The BIG interior post

Lately i am more and more into calm spaces.
Soft colours, lots of whites, beautiful cushions and not too decorated.
Of course, i still love decoration and can't live without it to be honest, but i think a few beautiful pieces are always better than lots of them.
Let the beautiful decoration you have really shine and give them some space!

Now over to the kitchen...
Although i am no kitchen princess at all, i love having a beautiful and nicely decorated kitchen.
I love having all kinds of nice, coloured plates, cups and tins everywhere in my kitchen.
These colourful kitchens are very inspiring...

Of course, a beautiful calm kitchen with lots of whites and other soft colours can also be very pretty.

My musthaves for my home:

- Beautiful, girly art (take a look at Etsy!)
- Lots of whites and other soft colours like creme and soft pinks and greens.
- Beautiful, secondhand plates and cups. Preferably with flowers on them. (Take a look in secondhand- en thriftshops for gorgeous ones!)
- Gorgeous white bedsheets...
- Flowers! I prefer white and light pink flowers...
- Vintage tins, very pretty for your kitchen!
- Some lace; lace curtains, lacey cushions or other lace things. So sweet...
- Old, vintage lamps. I love it when lamps are a little damaged.
- Something with birds. I am really into birds lately, not the real ones though...
- Beautiful old-fashioned wallpaper (Look at Louise Body's wallpapers!)
- Some ethnic decoration, like little, chinese vases or a beautiful Buddha.
- Lots and lots of books (also old ones from secondhand shops!) Books are so important in my life and they also look beautiful.

What are your home essentials?

Almost all of the pictures above come from these gorgeous and inspiring blogs:

Lena Corwins blog
Decor 8
Design is mine
Design Sponge
Desire to inspire


Anonymous said...

so incredibly beautiful.

i am in love with your blog.

La C

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the movie Cléo de 5 à 7, its a french film and It has some scenes in chloe's apartment where everything is white and she has a huge space with a piano and playground swing which i think is beautiful.

here's some of my fav scenes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdjskdSjzhw&feature=related


These are apartments are amazing especially the second picture with the lounge

nadia said...

what's that noise you ask........that was me falling off my stool...and why am i looking for a towel you ask...because i need to clean up this drool!!!!
your eye is incrediblle love, love all of it!!!

setyourselfonfire said...

Wow beautiful photos! And you named pretty much everything i have on my must-have list for my home!

To add to what you said:

pretty vintage vases
bohemian rugs and blankets
tea pots
coffee table books (for me it's my ones of Beatles photography)
strings with inspiring photos and polaroids pegged to them
framed art and photography
mosquito net for the bedroom
pretty stools and seats

For me i love houses when everything is amazing but not quite perfect- a little rugged kinda.

Oh and i love love LOVE that greeny wall paper colour that's in a few of those photo's- that's the colour i want my kitchen to be!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree! i love all of these photos a lot :)

K. Sundari said...

Love those photographs, and absolutely adore the photo of the teacup with the strainer. very pretty!

notebookdoodles said...

wow! such a beautiful post.
i love all the soothing and calming white/ creme interiors.
it makes it feel so comfortable.


Lisa said...


this is beautiful.
i definitely need some home inspiration.
i am feeling so blah about it.
i am VERY into all white decor.
+ simplistic & minimialistic spaces ( but le BF loves a bit more color + spunk! ) so we have to balance it out ;)

i am ALL about white bed sheets
and white flowers.
my fav.
i ALWAYS purchase white.

hope you're well beautiful.


bronwyn said...

I love these photos! My taste has been moving in this direction as well - light and airy. I would add to your list of must have's: fresh white bath towels, cozy jammies, and a french press coffee pot.

M said...

I really love the pictures of the interiors of the house. When I get a house someday I would love to decorate it in a similar style.

Thanks for the comment =)
I really like your blogs they are always so lovely <3

The Stylish Wanderer said...

LOVE that owl

Ms Unreliable said...

