I was just wondering....

What kind of trousers is Julia Stegner wearing here?
From what i can see, it's love at first sight!

I was also wondering how Heidi Mount can look so beautiful...

Last, i was wondering if i am really the only one who finds shoes like these horrible and just ridiculous?

What a lazy post...

Sorry sweeties, too busy to create something more interesting and beautiful.
I hope i'll be back soon.

(Thans to Jak & Jill for the photographs)


sara said...

you most definitely are not, those are awful :(

makemoremistakes said...

Hahaaa, I think those shoes are ridiculous, but I have to love them. They are just so...crazy. And I love the crazyness. I hope you're doing well, hearts and kisses!


Jillian said...

i'm obsessed with jak & jil!

but man that first photo is awesome... adding that to my inspiration folder ;)

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oo i love those trousers.
i dont feel the same about the shoes though, you are right..they are hideous. it is almost as if a manufacturer made a mistake in measurement, as in the heel was taller than the actual shoe, and so they had to stick a random piece of the material underneath to balance it out.

Skye said...

Those shoes are definitely ugly as ugly can be.

Although it's kind of fun to see something ugly on your blog for a change - since it's always so very very lovely here!

danica said...

I agree with you, Mila...those shoes are a bit mental!

Jess. said...

oh gosh. The shoes....are ridiculous. But in the kind of way that I almost wish I could see them in real life walking down the street. That might make them worth it. ha ha.


Lisa said...

he he. i like the shoes... i'm in love with weird shoes.

this post is perfect. simple and beautiful.

hope you're well Mila.


Missa said...

answer #1: I don't know but the waistline is lovely!

answer #2: My guess is genetics.

answer #3: No, you are not the only one. I am with you on the horrible ridiculousness of those shoes :)

I hope you'll be back soon too <3

Leigh said...

I am to clumsy to wear those anyway. I would break my ankles and then fashion a foot cast. LOL

Luce said...

hahaha i love those shoes! but i'm with you on the pants, they look lovely!

Babbs said...

sometimes i'll see a pair of shoes that are so hideous and outlandish that i just can't help feeling drawn to them. like they're exotic or something. these shoes however are a broken-ankle-waiting-to-happen, and they look like orthopedic pumps, gross.

Anonymous said...

I also think these shoes are horrible but I don't know I like them!!it's strange! I saw the girl who wearing them before a fashion show and I'm saying into my mind, "they're so amazing and spectacular! how she walks with this kind of shoes?!" everywhere for a fashion show ladies wear fantastic and very very hight pair of shoes!it's crazy!
enjoy your day lovely Mila and you know you can't always make long post and your post are always interesting and beautiful!xoxo

sueper said...

Ik ben het totaal eens over de schoenen - soms is het echt gewoon te

Mary-Laure said...

I'm sooooo with you on all this!

Anonymous said...

ik bezoek je blog regelmatig en vind hem echt geweldig.
maar sinds een week krijg ik automatisch ook jou deuntjes te horen als ik op je site kom.
ze zijn wel leuk maar ik luister liever mijn eigen muziek.
misschien kun je instellen dat hij niet automatisch begint te spelen?
misschien zeur ik en ben ik de enige haha dan moet je het gewoon zo houden!

Susanna-Cole said...

Aw, I wish I could see all of her trousers, because they look like their beautiful... sorry I don't know where they're from though. :(

"I was wondering if i am really the only one who finds shoes like these horrible and just ridiculous" nope, I usually find heels like that ridiculous myself! And I certainly couldn't WALK in them! :P

Aw, don't worry about the lazy post, we all have those once in a while! ;) Still love you anyway! :D

And thanks for your comment dear, always so grateful for them! :)


HANNAH-ZOË said...

ha the shoes are strange as! but i kinda like them and as for the pants well the top of them is pure amazing!!

Mila said...

Anonymous, je bent idd de enige die erover is begonnen. ;)

Het is heel simpel; als je de muziek niet wilt horen, zet je hem op stop.

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Suzy said...

Yeah, I just can't deal with those shoes.

Love the agenda and folder though! I can't be sad about schoolwork when I am writing in my notebook of tiny technicolored hearts!

Anonymous said...

Those pants are amazing!! what beautiful tailoring at the waistline!
...And yes, those shoes are really hideous. They would be tolerable if the heel on the front foot sloped off from the shoe instead of looking so glued on and angular.

Have a lovely day!