The red line


I am so so excited!
Yesterday my friend and classmate and i were given permission to graduate this year with an amazing project.
To graduate, we have to do an investigation for an organisation.
When my friend and i heard about the project The Red Line from Sara Vrugt, we were both so excited that we immediately contacted Sara and asked her if we could do our 'Bachelor Proof' on her project.
To read about the project (also in English!) and see some of Sara's designs, visit her website. She has done some amazing things and also won several prices for her work as a fashion designer.

Since red is not my favourite colour at all (i don't have anything red in my home or my closet) i decided that it's time to appreciate this colour more.
I will be surrounded by a lot of red this coming months, so i'd better like it!

Here are some things red i definitely do like...








^ Oh, how gorgeous are those red lips!? Definitely something i'll try some time...

^ Always loved Alice with her gorgeous red hair. Good for her she is very succesful, since she won Australia's next Topmodel.

When talking about red, we must not forget about the gorgeous Elinkan.
This blogger always looks incredibly beautiful and original and she wears red a lot!

So, now i am very curious about your opinions about the colour red.
Do you like red and do you have a lot of clothes in this colour or are you not a 'red-girl' at all?

(Sorry for not having all the credits for the pictures, i simply forgot.)


Ali said...

I love red! I haven't always loved it, but then I've never really disliked it. I don't know. I love bright red with light turquoise-y blue. and I have a red umbrella like in the photo! adds brightness to a rainy day I think.

K. Sundari said...

Beautiful. I didn't think I was a red girl at all either, but recently my little apartment has had several red features added; red lamp, red cushion, and even red shoes.
I simply love the shot of the clown girl. Looks beautiful.

yiqin; said...

I have ALOT of items in red! I love the red lips, red skirt & tights! Fabulous!

Ariella said...

Lovely pictures. I definitely have a fair share of red clothes in my closet, but I don't know if I would label myself a 'red girl'. However, I do think red is a great colour to wear!

Romeika said...

What a great editing. Very inspiring!!!

Lisa said...


so beautiful.
love the fiery passion that is associted with red.

I hope you had a beautiful weekend.


Lola Is Beauty said...

I never wear red either - bright red feels totally wrong on me somehow - but I have certain things like my red moleskine diary or a sheer red lipstick - just not fire engine red. If I see something I like in red and buy it I always end up giving it to charity...weird but it's always been that way.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your lovely comment, it's so plesant to see that from a very appreciate bloggirl! sorry but I will not write in english because of mistakes!
could you explain more about The red line, it's a very creative website. I like the collection called How Deep!

arline said...

I love red, but I rarely wear it. I used to paint with red , and found that I am rather addicted to it, so I no longer use red in my paintings.

Red is passion.

Anonymous said...

I really love your blog, haven't been here for a while. But I've really missed it! Love the music, it matches totally. Your blog gives me such a good feeling! I'll be visiting more often, I just promised myself that.

my thoughts said...

Ik kon rood ook nooit echt waarderen maar de foto's die je uit hebt gekozen benaderen rood op een mooie manier..

Super project trouwens! Hoop dat je er nog een keer op terugkomt..

Liefs & een fijne week.

ldvnicole said...

I adore red
I pretty much wear red everyday, at least somewhere within my outfit. For two years until last month I have had my hair dyed red. Good choice, the inspirational photos are perfection!
cant wait to see the final project!

Heather said...

so many things to love! just can't get enough ;)
my favorites: red tights, red dresses, that gorgeous red haired girl (!), red vw!

Jess. said...

The colour red is so powerful and seductive.
I don't have much red in my closet(or any part of my life!) and you've convinced me to change that!

Hope you had a great weekend, dear!


The Paper Doll said...

Thank you for the lovely comment :) you have such an eye for beautiful photos, very talented indeed!!

Hila said...

oh beautiful post Mila - and I'm so happy for you!

I love red, I'm really drawn to it. I have lots of red scarves and clothing and shoes. Plus one of my favourite things to do on a big night out is to not wear any makeup except for red lipstick. It looks so dramatic yet simple. I'm definitely a "red girl" :)

Rina said...

Congrats on your project! tell more about this. I have a few things in red color: shoes, knits, I like to wear this clothes as a touch of color, because I love grey and black clothes and red give something

belle.chantelle said...

wonderful! much luck with that project, it sounds fantastic!

HANNAH-ZOË said...

I have given you an award and guess what? it's RED so i guess it's a good thing your learning to like it (: oh and isn't Regina just the best form of red!

notebook doodles said...

oh!! i am so excited for you and your red project.

i am not one who likes red. the only red i would wear is on my nails.. nor do i have any red clothes! maybe i will appreciate it more as you go along with your project!

best of luck,

ashley said...

red is my most favourite colour- but i do not own or wear it! i love how it pops in photos and drawings. strange to have a favourite somethings you do not have?!
the project sounds so wonderful- no wonder you are so excited.
paint the town red!!
x ashley

mary lee said...

I was going to say that I'm just like you and don't wear red at all, then I realized I was wearing a red shirt today. Haha. But this is probably the only red clothing item I have. It's not that I don't like the color, I just prefer other colors.

Allure said...

The project sounds great. I love red, it's one of my favourite colours.

Missa said...

I've never been much of a red girl either but I do have a pair of red mary janes that I wear quite often.

I also have a red coat that I rarely wear, but I think all these lovely photos have inspired me to get it out and dust it off :D

Gorgeous collection of red images Mila, you are so good at putting these things together!

Missa said...

Also, good luck with your project, it's so great to have something like that to be excited about :D

natalie said...

if you're trying to become red-inspired take a look at caitlin shearer.
a few teasers:

Nothing Elegant said...

Oh, I loooove red! It's my favorite. These pictures are inspiring.

Alice said...

YaY !! good luck with the project :D

and all these red pictures are just lovely <3
i love red :)

Anonymous said...

I like red, I have red hair but no red clothes so far.