La vie bohème

If you are still looking for a great place to spend your vacation, maybe i have found the most perfect place for you.
If you love France, the real French bohemian vibe, nature, old stuff and colourful life, Jeanne Bayol may have created the perfect place for you to spend your lazy summerdays.
This woman designs clothing, does lots of decoration, but to me the greatest thing she does is restoring old covered wagons into great bohemian places to spend your holidays.
Look at the way she decorated the places, don't you just love it and want to go there immediately?
Well, I certainly do! I can totally see myself walking around there, feeling like a gypsy.

If you're not planning a trip to France, but do love her style, you can also buy one of her great books!
Click on the books to see a few of the pages. So lovely....


onomatopoeia. said...

wat mooi! ik zou er absoluut geen problemen mee hebben om daar mijn zomer door te brengen ;)

Heart in a cage said...

wat gaaf! echt geweldig.