Almost a birthday girl

On the 22th of June i am turning 24.
To be honest, i don't really care about birthdays at all, because when i think deeply about the phenomenon Time, it really is nothing at all.
Okay, let's get optimistic and happy now!
Although i might not be really celebrating my birthday, i do have a wishlist of course.
The beautiful and special things i see and want to have just go on and on....

The first thing i'd love to have for a quite some time now is this lovely book. I can only imagine how many times i will flip the pages and dream about all the beauty i'll see....

If i could choose any birthdaydress i wanted, i would defenitely choose this one.
It's so beautiful it doesn't need anything else, just bare feet and loose wavy hair.

Of course a girl (like me) can never have enough beautiful white bedlinen.

A new wallet is a thing i do kind of really 'need', because the one i have now i have for years and is almost falling apart. This vintage one would do.

Flowers are always good, although i am quite picky about what flowers and colours i like. Peonies, orchids....whites, light pinks. Please don't come to my birthday and bring me yellow and red flowers. Okay, only if you are really really sweet and will dance on my party.

Of course i am always into sweet little decorating things that will add atmospeheres like this in my home.

And: more flowers, little vases and flowers.

I also got lots and lots of Etsy wishes, but i will post about that later this week or next week.
For now, i'm done and i wish you all a great week full of love and nice little moments (oh and a bit of sunshine..)

ps. I'd love to hear about your wishlists.


ramona west said...

serge gainsboug!

Mila said...

whaha, what do you mean by that? You want the man? ;)

ramona west said...

rather serge gainsbourg! typos suck.

onomatopoeia. said...

dat boek lijkt me erg mooi!

Het lijkt me zo leuk om zomer's je verjaardag te kunnen vieren, ook al geef je er niet zoveel om ;) De gedachte aan tuinfeesten en barbecues is tenslotte een stuk aantrekkelijker dan vriestemperaturen en met de hele familie in de woonkamer zitten :p

Voor ik het vergeet, hoe was Mestreech?

christina said...

hey, might i ask where you found the picture to this text "Of course i am always into sweet little decorating things that will add atmospeheres like this in my home."?
Because I absolutely love it.
I'm also so incredibly in love with that dress, I wish I could afford it.

Alice said...

you have a great taste <3