Silence is the language God speaks.
And everything else
is a bad translation.

~Thomas Keating~

I so want to drown into innocense.
The innocense i once knew
but now
seems to be gone forever.

I know it's still there,
but am i able
to ever
find it back?

Maybe it's hiding from me,
because it doesn't
want to be found
by a person
like me.

Sometimes i am blinded
by the ugliness
in this world
while all i really want
is to see
and smell
it's beauty.

I keep asking myself this same thing...
over and over again.

But no answer...

take me for a walk
and talk to me
let me know
will be alright
in the end.

(My words, except the first quote of course and pictures from here.)


anywhere I lay my head said...

So beautiful! Your posts always make me think about stuff I don't usually think of<3

I love the last lines, I wish for that as well!

luyi said...

So great photos and words.

Mila, you are a true artist!!!

love ya!


jEeRo said...

hAve faith in yourself n the other
try to let go abit
try not to think too much
do not force it
be happy

i do understand how u feel Mila..cz im goin through it too..i juz wana say i know its not easy not to think..but do try..go easy on yourself ok dear?
great post as alwaz!..love the pics n quotes
smile =]

Saorise said...

Really Beautiful.

I have awarded you on my blog. go see!!!



Linnéa said...

beautiful inspiration<3<3

Hannah said...

Love the picture with the bags over the heads. Creep in the best possible way.

Romeika said...

Great words, and the images you chose goes perfectly with the text. Beautiful post!

beverley said...

I honestly feel the same way

Anonymous said...

Why I feel sad when I read these words, it's strange there are beauty but loneliness... love tender Mila


Mila you write so beautifully! your blog ALWAYS puts a big smile on my face,so calming,so lovely.

Betsey said...

ahh this is so so so beautiful
you have a gift with writing

Hita said...

Dearest Mila, check out my blog, I just gv u an award. Thank you for inspiring me n sharing the beautiful things :)
Hita x0x0

Anonymous said...

dick cock.

danica said...

The clouds in the bedroom = amazing! Hope you're well, Mila :)

Anonymous said...

wow. you write so beautifully. i have no words to express how beautiful this truly is.

Luiza said...

Hi... this is the second time that I´m reading your blog... I already read 4 or 5 pages... and i´m in love with your pictures, words and I think the name Loveology is perfect.
Thanks for sharing such beautiful things with us. This is what makes the world, a better place to live.
Hugs from Brazil.


Brittany said...

Mila your one of my favorite blogs. I've been reading for a while now but this will be a long over due comment. Your words are touching and at times heartbreaking. Mila, I want the best for you because you seem like a very sweet girl. I know at times it may feel like nothing is every going to get better, but as people we salvage for the few moments of happiness even if it only lasts for seconds. I know what I just said doesn't really make sense, but in other words keep fighting-- because in the end you'll have something to look forward to.

sparkle said...

oh mila sweetheart,
thank you so much for the awards,
i will enter them in my next blog, because i , oh how can i silly sparkle!, forgot about it :$

i truelly think you are so amazingly gifted. both your poems and polaroids are so so beautiful. i wish i could spin around in your beautiful mind for an hour. even though perhaps that would make me sad, i dont know, i hope you are happy, sometimes im so afraid you are not,


Anonymous said...

A very sweet post
i know how you feel
have a lovely day

notebookdoodles said...

hi mila. i hope you are well =)


Outi said...

Oh Mila,

You sound so blue. I wish there was something I could do for you. At least to give you a big, big hug. I am sending one to you telepathically... Hope you get it. :)

...And yet you keep on delivering this beauty to us all. It makes me glad.

With warm thoughts,


Outi said...

I had to comment again because something came to my mind about innocence.

I have debated this issue myself, too. I have felt I will not be able to experience things as fully again, as strongly, because I have experienced them already once, and the first time in everything always seems the purest, even most honest.

But how I give myself some comfort is by thinking that when our innocence is lost it can be replaced with experience. That we begin to know things, we become aware, and see things in a different way... Almost like we know what we are doing (though that is sometimes what feels like the WORST, not the best, thing about experience...)...

However, although these thoughts have puzzled me for some time now already, I still do not have clear answers... Especially when it comes to love, to experiencing it for the first time, and then later... Does it take something out of us when we have already experienced love? I feel something is lost... It feels more difficult to throw yourself into something, to believe in something, when you have seen the downsides, when you have been disappointed, and perhaps even seen that love does NOT conquer all...

First times seem lovelier, even easier, because we do not know to fear. Because we have not seen anything yet. Because we have not seen anything yet -- and because everything is new, and magical... It is like being in love.

Outi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
chloé mariya said...

fantasticly magical pictures

Ashley Rose Photography said...

gorgeous words. you truly make me think about life and how beautiful it is. At the end of the day I have to think I would rather fail doing something I love, then succeed at something I hate.
Cheers! :)

Mirthe said...

Elke keer verbaasd het me weer hoe mooi jouw posts zijn. Echt fantastisch. Het maakt me blij.

Maria C said...

Mila, i adore your writing. i find it very poetic and the images never fail to support your lovely stream of consciousness.

love it :)

ashley said...

mila~ this post is beautiful~ i hope you are well sweetie,
another tag for you on my blog if you want to play:)
x ashley

jennifer lorton said...

I adore the clouds in the room! How cool is that?
Thanks, Jennifer

ailin said...

everything will be alright in the end.

Missa said...

You have a gift for conveying raw emotion in such a beautiful way Mila. There IS an innocense that comes across in the way you express yourself and it's truly lovely, as are you dear :)

Sorry you are hurting, I'd take you for a walk if I could.

Love and hugs for you,

Josie said...

If I am ever having a dull day for one reason or another, all I have to do is visit your blog and read your meaningful words and view your inspiring, breathtaking pictures and it makes me so much happier.

Thank-you, Mila.

Patricia said...

Hello...Your blog is so inspiring.It definetely took my breath away. It would be an honor to have it in my blogroll but i wanted to see if You would mind.Please get to me as soon as you can.Thankyou

Rachel ann Ibarrientos Logan said...

i love your poetry. it definitely lifts me up and just makes me want to dream. i think you should publish a book of poetry. i would be the first to buy it and i would read a poem a day just for the feeling of bliss your words make me feel

mapetitegarderobe said...

your pictures are so beautiful!!!
I love your blog!!!

mady dooijes said...

mooi mila, alweer... it makes me sad and happy...
thanks for linking me
and yes... ik ben nederlandse, maar woon al jaren in het buitenland.
x mady

Raquel Raney said...


Anonymous said...

I think your thoughts and ideas are really wonderful. I like to read the blog when I am in a mood of thinking.

Laura said...

the naivete of childhood seems like bliss sometimes, doesn't it?
I really love the way the images support your words, mila :-)
It's funny because I got a completely different meaning from your post the first time I read it to the second reading
- which is a good thing!

P.S: thank you! x

Anonymous said...

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