Happy Post Nr. 2

First of all: you can now follow my blog with Bloglovin'. Isn't that fantastic? ;)

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1. Mobiles. Not just for kids rooms, but for your own livingroom or bedroom.

These beauties above are from Etsyseller Royalbuffet. Also found via Decor 8.

2. Feeling sexyyyy!


Suggestion: Wear some Stella McCartney lingerie (or one of her amazing designs...)
I am still a huge fan of Stella.

3. Other Stella stuff.
It just makes me want to win the lottery and spend ALL of it on Stella's designs.

Rucksack for Le Sportsac.

Chiffon dress by Stella, in an editorial for W Magazine September 2008.

Gorgeous clutch...

Or the cutest ever 'Bunnybag', also from Le Sportsac.

4. Cats, cats, cats....



My sweethearts

5. Sweetness from Kelani, an Australian brand.
Fabrics, patterns....

6. BIG! Big hair, big knitwear....just BIG.

Oh, and i LOVE big ears....i think they are beautiful.

(All pictures from this great blog)

7. More beautiful illustrations...
This time by the Italian illustrator Manuela De Simone. Found via the always amazing Decor 8.

8. Dancing!
How i wish i could dance in some old nightclub in Paris....in a fabulous dress...


9. GORGEOUS collages.
This really makes me happy. These are the most beautiful and inspiring collages i've ever seen. Be sure to visit this amazing blog!

10. This beyond gorgeous and breathtaking blog.
I can't tell you how happy i am i found it. I truly hope it makes you as happy as it made me...

The way this blog starts: This is my heart. It's a good heart.
(This already gets me all sentimental...i am such a sucker for beautiful, touching words...)

Some things from her blog

Do you also sometimes have tears in your eyes, just because some things are so beautiful?


cleolikesyou said...

ooe wat een geweldig mooie dingen allemaal. echt heerlijk om naar te kijken;)
ik wil een mobile in mijn slaapkamer!
als ik al die mooie dingen zie heb ik ook altijd het gevoel dat ik mooie dingen moet gaan maken, echt zon heel erge drang;)
o ik had trouwens een vraagje: hoe zet je plaatjes van flickr op je blog, want je kan ze vaak alleen opslaan als gif of bitmap en dat kan je toch niet op je blog zetten?

H. Camerio said...

yes :)

Ashleigh Rose said...

Haha okay so after I asked you how to work the site I went back on it and noticed there was an English option, breakthrough! :D

Aw you are very sweet. I'm still thinking of ideas for me next post.

If you love big ears then you will LOVE mine.

Your happy posts are such a good idea! Gooooorgeous pictures.

Sophie said...

thank you for all your wonderful comments!

Helen said...

Such a sweet entry! I love mobiles! And I will have to check that blog out

Ali said...

wow, I love nearly all those things. this post was very successful in making me happy! I have really high ceilings, I'd love to make a HUGE mobile to hang from them...

Betsey said...

ooh beautiful post!
i LOVE all of this!
that blog is lovely

Unknown said...

auwwwww.... I was going to comment about all the exciting stuff you said in the beginning of the post, but when I saw those last images and with the music playing in the background, the soft piano and the soft imagery just melted my heart.
Gorgeous post.

Hila said...

The cats are my favourite :)
They can make you feel better in an instant.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

you made my day!

youre too sweet I love all these pictures.

especially the one with the girl at the sink

leeselooks said...



your beautiful words truly made my heart melt.
how to thank you? i simply do not know.

you're such a beautiful person inside and out and I feel blessed to have come across your blog.

THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. as i genuinly take each and every word into my heart.

you truly possess a golden heart and i know you make everyone around you smile.

people are inspired everyday b/c of you...

thanks love.
*** i love these pictures... oh and stella mccartney underwear...ahhhhhhhhhhhh my dream underwear :) these pictures do maky me very happy!

have a stunning day Mila.

Wild Keiki said...

Oh I remember how excited I was when Stella launched her lingerie line. Everything is so wonderful. These are all so lovely and truly will bring smiles to everyone's faces!


notebookdoodles said...

lovely post, mila. as always.
i love love that clutch!

Unknown said...

So much beauty, your posts really amaze me!

I hope you don't mind that I have passed on a little award to you (details at my blog) you really don't have to play along... up to you!
You may actually have it already... ooops.

Hollie xx

shill said...

i came across that truly touching blog a while ago too, and i have to agree with you, its awesome and plenty of beautiful saying! i'm loving this happy posts of yours :)

Hayley Sarah said...

Hi Mila, thanks for commenting on my blog and thus introducing me to yours, I love it. Gorgeous taste, you have.

Particular thanks for introducing me to those mobiles and LeSportsac. I saw Manuela De Simome's work via Decor8 and loved it too. Yay.

ryder said...

Stella McCartney lingerie is so hot.

actually no... i dont have tear in my eyes cause everything is so beautiful, but i certanly feel the beauty... and im gratefull for it.

Anonymous said...

Mobiles! what a brilliant and very lovely idea! x
I think your blog is rad. I'm all about appreciating the little pretty things. And i LOVE the love note blog, it is so beautiful. IT got me and a workmate incredibly love struck today x thanks for sharing it

Marian said...

Oh Mila my darling you always find beautiful things. Those mobiles totally stole my heart! how amazing are they!very very sweet. I also like the beautiful prints/fabric patterns.they are so adorable. the images for dancing in a club brought a smile to my face which i totally needed. Thank you my dear.
kisses and love,

Anonymous said...

i really love your blog! it's very inspiring and certainly beautiful. you've mentioned asian blogs in your previous posts. so i really want to share several great blogs i love( i am a chinese girl:)

these are chinese blogs:


and this is japanese blog:

Hope you love them!

