I have been tagged by the beautiful Ashley from Strawberry Kisses to do the '5 Everyday Loves'.

I tag Rina, Outi and Kim to do the same.

1. The sun. Oh, how it lets me shine, from the inside.

2. Interesting words from Tumblr's that seem to be written especially for you.

People who make me smile...you know who you are.


4. Animals, especially cats (my sweethearts in particular!)

Simplicity (in every single way...)


(By Hedi Slimane)





I am sorry for the lack of credits for some of these gorgeous images above. These are all ones i saved on my pc and i simply forgot about the sources. If you know the source of any of them or if they're yours, please let me know so i can give credit immediately.
To be clear: NONE of these photographs are mine, except for the two of the cats.)



Josie said...

What a beautiful bathroom.

notebookdoodles said...

lovely post, mila =)


Rita said...

"Glitter is the herpes of craft supplies" hehe, that's funny.

You always find incredible images to post here. They are all very inspiring, thank you!

sparkle said...

just look up, we are both under the same starry sky,
that's so beautiful,
i have never seen it before,
and i also want to have a bathtube like this,
and have lovely skinny arms like the model,
and give you a big big hug, sweetheart

Cali Girl said...

oh.. i adore this darling post!

LoveMore said...

your posts are always so beautiful..thank you for brightening my day. love your blog always xxx

ailin said...

i liked that. like your other posts it was great ,filled with beautiful pictures and quotes.

ailin said...

i liked that. like your other posts it was great ,filled with beautiful pictures and quotes.

Cursed♪♫ said...

hi. i just read your previous post and its awesome. even this post is very nice. the pictures you put on your blog is too good !

Suzie said...

You find such beautiful images for us to look at, your blog is so inspiring!


Anonymous said...

you have greatblog, i`m in love

K. Sundari said...

They are all simply beautiful images. I would love to be your computer... filled with very pretty photographs and words.

Maria C said...

Mila, just beautiful :)

Rina said...

Oh! Mila thanks so much, you are so sweet! I will do this tag, of course, I love tags!
Take care...

anywhere I lay my head said...

Such a lovely post<333 I love the bathroom and the first picture. So dreamy!

Lisa said...


i know you are spreading joy this holiday season.

i hope you are having a wonderful christmas and i know you are surrounded by love and laughter.

all my best. beautiful.


HANNAH-ZOË said...

what wonderful choices and beautiful images and words! i couldn't agree more about simplicity, so true. I have missed your blog while i was gone!

mapetitegarderobe said...

merci beaucoup pour toutes ses belles choses! :)
thank's a lot for all these beautiful things!!! :)

vintageveggie said...

my heart does get broken easily....

Outi said...

Thank you so much for tagging me, it really makes me feel precious! :) Thank you!
I never got round to playing along with the last tag you gave me, much due to not having internet, but now, being on holiday, I will certainly wish to play along...

Hope your day has been good. I'm glad if my words made you feel better. Sometimes you really need words, they can build you up, as you seem to begin from down some morning...

I myself feel very fragile today. I have had trouble sleeping, and it affects me profoundly. I become irritable, sad, cannot function very well...

StickyKitten said...

gorgeous & inspiring!! i love the tiny deers picture! and the "drink me" bottle!
ps~ your kittens are beautiful...what are their names?

Susanna-Cole said...

Dear Mila,
It's almost the new year, and knowing that this year is coming to an end, makes me reflect on all the blessings of this year. And I have to tell you, you are one of those blessings, I am so thankful to know you. Maybe it sounds a bit silly, as we're only friends via blogs, and yet as friends I do feel we've connected more than I've ever connected with many persons I see and know in person.

In reply to your comment, I'm glad to hear you're reading the Bible, I have to say, faith in God has kind of been my saving grace, in more ways than one. When I stay close to God (figuratively, anyway), read my Bible, pray, etc, and make sure I'm not just going through the motions, that I am growing spirtually, I don't know, it just feels like I have everything I need.

