I am preparing (...)
some really great, rather BIG
in the mean time i'll
use this blog as some kind of
secret box i can put everything in
i must remember.

I really adore the work of
Adeline Klam,
the French multi talented artist
and photographer.

(^ Adeline is into Japanese
PAPER! So am i!)

Her work as a photographer.

Adeline in the press.

I am afraid
i will have to focus
on some French magazines now...

that this post seems fine to me.
I wanted to post about more subjects,
but it's just enough like it is now.


Kate Maggie said...

Everything in this is so inspiring. I want to go make some lovely creations. Hope you're having a great weekend!! x

Anonymous said...

ah, pretty paper! such neverending inspiration :)

Pimenta said...

Psss,ok,ok,I can care with you those things that are to you don't forget.
Whit pleasure!Thanks.

Juultje said...

loving it!!!! want the paper badly.

Carmel said...

so much prettiness my mortal eyes cannot handle

Jenn said...

Japanese paper is so beautiful. It brings color to anything bland. I only wish I could make art like her out of it. Thank you for sharing this! :)

~Abby~ said...

I love the boxes to put the little paintbrushes in-very cute! :)
Hope you had a good weekend!

Maria C said...

Just lovely :)

iloveyouvalentine said...

that string of paper cranes is so simple but cute! and so is the cover of the lamp shades. i love her food displays. this is just such a beautiful and inspiring post :)

i am now following your blog.
if you ever have the time, please check out mine!


mara said...

omg, these are such great finds....i love this wistful atmosphere :)