Great SALE at Ana Laura Perez!

I guess you all know the wonderful Ana Laura Perez, by now.
Most of you should know her because of the amazingly beautiful drawings she makes.
Drawing is definitely not her only talent, she also made some other great things over the past seven years.
Below the announcement she made on her blog.

Visit this page to see what she has for sale (for great prices!)
Oh, and it's FREE SHIPPING everywhere!

I am going to buy this great set now... (before you do)

From most things she has only one available, so you have to be quick!
Enjoy shopping!

You can also visit her Etsy and her Flickr (Bang bags and personal.)


Laurel said...

Oooh! I absolutely love her drawings, those little satchels are so gorgeous and unique too. I will definitely be browsing around her sale when I get off work!

Hope you're well, lover!