Nice finds

Beautiful and interesting work from photographer Gemma Booth.
Found via Susie Bubble.

I also found the amazing designs of Mark Liu via Susie Bubble...

Beautiful photograph, from here.

Beautiful piece of art...


Oh, how this makes me longing for springtime!


If it would look like this here in winter, i guess i would be okay with it...


We danced too wild, and we sang too long, and we hugged too hard, and we kissed too sweet, and howled just as loud as we wanted to howl, because by now we were all old enough to know that what looks like crazy on an ordinary day looks a lot like love if you catch it in the moonlight.

~Pearl Cleage~ via here.

What would the world look like if every street was made a piece of art?

(Lost the source, sorry)

Love me then leave me, don’t leave me in love.
And I really need you to stay, for a while,
Just for a while.

~Laura Marling~, same source as above.

I can never get enough of lace...
This is by Isabel Marant, found here.


Oh well, would i actually really mind?


Late, but not never

Dear readers,

I am honestly sorry i didn't post for a few days and didn't even wish you a Merry Christmas.
To be honest, i am not a Christmas person at all, so i haven't been busy doing Christmas things.
However, i've had a wonderful first Christmas Day at my parent's, we had a lovely diner and of course my gorgeous nephew Isai was there to cuddle all evening.

So, i know it's horribly late, but: ~MERRY CHRISTMAS~ to you all, dear readers!

Today, i will spend my day alone i guess.
It's not sad, i think it's a good thing.

I have some things to think about and maybe even some things to think about and find peace in. And after all, what's more important than find peace in yourself? If you reach that, you can only think about all the other peaceful things you can do for others.


Also, i was tagged by the sweet Penpusher, to do the Honesty Scrap Award. That means i have to write about ten honest things about myself...
She also gave me the Honesty Scrap Award, which i am very grateful for!

1. I am a fearful person. As much as i hate that, i am now at the point where i know acceptance is the only thing left to do. I try not to fight against it anymore, because it only makes things worse. However, the battle between me and my fears is not over yet. I won't give up. Never.

2. The phase i am going through at the moment is one of partying. Partying a little too much. Although i know it would be better for me to party less and stay home more and go to bed early, i just can't get myself to that point.


3. I've always been a very, very honest person and i still am.
However, lately i sometimes lie and i feel horrible about that.
I know i will go back to the time i never lied. The only question is: when?


4. Once i felt very powerful, i felt like i could handle the whole world. Unfortunately i highly doubt that at this phase in my life.

5. I really don't know what i want with my life. There are so many things i want to do, but there are also so many things i don't want to do and sometimes it seems like i am doomed to do things i don't like and i am afraid this has something to do with that feeling of power...


6. The reason i don't like Christmas is because of it's forced sociability. When i am not in the mood for socializing and spending my time around other people, i simply have to because it's Christmas. To me, it just doesn't make any sense. I also think almost all Christmas trees are horribly ugly and Christmas colours like red and dark green are my least favourite colours.

7. I can't stand my own insecurity.

8. I met someone special, who i really like. Of course, this makes me insecure (which is quite normal, i guess) but i always think this makes me a less interesting girl.


9. I can't stop smoking, because i don't want to. I still love smoking. Not because it looks interesting, but because i just like it. Simple as that.

10. I've been very, very honest this whole list.

Now i have to tag 7 people to this same thing and i want to give the award to.
I am having some difficulties choosing only 7 people, because they have to be bloggers whom i think are very honest in what they write on their blogs.
Since i am blogging for more than a year now, i have 'met' some amazing bloggers whom are all amazing and very honest in my opinion.
So if i haven't chose you, it doesn't mean i am not impressed by your blog and your honesty.

I choose: Angela from Rags and Scrabbles, Hannah-Zoe from Butterflykisses, Alice from Fifikoussout, the beautiful girl from How To Deal With Heartache, Heather from It ain't me babe, Sarah from Stardust Sparkle and Laura from Translating the Bird.

(Pictures without credit, come from Weheartit.com)




I have been tagged by the beautiful Ashley from Strawberry Kisses to do the '5 Everyday Loves'.

I tag Rina, Outi and Kim to do the same.

1. The sun. Oh, how it lets me shine, from the inside.

2. Interesting words from Tumblr's that seem to be written especially for you.

People who make me smile...you know who you are.


4. Animals, especially cats (my sweethearts in particular!)

Simplicity (in every single way...)


(By Hedi Slimane)





I am sorry for the lack of credits for some of these gorgeous images above. These are all ones i saved on my pc and i simply forgot about the sources. If you know the source of any of them or if they're yours, please let me know so i can give credit immediately.
To be clear: NONE of these photographs are mine, except for the two of the cats.)




Silence is the language God speaks.
And everything else
is a bad translation.

~Thomas Keating~

I so want to drown into innocense.
The innocense i once knew
but now
seems to be gone forever.

I know it's still there,
but am i able
to ever
find it back?

Maybe it's hiding from me,
because it doesn't
want to be found
by a person
like me.

Sometimes i am blinded
by the ugliness
in this world
while all i really want
is to see
and smell
it's beauty.

I keep asking myself this same thing...
over and over again.

But no answer...

take me for a walk
and talk to me
let me know
will be alright
in the end.

(My words, except the first quote of course and pictures from here.)


Top ten finds

Aah, something went wrong, as you've probably already noticed.
I unintentionally pressed the 'post this message' button, before i was even ready.
I am sorry dearies, i will add number 8, 9 and 10 right now!

1. Gorgeous dress, hair, photography.
Who would say this photograph is from the '70?

(Found via Frolic)

2. Boattrips with the one you love....
Dream on, Mila.


3. Simple, yet beautiful collages on your wall.


4. Rooms which look, smell and feel like history.


5. Lovely little birds, from Tamar Mogendorff.

(Found via Alis)

6. Dreamy dresses...


7. The most beautiful calendar i've ever seen!

(Buy here, found here)

8. Model Nike and her gorgeous blog!

9. Gorgeous drawings by Prettylittlethieves...

10. This beyond amazing photograph of some vintage brooches.
I just fell in love, deeply...

(From this lovely Etsy shop)