealous of all the lovely things you found!

July Stars said...

Lovely post and so glad you've started your own shop! Congratulations!

Ava-May Hemme said...

:o I'm so jealous of the haul you bought back from London! I want to go!
That Domino book is gorgeous!
I love love love your blog.

Kirrily said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Sorry I have not responded sooner. I have been out of contact, relaxing with my love in Poland. There are a few pictures on my blog if you are interested. :) x

ivy said...

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