Susie and other beauty

First of all, this morning i read this post from Susie Bubble, which i just totally agree with, so i thought it would be nice to share it with you.
Maybe you've already read it.

I think Susie has an amazing style....very original, inspiring and daring in an amazing way!
I really loved all of her outfits from that particular post...

I finally learned from my very good friend Felicia how to make paper cranes!!
We immediately made a bunch. I am going to make some more and then see what i want to do with them...

I also made some pictures of the gorgeous flower my mother gave me...

And some other pictures...

How can someone have such a perfect face?

(From Garance Dore)

Still loving my cigarettes... any other smokers here or are you all much healthier than me? ;)

Some beauty from The Selby

Last, but not least


I am planning to do a BIG interior post later this week....
It's been way too long.


left hand endeavor said...

that flower is so pretty! I want to learn to make paper cranes so i can make a mobile with fishing wire!!!

angelica finn said...

I love my cigarettes too! i tend to think of smoking in a romantic way more than guess i should. i love to see pretty boys with cigarettes and pretty girls. and i just like cigarettes i guess!

wonderfull blog by the way!

makemoremistakes said...

These are so wonderful love!! I read that same post by Susie last night (or this morning? I don't remember), and I agree- it's a wonderful thing, and she has a remarkable style. I hope you are doing wonderfully my love!


setyourselfonfire said...

Beautiful photos as always :)

You have a great eye for beauty xo

Krusti said...

très beau blog!

Betsey said...

oh this is beautiful
i love your paper cranes- i wish i knew how to make them!
i just gave you an award on my blog! xox

Anonymous said...

there is no doubt Susie has an amazing style! hers mix&matched are so fun! I really like Felecia's creations, flower is awesome, so tender, what is her name? arg cigarette moment so good but also so bad...! It's funny I took the same pictures from the selby!!I'm jealous about her pullover... I wait this beautiful and longer interior post!!

LANA said...

Inspiratievolle post :). Die cranes zijn goed gelukt!

En dat meisje heeft inderdaad een perfect gezegd :O.

geri said...

i love susie!

SICK. said...

paper cranes, i totally should have put that on my list of 100 things that i like.



K. Sundari said...

I am loving photos of girls lying down in weird positions...and those babushka dolls are glorious! I love that dining table shot as well... I don't smoke but you sure make smoking look fabulous in that pic

notebookdoodles said...

oh my, that flower from your mother is absolutely gorgeous!
and don't you just love the selby? such a great website full of different kinds of interior inspirations.
i can't wait for your interior post!!


luyi said...

Quit smoking, Mila.
I know it's supercool to smoke, but it does harm you.

And you don't need to be any cooler cuz you are already special enough!

Lisa said...

mila these are STUNNING.

oh my. i hope you are okay!
now i am worried.

please know that you are surrounded by people who love you.

and i hope you know that.

every post you write is from your heart.
and we can feel it.

hang in there beauty.
God only gives us as much as we can handle.

you're a star!


oh no smoking :(. i just hate to see it hurting so many people.

Anonymous said...

beautiful photos. She has a great style too.

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

i'm just as healthy as you i'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

Hi,This is jinson I love the beautiful emporium of love

Valentine said...

Omigosh! I got so excited when you mentioned "interior post" since Ive been looking for inspiration for my next room makeover.. :-)

and.. I smoke.. well.. used to.. I smoke still.. only once in a while.. yea.. haha..

Looking forward to your interior post, dear!




darling at every long tunnel however long there is light ok? hang on in there and know we all care and love you much! your beautiful and give so ... much through your blog.you have no idea how some days when feeling low as soon as i read your blog i feel lifted and inspired to keep on keeping on.
those images you took of the flower your mum gave you is beautiful! what a lovely post my darling

AusAnna said...

your outfits are great, love the tights in them all. interior post sounds good, cant wait :)

Martha Joy said...

what kind of flower is that? It's beautiful! Also, I love that bottom picture, that's my dream room!

wilma said...

I love your blog...
Beautiful things everywhere..
I love making tsuru (birds)

Kisses from Brazil

(but my name is kind german lol)

Susanna-Cole said...

Oh you learned how to make paper cranes?! I want to learn how so bad, I have a current obession with paper cranes and paper delicacies (sp)! :D

That flower your mom gave you are beautiful and exotic too! I love having fresh flowers around! :D

And I love the last few pictures especially, always so beautiful dear! Take care! <3


Missa said...

Love Ingrid Schram's beautiful messiness on The Selby and I just saw that bedroom pic on frolic and bookmarked it... I love love love it, I think it's probably the most beautiful room I've seen in quite awhile! Can't wait for your BIG interiors post this week, I always love them so much! :)

sueper said...

suzie is geweldig

dolce vita said...

WOW i LOVE your blog!!! I'm glad I stumbled upon it from A Cup Of Jo today. :) Can I just say, AMEN to the smoking?!?!?!? it seems everyone else may think me the devil for smoking. ha

I was glad to see it on here and in such an artistic picture!!!!


I look forward to visiting your space often :)


Ana Laura Perez said...

I saved so many of these! i want to save inspiration for my sometime (soon?) house, thanks a lot!
I also loved that wonderful flower your mother gave you.
And i do also smoke sometimes, alone or with my bf, i know its not the best habit but once in a while i guess its ok...
Much love and thanks a lot for the comments you leave in my blog, always wonderful to be read.

mary lee said...

Oh, you should teach us how to make paper cranes! And you're not alone with the smoking thing... I've tried to quit, but it's a hard habit to break. I found it harder to get used to the thought of not taking a cigarette every time I go outside/party/quit work/whatever, than actually not having one. Oh well. One of these days...

Hope all is well with you. You're such a sweet person and deserve nothing but happiness.

rachel ann i. logan said...

why don't you make paper crane earrings? I bought a pair before for a bit of moola and figured that I could have just easily made it. ^-^

deryik said...

do u smoke pink elephants? im not a heavy smoker at all but that vanilla flavour is addictive. ive been insanely looking for some PE here, but couldnt find any. and i bet they would match a creamy-pinkish room perfectly fine :)

and your flower.. well it resembles underwater creatures. so pretty :)