spring said hello

first a small collection of my favorite etsy spring fashion!
(see my etsy favorites here for sellers.
please note that some of the items might be sold already!)

(click on
every pic for sources.)

i really feel like visiting shops / galleries like this one below...

to finish this post,
another small collection of personal etsy faves
(now in the category cheap paper pleasures...)


TimbarikaDoll said...

Gorgeous picks, i love the pops of colour!! Great since its so grey here for me, hope you have a sweet day!! xx

Esmee said...

Mila, I have to say this to you: I love you and your blog, you make me happy everytime I visit it and I always appreciate handcrafted things and everything in life after seeing a post of you.
I never post a comment, but I had to say this to you. Thank you for everything!

Sundari said...

The whole colour scheme of this post (and your other recent posts it seems) is just glorious. I must say that the illustrated book up toward the top looks very sweet.

Vanessa said...

Beautiful ! :D

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing, i love the cathymurray japanese inspired painting, so pretty!


bubbles on my planet said...

great pics, so lovely inspiration!!

Gabby / Gypsy*Diaries said...

Ahhh so much pretty! So much inspiration! :D


P.S: I'm giving away FIVE supercool Travel Photography guides.. I thought you might be interested! :D

E said...

So gorgeous!!!

AHHH Spring, my favourite season for all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle

Marinka said...

wow those are really lovely, I like the great prints, it's so nice! Cool post

Olivia said...

I just love your eclectic posts, so colourful! x

Natka said...
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Natka said...

WOW you really have talent.