Ms. Lisa Rucker

This beautiful,
versatile artist Lisa Rucker
is such a joyful find!

This is Lisa's SITE.
And this is her BLOG.

(Oh, don't forget to take a look
at Lisa's cute cute video's!
My fave is 'Gardens'.)

(ps. I hope you are all having
an amazing time
with friends, family and LOVE!)


kate maggie said...

I love all of these..so pretty:) such a lovely blog you have! x

Sanna said...

Aww so pretty!!

kate maggie said...

Hey again, thankyou so so much for your sweet comment. It seriously made my night. Thankyou! Your words really spoke to me and I love that someone knows what I am talking about. You're such a darling! x

Carys said...

Beautiful drawings!!
From Carys of La Ville Inconnue

Abby. said...

I love that 4th one (the sketch of the girl.)
That was a very joyful find, thanks for sharing.

muchlove said...

Oh, Lisa's blog is one of my favourites! She's adorable and so talented.

OneCraftyFox said...

Gorgeous, will have to check out the vid :)

Hope you had a lovely Easter, I'm hosting another giveaway, please come join.

Cha said...

These are so lovely... <3

Anonymous said...

Heb net een kijkje op haar blog genomen, en dat bevalt goed! Ik ben verkocht :)

Nicola said...

such inspiration <3