I'm moving in a distinctly vintage direction after many years of seeking all that is modern. I should have some fairly interesting contrasts by the time I'm finished, but there's plenty of furniture that will simply have to go!

At the moment I'm stocking up on old suitcases, vintage fruit and packing crates and a ladder (or two).

Duermevela said...

Oh yes, they are all lovely and cozy spaces... I want a home with that air!

Joanna Goddard said...

SO beautiful!!! i am loving your pics. xo

luyi said...

i love this one!


Heather said...

wow. i am loving ALL of this!!! thanks for the inspiration :)

Heart in a cage said...

Fantastische post! Ik vind vrijwel alles wat je opnoemde mooi<3

sueper said...

echt rustgevende interieurs - mooi

betty said...

lovely picks...

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Ah, lovely, lovely, lovely! Makes me wish i had all the time and money in the world :)


Mary-Laure said...

Plenty of white, plenty of flowers, stacks of books and magazines, beautiful bedsheets, those are my essentials.

muchlove said...

oh how I wish I lived inside those images. They're so amazingly beautiful.
I want walls covered with delicately beautiful artwork, and at least one side to be painted like that one with the image of a tree and a flock of red birds.


Alice said...

perfection !!! can we move in with you me and my cousin camille ?


StickyKitten said...

love the calm spaces....very relaxing to look at!

Miss Jo said...

i love these interiors, and the shabby chic look. it's so soft and relaxing! i am a huge kitchen person, however right now i rent in a place where the kitchen is far from the one's posted. i dream of a relaxing and colourful kitchen, with lots of vintage pieces!

luv your blog!

LILY-SAGE said...

aww such beautiful spaces. ive started collecting interior pictures from magazines and online, for when i buy a place of my own next year.
i love the simple beauty from the soft colours, flowers and old books scattered every where. im a girl who loves old books from those secondhand shops to! i also love crystal chanderliers, pretty vases, photos in pretty little frames, vintage looking furniture, unique pillows, and candles! i could go on forever haha, but ill stop now :)


danica said...

Absolute perfection, Mila :) I love your choices. I like lots of books, neutral tones, owls (*hoot*), art and beautiful music.

ashley said...


these are such beautiful images {may need to add them to the inspiration book}
my essentials are art, warm blankets, handmade pottery, comfy floor rugs, and white sheets...although any of the images you show would also please me to dwell in!

Hope you are set to have a dreamy week-end,
x ashley

SHILL said...

lovely simply lovely...

makemoremistakes said...

This is a wonderful post. I think I will be coming back to it for inspiration for a long time. I love calm colors in decor and interiors too. I almost can't wait to have my own house to decorate, except for the fact that I'll have to pay for it... Thank you for the sweet comment my dear, I am feeling quite optimistic about the future now.

I hope you are well!!

Lots and lots of x's and o's,

a cat of impossible colour said...

So many inspirational pictures here - thank you so much! This is a post I am going to return to, I know. :)

Andrea xx

Missa said...

WOW Mila, the inspiration is almost too much to bear! This makes me want to spend all day tomorrow working on my home decor. It's one of those things that I keep procrastinating on.

I've been falling in love with lace curtains lately! I keep seeing them in photographs and they just do such beautiful things with the light in a space.

I'm dying for open shelving in my kitchen. The way it is now, we just have cabinets, but I love the way dishes look displayed on shelves. I LOVE that fourth kitchen pic, what a great space!

I have a lot of the same musthaves. Also, vintage bottles and woven baskets. I like to mix organic things like stones, shells, and branches in with my thrifted knick knacks too.

Ah, I could go on and on but thankyou so much for the inspiration dear!

gracia said...

Ah! How very beautiful... such a handsome and light collection you have pulled together.

the tea drinking english rose said...

such beautiful beautiful pictures.

eveytime i visit your blog, i become even more excited about when i have my very own place all to myself.

i cannot wait to decorate. until then my bedroom gets a revamp every so often.

inspiring as always! x

Susanna-Cole said...

