Here it is again.....does it ever stop?

A list of things i found on websites and other blogs.
Beautiful things (or people.)
Inspiring things.
Intruguing things.
Sad or happy things.

From one of the first beautiful blogs i got 'addicted' to:
Danken by Ashley Rose Helvey.

Siesta, by Camilla Engman.
(Why isn't there such a thing as siesta in Holland?)

One of the most beautiful editorials i've seen in quite some time, via Scout Holiday.

(Unfortunatey i can't get them any bigger here, so click on them please.)

Gorgeous dress, via Colette Rose.

This postsecret really touches me. I feel the same way, to be honest.
Not that i dídn't enjoy any of them (when i was still living with my parents) but i never thought i could miss them so much when living on my own. Well, i truly, deeply do. Sometimes i really miss the 'family things', simple things like there's always somebody at home you can talk to or who asks how your day was...or just the sounds of people living in the same house as you so.

Country Life, via V Magazine.
Gorgeous shots....

(Photography: Willy Vanderperre, styling: Joe McKenna)

Gorgeous, romantic bed via Desire to inspire.
(Wouldn't you love to lie in that bed on a cold, stormy evening with a big cup of tea and a great book? Well, i would...)

This bed would also do the job...

More prettiness from the same source.

Gorgeous A/W 08/09 collection by Danish designer AnnHagen.

Oh, and an even better Danish show, from Bo van Melskens.

Another great post, from another amazing blog.

Would you mind living here?

These flowers, from here.

Last, some of the gorgeous photographs of one of my absolute favourite photographers, Candace Meyer.

I hope you enjoy!
And i hope you all have a great weekend, full of lightness, sweet people and great things to do....


♥ fashion chalet said...

You are lucky. I get tired of summer year round sometimes. Especially last year when we only had 3 weeks of cold for the whole year. But thank you for the comment, glad you liked my collage. I love the photos you have posted above too. :)

Anonymous said...

Mila Mila Mila....woua!

Heart in a cage said...

Prachtige post weer! Ik vind het ook zo geweldig van je dat je elke keer zo veel weet te vinden en te posten! Ik weet soms helemaal niet waarover ik zou kunnen posten. Misschien moet ik maar eens andere blogs bekijken die ik normaal bekijk enz. En wanneer ik een idee voor een post heb maar even opschrijven, aangezien ik het vaak weer vergeet.8);)

Skye said...

That little house in the forest is so magical!

DeSmitten said...

thank you for all of the great blog intros, i added a few to my list favs so i can check them out every day!

Tea said...

Wow, wat een prachtig logje..ik verdrink erin!

Bedankt voor je reactie, je was er snel bij- haha. Thanks for the compliment..ofzo ;)

Mila said...

Thanks for your lovely comments.
It really makes me happy when you enjoy my posts...

Heart, je blog is super hoor!
Maar ik ken het wel, ik zit soms oo zonder ideetjes, maar een beetje rondsurfen helpt altijd! ;)

<3 for you all...

my thoughts said...

Klopt.. ik ben de laatste tijd vrijwel compleet afwezig op mijn blog..
Tijdens het afronden van afgelopen schooljaar heb ik het zo druk in mijn hoofd gehad dat ik deze vakantie alle rust neem, vooral in mijn hoofd! En lekker bezig zijn met simpele dingen als werken doet me best goed voor even..

Dus weinig mooi inspirerende dingen, maar ik weet zeker zodra het september is bloeien mijn ideetjes vast weer

Mooi om te zien dat jij er maar geen genoeg van kan krijgen, doet mij heel goed en ik vind het fijn om naar te kijken. Want soms is gewoon de mooie dingen van een ander opnemen veel rustgevender dan eigen gedachtes een plek of benaming te geven

Fijn weekend, liefs..

rachel said...

i love your blog! each of the photos are so fun to look at! great! <3

Betsey said...

this post is so wonderful! all the photography is AMAZING. i really love everything. and i also feel the same way as the postsecret!

Anonymous said...

you know what they say about big hair? closer to God.. those photos are tremendous!

Missa said...

Oh, this is so right up my alley!
I fell in love with that editorial on Scout Holiday the other day too, loved her take on it as well. It reminds me of back in the day when I used to study plants and worked in a big greenhouse out at a marine lab on the ocean (not that I pranced around in floaty dresses, just the atmosphere of the place ;) Also, I bookmarked that same post on desire to inspire, all the rooms are amazing amazing amazing!

That wee house in the woods is like something out of a fairy tale and cooincidentally reminds me of the small cabin in the woods where I lived when I worked in the greenhouse. It had big windows looking out into the trees and spiral stairs winding around an old burned out tree trunk leading up to the loft.

Also, I LOVE Candace Meyer's photography! Have a wonderful weekend sweetie! :) xoxo -missa

Thumbelina said...

You always have the best posts, I hope you know that. Every post is like eye candy. And I have to agree, I am a HUGE Candace Meyer fan-- amazing amazing work. Everything that I love in a photo-- ethereal, soft, and emotional. I also must have that first bed that you posted! It reminds me of the movie 'Valerie and her Week of Wonders'.
Keep doing what your doing, you always are an inspiration <3
Ciao ciao,

{this is glamorous} said...

Another gorgeous round-up. Loved the editorial from Scout-Holiday too. The Candace Meyer photos are so dreamy and nostaglic. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.

{p.s. your comment on {perfectly carefree} moving and beautiful}

Chloé said...

i ♥ your blog
take care!

Anonymous said...

Ah! Such beautiful photos! I like the idea of telling a little bit about yourself, it makes your blog even lovelier to read!

Have a great day!


Caroline said...

thankyouthankyou for such a gorgeous post full of photos. i'm going to go take a better look at that little house in the forest. quite possibly my dream house....

Chic Looks said...

this was so fun to read... Wentworth Miller, Japanese and Italian food...like like like!!

Hila said...

this post is simply divine, I adore your blog :)

Bronwyn said...

It's great to find out a little more about you.....as usual so many gorgeous and beautiful things to see on your blog, my eyes are popping out of my head:)

discothequechic said...

great post; all the lovely images are really inspiring me.

espcially as i'm doing uop my room at the moment..

Robine said...

Wat een mooie post weer! Ik vraag me ook iedere keer weer af van: Hoe krijgt ze het toch voor elkaar! Zo inspirerend! :D

Blijf vooral zo doorgaan meid!

katrina said...

beautiful post!

this is true I swear said...

very inspirational and what a lovely blog!

SICK. said...

your blog is so beautiful, every photograph you post is absolutely inspiring; and it's as though i could come here on a bad day and the photos would make me happy again.