Just some things

I really like these pictures of photographer André Wolf.

And these ones shot by Tara Darby

For weeks now i am wondering where the great Agathe of Stylebytes is.
She posted on the 24th of April for the last time and since then it's a big mystery where she's gone. I have to say i kind of miss her and her cute posts and always very special and head-to-toe beautiful outfits. Since a few days her blog is completely gone! Does anyone know if she has a new one or did she just decided to quit blogging?

Also, my fellow blogger Soir de Fete decided to take a break from blogging, which i think is a little sad, because her blog is always inspiring. I do hope she'll be back soon with lots of inspiration to keep her lovely blog going. Take care, Mandy and have a great time in Berlin! (I do expect some great pictures from you shot in that overwhelming city!)

Last, but certainly not least for today: some great inspiration for your homes.
I hope you like it! Have a great day.

Unfortunately none of these shots are taken by me, i only 'borrowed' them from some great blogs, which you can find in my list of blogs i love on te right of this page. Be sure to visit some of them! Try Decor 8, Emma's and Purple Area.


mmr said...

ah dankjewel!
jammergenoeg zit ik nu niet in Berlijn, er kwam op het laatste moment iets belangrijks tussen :O
het lot is mij geloof ik niet zo goed gezind. ergens kan ik alleen maar lachen om hoe treurig en onvoorstelbaar het is.
hoe dan ook, nogmaals dankjewel, ik vind het erg lief dat er aan me gedacht wordt! ik ga nu dan maar gewoon verder met mijn blog, heb toch niets beters te doen ;)

oh en schijnbaar is agathe er mee opgehouden, tenminste zoiets las ik laatst op stylebubble!

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Mooie foto's<3 Ja, ik vroeg mij ook al een hele tijd waar ze is gebleven. Vreemd, dat ze er zo maar mee opgehouden zou zijn.

Anonymous said...

I saw Agathe a few days ago, so she's still alive! I read on another blog (Norwegian) that she has some new projects going on, so I guess we just have to wait and see..

NINA said...

Prachtige foto's! Het sfeertje dat erbij hoort... wauw.

Unknown said...

Yours pictures are very beautifull..

carreco said...

Yours pictures are very beautifull..