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It's always such an honour go get tagged, especially when you're tagged by someone who got such an awesome blog as Strawberry Season!

Here it goes!

What are the last three things I purchased?

1. A softgreen strapless corsettop from H&M.
2. A flowered top from H&M with a low neckline and a low back (which i love!)
3. Two thrifted, gorgeous plates with flowers on them.

What are the last three songs you downloaded?

1. Anywhere i lay my head, by Scarlett Johansson
2. Falling down, "....."
3. Fannin'street, "...."

What were the last three places you visited?

Very unfortunately, i haven't been outside The Netherlands for a few years now, for several reasons. And i count Antwerpen in Belgium not really as a foreign place.
I am planning a trip to NY later this year (or next year), hopefully it will take place this time.

What are your three favorite movies?

1. 21 grams. (How many lives do we live? How many times do we die? They say we all lose 21 grams... at the exact moment of our death. Everyone. And how much fits into 21 grams? How much is lost? When do we lose 21 grams? How much goes with them? How much is gained? How much is gained? Twenty-one grams. The weight of a stack of five nickels. The weight of a hummingbird. A chocolate bar. How much did 21 grams weigh?)

2. Amores Perros (Ramiro: Did you find everything you needed?
Octavio: I am just missing some condoms. I didn't find my size.)

3. American Beauty ( Ricky Fitts: It was one of those days when it's a minute away from snowing and there's this electricity in the air, you can almost hear it. And this bag was, like, dancing with me. Like a little kid begging me to play with it. For fifteen minutes. And that's the day I knew there was this entire life behind things, and... this incredibly benevolent force, that wanted me to know there was no reason to be afraid, ever. Video's a poor excuse, I know. But it helps me remember... and I need to remember... Sometimes there's so much beauty in the world I feel like I can't take it, like my heart's going to cave in.)

How gorgeous is this quote from Ricky Fitts..... it made me cry. Am i the only one?

(Of course there are lots and lots of more awesome movies (check out my profile for more favourites of mine), but these three came to my mind first...)

What are your three favorite possessions?

1. My polaroid 600, of course.
2. My 50's dressoir, i inherited from my grandmother who passed away last year.
3. The gorgeous teapot my mother brought for me from Vietnam.

What three things can you not live without?

1. My delicious bed with it's white crispy sheets.

2. My camera's.
3. My laptop.
(Of course there are other much more important 'things', such as family, friends and my cat, but i didn't name them because they're not things.

What would be your three wishes?

1. For the world: more understanding for each other and the willingness to live together in peace. We're all in the same position, we live and we die.
2. For my dearest family and friends: love, lightness, lots of fun and happiness in their lives, so they feel strong.
3. For myself: Lots of rest in peace in my mind, so that i can enjoy and love life (even) more.

What are three things you haven't done yet?

1. Having the best conversation with my father i really need.

2. Travelling the world (or at least one country on every continent.)

3. Living together with someone. I live on my own for 8 years now and the step to making the decision to live together with my partner is a HUGE one.

What are your three favorite dishes?

1. Italian pasta.
2. Japanese food.
3. Great veggie meals.

What three celebrities do you want to hang out with the most?

1. Kate Winslet, because she seems a very smart, intelligent and kind woman with whom you can have a great and funny conversation with.
2. Wentworth Miller, only to look at him very closely. ;)
3. The Dalai Lama, because i want to 'feel' his strongness, kindness and openness to this world and the strength he has to live this life to the fullest without any fear.

Name three unusual things you are good at.

1. Making people laugh. A lot.

2. Put my tongue right up in my nose.

3. The Lotus (a yoga position)

What are three things that you are coveting?

1. A few pieces from Topshop's fall collection.

2. The greatest pair of flat boots.

3. Lots of the most beautiful fabrics to make clothes and other things from, when i can finally sew after having my sewing lessons. (Oh, and a flatscreen tv would be alright too.)

Three people i am going to tag:

1. Kim from Heart in a cage
2. Angela from Rags and Scribbles.
3. The lovely and inspiring author of Esme and the Laneway.


Skye said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at the baby shower - I can imagine the gorgeous gifts you would choose!

makemoremistakes said...

Oh you are the cutest and sweetest ever! I love it, I am helping my friend move in to her dorm today, but I will do my post tonight. It's posts like this that make me hope that when I'm in Europe we'll be able to meet for real.

Much love to you girl, I hope the baby shower is wonderful and that your day is sweet and sunshiny!!


Jane said...

Wow! :-) Your life seems a colorful one...mine is so dull. At least, until I start school again in a week!
I am looking for flat boots too...I have a pair of distressed skinny jeans that will look lovely with a pair of flat boots. I just hope i can find some in time for fall.....x!

James said...

Yes yes yes! Very beautiful blog...

Richel said...

I love your answers! You're such an interesting girl!

amanda said...

this post was fun to read and watch:]

esme and the lane way said...

Interesting! I love those flat boots, too.
Thanks for the tag – I will do it tonight!

Hila said...

oh great post Mila! It's nice to find out more about you :)

Brittany said...

I love your blog and you seem like a very sweet person! Kate Winslet is my favorite actress too!

Catherine said...

I love your answers to this tag, very sweet. You have some beautiful pictures on your blog too.

Shalane said...

Hi Mila!
Heb een leuke maar drukke vakantie achter de rug gehad, jij ook? Vandaar mijn 'lack' aan updates, maar ik ga weer beginnen (zodra ik inspiratie heb). Wat een gaaf dressoir heb je trouwens, ben helemaal weg van die oude meubels :)

Milla said...

Awesome post Mila! I like your blog. And we're practically namesakes.

sueper said...

toffe antwoorden: zeker de ongewone dingen die je kan (ook toffe pics)

Leuke inspiratievolle blog! je verdient de award.

Robine said...

Leuk om te lezen en te zien! Jij maakt zo'n post echt een stuk leuker :)


siagrafica said...

aha, tagging is the latest thing in blogland - check m'n blog!

leuke post! + die Shabbies, zucht... {ik heb een paar in bruin su├Ęde, maar een nieuw paar in leer zou wel fijn zijn}

liswon said...

I've been wanting a great pair of flat boots as well. Wish I were taller for them though.

Rina said...

Mila I´m laughing right now beacuse I´ve tagged you with this same tagg. But I´m glad that you already did it, I know more about you, great!

Jess. said...

I hope you do make it to new york! Love your blog.



great answers! hope you make it to NY,love the flat riding boots!

bestdaysofmylife said...

Absolutely looovee it! :)
Look at your blog on a daily base! Its in my favorites!
Can you explain to me though how I can put other bloggers on my blog as a link?

Keep up the amazing work!

Betsey said...

ooh this is a fabulous list. 21 grams is a fantastic movie & i LOVE wentworth miller as well- he is such a hottie!

kathrynsky said...

Great, interisting! and i love that you take all the little pics to your answers!