Getting green again

This very early morning i am flipping the pages of Marie Claire UK June 08.
This issue is all about fair trade, organic and green living.
Lots of ethical brands are mentioned and i am loving it.
Some of the brands i had never heard of, for instance Loyale, Wren and Sharkah Chakra.


Melissa Coker, founder and designer of Wren

The website of London based organic denim label Sharkah Chakra is defenitely worth a visit. Especially the beautiful pictures of The Denim Makers are great, because you can see all the steps of making organic denim.

And of course, when talking about organic, fairtrade and ethical design, we must not forget about Stella McCartney, whom i am still an huge fan of. (Look at her website, it's great! When you open it, you can almost smell summer.)
Her S/S 08 collection is breathtaking and i am still searching the pages of Ebay for anything from her beauty range Care for a reasonable price.

Some of my Stella favourites