is this all

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this is all
(for today.)

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maybe we just need
some art (by Kana Kobayashi!)
to make us feel
alive again.

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Doesn't these seem perfect
for a very smart looking business card?

although I disagree
with what it says,
i do really adore this ↴
(since 'melancholy is my ever lasting friend'.)

What do you think about
the above photograph?
I mean mainly with what the
tattooed text says.

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(read a small interview with Kana here.
Check out her diary here)

ZukZuk is art for happiness too.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully happy post! This is just what I need today :)

So colorful, so bright, so cheerful!


Lulu said...

this is so cheerful! =]

hmm...i don't really agree with the tattoo. sure, it's cool, but some of the best art comes from happiness. at least that's what i think =] art can come from all different emotions and one isn't necessarily better than another.

~Abby~ said...

They are all so cute!
And I believe art CAN come from happiness!
Love your little signature. :)

Marinka said...

those collages are awesome, I love it! I love to find interesting artists and post on your blog. It's always a pleasure to read you :)

Miss MyKelle J said...

I don't agree with the tattoo... at least for myself. When I am unhappy I am paralyzed. When I am the most unhappy it is usually because I feel a block in my creativity. Yet, at the same time, my best work comes when I am struggling medically- not unhappy but needing an escape from the things I can't control.

i'm an island girl said...

such pretty art! thank you for this healthy dose of color :) art can come from both light & dark, sadness & happiness... and it always changes. ~ nicole

Bohème Circus said...

"art never comes from happiness"
I agree. The art is sometimes a shape of survival, a way of fighting against the difficulties of the life and a way of saying in spite of the difficulties, in spite of the sadness and in these moments there the art is the road which opens to help us to live better. And to manage to approach the style of life which we want to have, it is the expression of our personality, our need to feel us free.

(thank you for your Pinterest invitation)

Anne said...

I absolutely love that tattoo!

Sophia (my visual illusions) said...

Those creations makes me feel like a little girl again. I can totally dissapear in it!

Lavender Playground said...

I feel like drawing when I'm really happy or really sad. So I guess art can go both ways?

gracia said...

That first piece you have shown is especially beautiful. They all are, really. Thanks for sharing. I'm off to find and see more.

vintageveggie said...

so much to say about this post.

all of the art is amazingly spectacular. about the tattoo text. i first agreed with the phrase. but as an artist i thought more about it, and although it's true that sadness often leads me into working, making art creates happiness for me and so i think that art IS happiness and therefore cannot only come from sadness.

also, i'm giving you a little award on my little blog. i'm giving it to just a couple of blogs who have been there ever since i got started and have helped me so much along the way simply by being there.

Giovanna ♥ said...

Such a beautiful post dear Mila. I love colorful art, it just makes me feel happy, I love colors so much!
The tatoo is pretty interesting because I've heart that most artists get inspired when they feel sad or melancholic, especially song writers. Even though I don't agree with the quote in the tatoo, I find it interesting and unique.
Boho Market Blog

baby cribs said...

I think this is one of your most beautiful posts I have ever seen. Those art works are just so fascinating. I wish you continue to make these kinds of post.

Robin said...

What delightful illos!

simone said...

So pretty!