As human beings I think we often feel like there's a void inside of us, some say it can only be filled with God, I think I believe this. I know at least, it will never be filled with material things. Anyway, I'm rambling, I do hope my dear, that if you're looking for something, you find it, and that you're happy. <3

I feel like I've already said way, way too much, but can't resist adding that this post is beautiful, sometimes simplicity is best, and I especially like the second to last photo. Stay beautiful, my dear, and merry Christmas too! <3


Amaretto Lime said...

Awesome pictures you chose. =) I love the words you wrote too.

sara said...

what a beautiful post, as usual!
i love love love the first picture with the butterflies. i want curtains with butterflies in them <3

Anonymous said...

yay, a pavement quote!

this wheel's on fire said...

Wow such a beautiful post xo

chloe said...

a wonderful post! i love the concept of "everyday loves." and yours are perfect, so personal and sweet. the glitter quote is especially fun!

ashley said...

wonderful mila!
i adore each and every image you have shared in this post:)
hope you are having a lovely day dear~ and that santa plans to be very good to you:)
x ashley

Anonymous said...

gorgeousgorgeousgorgeousgorgeous. that all i can say :)

Anonymous said...

those pics are lovely! i love hedi slimane

Theresa said...

absolutely lovely post, hope you have a fantastic Christmas.

Ashley L. said...

Your posts never cease to inspire. I can't get enough! :)

makemoremistakes said...

Hi beautiful. I've been gone again, for far too long, again. I hope you are feeling a tiny bit happy. Looking at your blog always makes me feel happier. I am so glad we're friends my dear. I am sending you a christmas present in the mail- but it might be a tiny bit late.

I love you.


Mary-Laure said...

Fabulous post!
I didnt know you had cats. They're really beautiful.

Mirthe said...


Susanna-Cole said...

Hello dear, just wanted to drop by and wish you a happy holiday season with this card I made for you, I can’t attach it, so here’s the link:



electric feel said...

the bathroom is amazing

merry christmas, my dear

electric feel

Betsey said...

this is a beautiful post!
these photos are magical
i hope you are doing well, love!

Missa said...

Ah, Simplicity is a good one :)
Gorgeous photos, I love the feet with the butterflies!

Have a wonderful Christmas dear!

lots of love,

michiko said...

I love the first picture (because it's so pretty) and the pic of a man looking for a job (it's heartbreakingly real and straight forward).

Happy Christmas and a new year Mila, best wishes for good health and happpiness!


sueper said...

Mijn beste wensen - en ik hoop dat je me blijft inspireren in het volgende jaar ;)

sueper said...

Mijn beste wensen - en ik hoop dat je me blijft inspireren in het volgende jaar ;)

Johanne said...

Merry Christmas Mila!

agnes said...

Merry christmas to you my dear!

made this little card for you :)

aNOUK said...

if we all together
wish for snow
it will come.

do you wish a white christmas
with me?
post *i wish* on your blog


Jenna said...

Beautiful blog! I just came upon it today, and I love it!

miilo said...

I love the pictures, they're so beautiful and amazing.
A very Merry Christmas to you :)I

discothequechic said...

lovely post.
i always find reading your blog so inspirational; you must spend hours trawling the net for all these lovely images!

merry christmas.

Alyssa -- said...

stumbled across your blog - quite lovely.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

lovely blog!

daydream lily said...

beautiful post !!! I love all the signs too.
hope you have a lovely christmas

we could grow up together said...

in love with your blog!

Rhaingel said...

I am truly amazed and in love with your blog!

Merry Christmas! I have something tagged. Check out my blog because I have an award for you! Take care! :)

Belowen said...

Beautiful images as always, the brown kitty makes me miss my cat Harry :(

mond said...

so much nice stuff to take in!

lau galliano said...

que bonito este blog!

Anonymous said...

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