Meaghan Kelly said...

wow i really do have tears in my eyes.

poeta fit, non nascitur said...

I checked out your blog because I love your blog name :D hihi. nice pictures! i shall check your blog once in a while. ;)

Thumbelina said...

I am at a loss for words Mila dear.
How. do. you. do. it?
This was one of the most beautiful posts among many others. Every single thing. Especially those stunning collages (I make plenty of them, but sometimes I am so scared to rip things out of my favorite magazines or catalogs--I get all sentimental in wanting to show my daughters in the future what inspired me--silly I know).
And I think I just might have to buy one or two of those mobiles, the butterflies, how charming! And I love that you post about your kitties sometimes, I think I might have to do that sometime as well.
Hope your doing well dear <3
Ciao ciao,

P.S. LOVE the blogs you discovered

Susanna-Cole King said...

I've actually be following your blog on BlogLovin for a while now, hehe ;)

And oh mobiles! They're enchanting really! I met these guys in NYC once who made this gorgeous mobile like pieces, that would spin if you hung them in the kitchen where the air is moving, and they would change colors or something as they turned... not a very good description but I can assure you they were beautiful! :)

That second picture from Stella is beautiful, and I love the piece the model is wearing! :)

And aw your kitties are adorable! :D

Thanks for your sweet comment, dear! :)


makemoremistakes said...

You are so gorgeous my dear. I love cats and mobiles as well...my mom used to make mobiles a lot, out of a selection of things- but most of all she would make paper cranes out of oragami, and then hang them up around our house. There is something so whimsical and charming about mobiles...I love them. And of course I love kitties- my kitty specifically, who is the biggest bitch ever, but also amazing and sweet and the person I love most in the world.

I hope you are doing well, doll!


Kimberley Brandsma said...

Oh, hoe mooi allemaal!<3<3

Anonymous said...

mobiles are so cute and so easy!
these bags are so amazing and funny!!
big knitwear is so creative like Sandra Backlund design!
when you want to come dancing in nightclub in Paris!!perhaps a day...
Mila do you feel my smile when I come here? I hope yes because it's always a pleasure to see every beautiful things, you make me happy!

pumps & luiers said...

Inderdaad - iedereen moet zich eens sexy voelen - en met een stella-setje lukt dit zeker ;)

Jo said...

ok those mobiles are absolutely perfect...

Female Action Star said...

Same here... I'm a sucker especially for word play and how ppl decide to word things thats how I got into writing poems. It is a very lovely blog tho thanks! Another for the collection. Check out mine sometime as well.. Thanks! fantasyaction.blogspot.com

Missa said...

Oh Mila, THIS is a seriously happy post, I love it love it, so many wonderful things! Those mobiles are so cool, what a fun project that would be, if only I had the time, ugh!

Kitties, yay! Dancing, yay! and oh my gosh, those collages are so AMAZING!!! Thanks for rounding up so many happy things :)

Missa said...

Oh Mila, THIS is a seriously happy post, I love it love it, so many wonderful things! Those mobiles are so cool, what a fun project that would be, if only I had the time, ugh!

Kitties, yay! Dancing, yay! and oh my gosh, those collages are so AMAZING!!! Thanks for rounding up so many happy things :)

geri hirsch said...

gorgeous shots!

Laurel said...

You always have the most wonderful pieces of beautiful imagery. I love it Mila! And of course, anything involving cats and Stella Mc's underwear line - I'm there!
Thank you for making my midterms week a bit more relaxing, my love.

Love you mon ami!

Abby said...

Hooray more happiness!

I love the idea of having mobiles still. I have been trying to relive and bring back some of the childhood fun. I think that is a wild wild idea. I may have to steal it and make something sweet for my house.

Oh and that rucksack is wild!

oh and I am thinking of getting a kitten too, now you've really made me want one!

Ok I have talked too much now!

Have a lovely weekend


p.s, "the way she talks about you; it's like you put the stars in her sky" did make me tear a little. So beautiful

Anonymous said...

Oh this is such a beautiful post - I love all your photos here.

And the blog link you posted was divine. Thank you for sharing!

Unknown said...

Yes i know ive sort of dissapeared, ive just been sooo busy!
I have things to post about but just no time!
I have been visiting your blog daily even if i dont comment, also i love the image fomr the stella mc cartney editorial, where did you get it from?
Much love and i love visiting, as always

Anonymous said...

This post breaks my heart (just a little) with it's beauty.

Anonymous said...

THis is an amazingly beautiful post!!! such beautiful things to see... but that blog find! oh my....heaven!

danica said...

The Stella rucksack is to die for!! Hope you're very well, dear Mila :)

Anonymous said...

Love those collages. So unique.

ashley said...

how very pretty mila. x

Anonymous said...

heey mila,

bedankt voor je weer geweldige post.
ik kwam langs deze site en moest aan je denken.http://thelion.tumblr.com
maar misschien vind je het ook wel helemaal niks


Outi said...

So many gorgeous, inspiring things again! I feel as I only visit your blog very not frequently these days, I don't have very much time to properly go through what you post and hence a lot of great things go past me.
Thank you for your ever-so-lovely comment again, dear... You said you missed my comments and posts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
I haven't got internet at home yet as I only just moved in, but hopefully I will have one soon and I can start posting more frequently myself again... And go through your and everyone's blogs!

lune_blanc said...

I just love love love the images on your blog.
The cat pics are so adorable, Kelani fabrics are so pretty, and oh, the links to gorgeous blogs! Thanks for sharing them.

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