A small announcement

The latest issue of Lula Magazine, issue 7, is coming out very soon!
On the 8th op September, to be very clear.
I can't wait, since it's absolutely one of my favourite magazines ever!

This time there will be two covers!

One with Ali Michael and one with Audray Marnay on the cover.

Source: TFS.

(Please don't ask me to buy an issue for you and send/ship it to you. Don't get me wrong, i want all of you to get an issue, but when i posted about Lula months ago, i got a lot of requests from people who wanted me to send them an issue. The problem is, the store i buy Lula has only a few copies, so i must be very happy if i can get one myself. Of course i'd be more than happy to scan or take pictures of the magazine and share it here with you!
Another option is of course to take a subscription, if you can't get one in a store near you. Or order an issue...
Maybe it will appear on Magazine Café also, but i am not sure.)

Hmm, while browsing the pages of Magazine Café, i saw this Magazine Wig, which i've never heard of before. Does anyone know this magazine or bought an issue?
The cover makes me curious!

Nothing wrong with the description either:

WIG Magazine is a decadent and beautifully printed publication that seduces the eye and feeds the mind.
According to the mother of one of the editors, Wig is now the seventh most beautiful magazine in the whole wide world. Wig is an independently published magazine from England filled with things from all over the world. Cut any copy of Wig in half and it will have fashion all the way through it: we just can't help it. It's what sticks the pages together. However, fashion on its own isn't really enough. Our contributors include photographers, writers, illustrators, and a whole range of creative people who respond to the Wig thinktank's suggested 'theme' for each edition.

Cultural and political comment, reviews, lovely photographs, whimsey, inventiveness and the downright curious, end up on our doormat. We glue it all together and call it Wig.

Oh, wait, i found some pictures. Looks awesome, huh?



love the covers on Lula and Wig mag has some amazing photography!
Great blog,
marian xx

onomatopoeia. said...

ik vind de ali michael cover 10 keer mooier! zul je net zien dat ik als ik bestel die andere krijg, ja ja leer mij het lot kennen ;)

maar 8 september, hmmz wie weet tref ik de lula dan wel in antwerpen aan, ik hoop daar namelijk die week naartoe te gaan!

Mila said...

Jaa, ik ben het met je eens, die cover van Ali is veel en veel mooier!
Ik ben benieuwd welke ik kan bemachtigen....

Hopelijk heb je nog leuk geshopt in Antwerpen!

my thoughts said...

Ik zat al te wachten op de nieuwe, want hij moest idd rond deze tijd weer in de winkel komen!

Hoop dat ik hem binnekort in mijn boekhandel tref!
Bedankt voor de mooie updates.. zeer inspirerend


my thoughts said...

Ik zat al te wachten op de nieuwe, want hij moest idd rond deze tijd weer in de winkel komen!

Hoop dat ik hem binnekort in mijn boekhandel tref!
Bedankt voor de mooie updates.. zeer inspirerend


makemoremistakes said...

GIRL don't be silly! I want photos! They can be polaroids or not, I don't care, but I want some!!!



Stephanie said...

Oooh! Thanks for the update! I can't wait to get it :)

Missa said...

Lula!!!! Can't wait!

maggienikole said...

hmm, wig does look interesting
i should check around here

Skye said...

I wish I had the time to read magazines nowdays - I really miss looking at all the lovely things. Wig looks interesting (but I really don't like the name at all), I hope you really enjoy your new issue of Lula!

it's an addiction. said...

fabulous hair in the very last photo (the one of the left).


morphidee said...

oh darling, i know we can talk dutch, but i prefer english. its as if english reveals my identity and i for now prefer to stay morphidee.
your current crush, who is she or who is the photographer? a girl on myspace pretends its her.

Betsey said...

ooh both mags sound really cool- especially wig. it looks so pretty!

Windy Days said...

oh wow, i'm so ridiculously excited about lula magazine. it's definitely one of my favourites. thank you for always posting lovely things. :)

ashley said...

mila- you are a provider of all things beautiful- i am debating about the subscription {have been for months} but until then-scanned photos on your beautiful blog would be ace! x

Luce said...

ommggg the audrey marnay cover is killer. i already saw the ali one (and i love her!) the audrey's one is amazing!! i want red hair! i'm totally subscribing. btw, have you heard of Amelias Magazine? its SUCKS that it's going out of business after the next issue... cry cry cry.

x Luce

Richel said...

for some reason I have never read a Lula! I really want to buy it now!

danica said...

Yay for Lula! It's one of my favourite magazines too! I also really like the look of Wig. Thanks for sharing :)

Maria C said...

Oh my I heart Lula.
My favourite editorials are the ones with Kirsten Dunst and Rinko!

Can't wait till it gets shipped to the shores of Australia :)

Maria C said...
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Lana said...

Leuk he om onverwachts tegen iets moois aan te lopen! Wig in woorden ziet er spectaculair uit, maar de foto's zijn ook supermooi. Ben benieuwd waar die te verkrijgen is.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Lula = lovely for everything, and inspires me so!!!

Anonymous said...

oh lula I have haste to be able to buy it!!

Anonymous said...

what cover will you buy?? for me, it will be Audrey MArney

Fashion Weakley said...

Wig is one of my favorite magazines, and not easy to find either. Wolfgang Mustain's photography is really nice (he did the Lily Cole shoot on that cover).

Robine said...

Ik zat al te wachten op de niwue Lula.
Helaas is er hier in de buurt geen boekhandel die ze verkoopt. Dus ik moet er maar op een andere manier zien aan te komen :(