Wow this post is like a treasure chest of design goodness! So many lovely spaces, I want to move into half of them! :D

And hm, my home essentials... I want a home that is cozy and with quirks, nothing too big or too perfect, and lots of little oddities and hm... well I guess when I have my own place I'll figure out more so what I want! :)

Lovely post my dear, and thanks for your comment, I don't even know how to thank you anymore! You are just too sweet! <3


Outi said...

I finally put out a post after a looong, loong time! I had not realised how long it had been! I have truly been in teh pull of London, I guess!

So much beautiful things at your blog again, I feel I am drowning in all this prettiness!

Greetings from a crisis-experiencing, today seeing teh light again, with love,

Outi S

Kristin said...

Hoi Mila,

Al een tijdje kijk ik elke dag op je blog. Echt geweldig. Ik ben een tijdje geleden ook begonnen met een 'wat ik mooi vind' blog maar het is nooit verder gekomen dan een post. Hoe doe je dat nou precies, die indeling van je blog enzo?

En hoe kom je elke keer weer op iets nieuws om over te schijven?

In elk geval: Keep up the good work!


Stacy said...

great post - i'm currently doing the white thing!

i've got some shots up if you're interested.

{this is glamorous} said...

Another lovely compilation, Mila -- really love the boho chic bedroom with the pink bedspread and lovely chandelier, and also the shot of the kitchen shelf, third row from the bottom.

Have a really great weekend!


corine said...

This post is a delight.

Anonymous said...

zo mooi allemaal! als ik genoeg geld had zou ik het ook zo inrichten!
jammer genoeg heb ik dat niet...;)

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

gorgeous blog and i could easily live in these rooms.
ps music is nice too

discothequechic said...

i have to say, your blog is amazing for inspiring homes related posts!

thsi has seriously inspired me to spend the weekend pottering around my room, tweeking things..

Rina said...

I love these spaces, looks so relaxing! beautiful post Mila!

shilvia said...

beautiful post, beautiful blog!!!

silverdot said...

Beautiful Blog! I love the pics. Now I'm inspired to redecorate.

michiko said...

ahh so beautiful! wish my room looked like any of these lol

agnes said...

i am in love with this post. Anything there is sooo calm, peaceful.

they can definitely make me forget all those stresses from sch, work, env outside and stay there like, forever. :)

Linnéa said...

BEAUTIFUL, STUNNING, INCREDIBLE... just perfect interior!!!

Simone said...

What a truly adorable collection of pics! My essentials are: painted floorboards, mid century + danish furniture, lots of art, lots of flowers, books aranged by colour (sounds meticulous, looks amazing), and a few things more...

ryan manning said...

neutral facial expression

Anonymous said...

just came across our blog, beautiful post. those interiors are just simplicity at its best. i hope my home will be like that!


Cute, cute, cute and inspiring!

Geweldige post!


Jimena said...

hello darling -
this is one adorable post. while i've usually been more attracted to quirky rooms with lots of colours and things, I'm lately begining to like open and calm spaces.
all these photos are unbelievably beautiful and inspiring


angie said...

I love all the textures and how they all look lived in! beautiful. wonderful blog. *a

Valentine said...

Ohmigoodness! These are absolutely inspiring! I love the idea of a calm living space as it definitely helps to clear the mind after a long day.

Goodness.. I think I have a good idea what sort of makeover Id do to my room next.. in fact, I just might try and re-do the house. I love the off-white color of the walls in your photos-- and the light.. the way it streams through the windows.. gorgeous!!!

thanks so much for this, dear!



K. Sundari said...

Just saw that you were featured on cup of jo. Congrats

Merily said...

Aaaahhhh, this is just pure gorgeousness!

Apple said...

I love your blog so much!!!! I am going to copy the quote by love to my blog. It is such a cool quote!
Thanks for all the cool pictures!!

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val said...

it's a nice place to come....so lovely pictures

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