Give me some love and fun today

'If you love something, let it go.
And if it comes back to you it will belong to you.

(Found at Flora's Box)

Now you see why i'm already back.

Silly isn't it...that i can't seem to functionate properly before i posted something on my humble, little blog...?

Gorgeous drawings by Igor+André.

Oh i also want a drawing like this of myself....is that a little arrogant?
Hmm...i think it's not, it's just curiosity what it would look like (and of course a very big honour!)


Some things i bought

My agenda and the cutest cases to put paper in...

The gorgeous, little vintage plate my mothergave me...

(Besides the Igor+Andre drawing and the picture of the many cranes, all pictures are taken by me...as you probably already noticed.)

Oh, before i forget: new polaroids are on their way. I'll show them next week after i scanned them at my parent's place!


Thumbelina said...

Igor&Andre is incredible--such an inspiration for me. And all of your finds are wonderful my dear! Your scarves look so cozy and warm. It feels like haven't posted on your site for a while--I guess I have been taking a blogcation, haha. And I am so jealous you got to see Nouvelle Vague (too bad about the lack of fake mustaches though, would have been fun :D).
Well ciao dear,
Hope you have a wonderful day!

Female Action Star said...

Hey!!!! I digg ur blog to the max. Always checkin for updates and I kno ur always lookin for some cool new blogs to check out. So check out mine... Its fantasyaction.blogspot.com. Enjoy!! Let me know what u think of my "poems"

*indie_queen* said...

Ah love the plate! I love vintage plates and cups and things.

makemoremistakes said...

Hi pretty pretty girl! You're so cute. Also, I love the little plate, and also always want people to draw/paint me...it's a bit arrogance and a bit curiosity I think. I hope you're having the lovliest of days!

x's and o's

clay said...

Poor Mila! Seduced by her own femininity - and there’s no escape! May you always be held captive by love.

Lovely blog.

Lisa said...

love the coat mila!


Rina said...

Mila I love the coat, it´s really beautiful. great buy! and those drawings: amazing!

Hila said...

As usual, your post is amazing! I love that little plate your mother gave you.

Natalie said...

super pretty agenda. i always look forward to buying a new agenda book!

Missa said...

Mila you have the perfect eyes for one of those drawings, I think it would look amazing!

Love your new scarves and the little plate is so pretty! I wish I had a paper crane mobile like that to hang in my home :)

Hope you're well, can't wait to see the new polaroids!


Jess. said...

the paper cranes!
My friends say that wherever I go, a paper crane is sure to follow. Making them is a nervous habit I have.
But they're beautiful things, so I have no desire in breaking it.



What a darling vintage plate your mummy gave you!
My beautiful blogger friend I love your scarfs.Particularly the first.
Those drawings by Igor are really good and no its not vain having a drawing done of you. I want a fashion illustration of me my dear.be great to see one drawn ;o)
Have a lovely wknd.

Dana (MODAna) said...

the Igor and Andre works are STUNNING...

Anonymous said...

“If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, its yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.”

Outi said...

Thank you for tagging me! I feel honored for it. :) I will gladly play along as soon as I have a good time. I like that kind of things.

My time here in London feels busy and scattered and my blog has stayed quiet for this reason, it seems. I however, come and check your blog almost every day - if I have the chance - to see some of these pretty pictures you post! :)


the tea drinking english rose said...

so so pretty!
i love that plate. a teacup with that and you're good to go.

or just homemade cupcakes sat on top. yum.

those books are lovely.
and apper cranes... cute cute. i like to make them when i'm at my sister's.

Alice said...

oh i want to do the paper crane thing for so long !!

The Stylish Wanderer said...

I love the Igor&André pictures.

notebook doodles said...

i just came across your blog and oh my, it's full of inspirations =)

HANNAH-ZOË said...

i love igor & andre art I think most people would love one of them self for similar reasons as you he is just so amazingly talented!

Susanna-Cole said...

"'If you love something, let it go.
And if it comes back to you it will belong to you.
Forever." Aw, that is so beautiful! I'm going to save that... :)

I love the paper cranes, they are so delicate and beautiful, really been inspired by them lately actually!

Beautiful post as always dear, you always inspire me!

And in response to your comment, aw, yeah I have Jewish heritage too so I know what you mean :)


vogue_wants_me said...

u r really good at hand making!!
love everything u made!
how did u get so much inspiration
u gonna tell me lol

cleolikesyou said...

ooee leuke spulletjes:)
je gebreide sjaal is mooi, en je agenda ook!

sueper said...

Zou ook wel zo een tekening van mezelf willen!!

Goede koopjes - de agenda is zooo leuk

Jimena said...

1. i love the scarves you bought.
2. that coat!!
3. igor + andre.... i don't think its arrogant to want a drawing like that of yourself. we all want one.
4. i absolutely adore your blog. just discovered it a couple of days ago and spent hours going back and reading every single post until i had seen the entire blog. its beautiful!


Jillian said...

I WISH i was HALF as talented as the artist on igor and andre!

ashley said...

oh how i missed checking into your beautiful posts! am going to brew a nice cup of tea and get comfortable to catch up on all the beauty that is this blog;)
hope you are well dear mila, and those purchases are simply divine!
x ashley

Windy Days said...

so many sweet things! i look forward to your polaroids.
take care mila!

Stompface said...

beautiful pictures! you are very clever.
Lots of wonderfully pretty things.

yes that igor+andre blog is fantastic.