oh pete, you're such a romantic!

"My idea of paradise
is that period just before the sun rises and
I’m at home painting or writing songs
and everything is flowing.
I pray that the sun won’t rise
so I can paint and write for ever. That’s my ideal time."
Pete Doherty.

yeah, such a beautiful time...
sometimes it's not right to cut out the bad parts.

the period just before the sun rises
is the worst part. do not deny.
it's the moment you know the world is
waking up
while you haven't seen
your bed for days.
it's the moment you find out
no drugs are left
and you will be searching for left overs
in your coats and bags.
nothing, of course.

it's also the moment
you realize
so very clearly
that reality is not gone.
it's still there

in all it's gold glowing beauty.

(Sometimes things are too ugly
to be considered ugly beautiful.)



Marinka said...

those are such lovely words.I like it, especially the first quotation!

Miss Gray said...

Very true!!!

adrienne fisher said...

love this .. all of it !! Everything so true.

Anonymous said...

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Christine said...

Sometimes it's the romantics who suffer the most, but Pete does it so well.

heart in a cage said...

oh, ik houd zo van pete<3 maar je hebt wel gelijk, je kunt niet ontkomen aan de realiteit...


modern viking vixen said...

love it!!!! <3

kat said...

hope you are not too low just now darling? It seems intrusive of me to ask, but in certain ways you are like a friend, tho living far away. And I care about my friends.

Here on your blog you can share all aspects of life. The good and the not so good.
I'm just feeling a bit concerned as I'm getting the feeling your struggling through something at the moment.
I understand those times. And please do feel you can continue to share all you're feeling with us through what you choose to post.
Expression can help. I hope you are in a place where the sun is at least peeking through the clouds. And forgive me if I've misjudged and actually you are doing fine :)
Today is not such a bright day for me, too exhausted to type more, but I'm sending love

Anonymous said...

so true. brilliant first quote.

Ellen at The Raven and the Cellar Door

Rose et Jaune said...

Just came by here, and I wanted to tell you I like your blog a lot ! :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate to that poem. I am a recovering drug addict. It's so raw and real. I need that. I get tired of hearing what people want me to hear. Its refreshing to see how someone really feels. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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