all or nothing. in between is boring.

Ikou Tschuss: LOVElovelove at first sight.

or complete chaos.

(do you also
sometimes prefer complete


Casie Jean said...

what a lovely post

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I completely agree!


Paige said...

yes. complete chaos.

Lulu said...

yes. i doooo!
ah what a gorgeous sweater that it =]

April Joy said...

Looks comfy!

Anna Liesemeyer said...

the coat of many colors!
I could take a good nap wearing that:)

Miki's scrapbook said...

I agree. And yes, sometimes I do prefer complete chaos ... but without the allergies I usually get when I'm stressed out, haha.


Flotsam Friends said...

Complete chaos and craziness all the way... Life without colour?? No way. Pruxxx

Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely.


Cupcakes with legs. said...

haha oh i love your blog i just discovered it! =)
so true, there is only one thing
worse than drama, nothing at all.

Isadora Filković said...

Oh, I absolutely adore chunky-wonky knits like this ;D

lucycatherine said...

oh so colourful!

Kara said...


somedays i do.

Nicole Trundle said...

um... WOW

Yes, wow. This is all I can say on this note.
Sending your wonderful self some love from

Anne said...

Haha I love your post, glad you felt the need to express yourself! And I totally agree with your stupid-list :-) I was just thinking how stupid it was that it always starts to rain at the moment I dedide to go outside, but then I made myself another cup of tea and stumbled upon your post - feel much better now :-) So thank's for sharing, have a lovely weekend!

meandering pearl said...

how gorgeous!!!

lovely thoughts

sara said...

complete chaos is the only way to go sometimes

the sweater in that photo looks SO cozy!