FF's and Wild vs. Soft

I can't help myself, but to start with some soft Flickr faves...

1. Untitled, 2. Untitled, 3. goodbye, 4. Untitled, 5. stardust, 6. swan ghosts, 7. music box, 8. small red bean soap, 9. birthday, 10. the cherry ghost is true, 11. swans, 12. birdy, 13. Untitled, 14. Flora, 15. snow bunnies, 16. Untitled

Wild girl vs. Soft girls

Hmm...i know this sounds a bit lame, but lately i definitely consider myself a 'softgirl'. I think that might be obvious when looking at my blog.
I just realised there is this sort of division between the (what i call) soft blogs and the blogs of the more wild girls.
I have to admit, i am also quite intruged by these wild girls and their blogs, while i always tend to look at the softer blogs more and feel more 'at home' when i visit them.
I think i still have some sort of fascination with the wilder side of life, because (belive it or not) i was definitely a wild girl myself some years ago.
I've also always had that softer side, but i never really let it come out.

I was wondering what you consider yourself to be?
Are you definitely a soft or a wild girl, or do you also feel like you're a bit of both?

By this post, i want to make clear how great it is that there are many different styles, which are all great to look at, although it might not be your style. It's just very inspiring to see what other people see as beautiful and what they do on their blogs.

The wild girls!
I think their styles are amazing. Mostly i won't wear what they wear, but i have to admit it looks fanfastic on them!


The new kid
"Blood is sweeter than honey"

Of course, this is just a very small selection of 'wildies' (and only Scandinavian girls, this time). Don't worry, there's definitely more to come!

Over to the softer side...

From the great blog Vegan and Vintage, which i just recently discovered.

The amazing Esme of Esme and the laneway...

More soft beauty over at The snail and the cyclops...

I adore this gorgeous, vintage dress.
Found here.

And this is just sweetness all over.
From Blushing Ambition.

To end this post: some pictures from the amazing blog This is my heart, it's a good heart, which i told you about in my last post.

Soft, nor wild...just beauty.

I hope you will all have a lovely weekend!


Kimberley Brandsma said...

Mooie flickr foto's!<3 Ik houd denk ik meer van zachte dingen, maar dat zal wel geen verassing zijn.;) Maar beide stijlen hebben zijn charme.

cleolikesyou said...

Ik denk dat ik a bit of both ben, maar volgens mij overheerst soft meer. Qua fotos hou ik sowieso meer van soft, die laatste 3 vind ik echt geweldig!

scout said...

wonderful post!!! :D

Anonymous said...

Superb faves, but what was even better was your playlist. Great choice!

Anonymous said...

so you're a soft girl... I'm think you're right! also i'm a soft girl, I think definitively, but events in my like make me turn up wild style, softly wild style! the face cat girl is amazing, i like so much!

Lin said...

i'm soft all the way!
Flickr photos = heel mooie!

makemoremistakes said...

Oh hello my soft blogger friend! =)
I think I would consider myself in between, sometimes soft, and sometimes quite wild. I am very attracted to both as well...

I hope you are well my dear, I mentioned you in a post- you should go find it!

x's and o's

Fifikoussout said...

Hej :)
great post :D

i would say i am soft as well, but i noticed that i am soft in a non-girly way, more in a kidy nostalgic way..


Anonymous said...

such lovely photos. so inspirational!

La C

Miss Jo said...

amazing photos! makes me want to dream.....

leeselooks said...

oh mila.
you're such a softie ;)
that is so beautiful.

i love how your distinguish between the two extremes.
soft + wild.
ah you're so sweet.

I am definitely inbetween. My style is more wild, as I'm not into TOO many colors or pastels but I don't live a "wild" lifestyle. I'm a grandma at heart so... so I think I fall between the two :)

Thanks for thise STUNNING post girl.
I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend.
you deserve the best!


Studio Duermevela said...

Lot of good inspiration! Thanks for sharing all those beautiful finds.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the lovely mention!

I think as I get a little older I am becoming softer, Once apon a time I had an active, high stress job, I worked hard and partied hard too.

Now I work from home and listen to pretty music and drink cups of tea all day! That wilder side does come out on occasion, but I have learned to embrace the softer, more feminine side, I find it's a more authentic and passionate way to live.

Beautiful post as always my dear!

Hollie xx

Unknown said...

oh, that photo with the birds is just to die for!

lune_blanc said...

Those photos are just breathtakingly beautiful.
Well I have both sides, soft and wild.....actually, more like crazy sense of humor and silliness overload than wild.
It's like having completely different personalities in one, but I kinda like it.

Missa said...

Lovely post :)
I definitely had my wilder days when I was younger. Now I'd say I'm a soft girl with an inner wild child who likes to poke her head out on rare occasions or just for fun when people don't expect it ;)

the maisies said...

me? definitely a soft. i think...

nice favourites of flickr too, very dreamy.

esme and the laneway said...

Oh! Thanks for inc me, I love all the other stuff there. The photo of the man and the birds and cage is amazing...

It's funny, I definitely have a harder or wilder side, but it hasn't been out to play much lately!

Skye said...

I think I'm a little bit of both!

Skye said...

PS. Thank you for asking after me, I have been away having some stressful times - but hopefully everything is coming together now.

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