Miki's Flickr.

These photographs
represent this gorgeous

The innocence of things
the air we breath
and us
human beings.


Hanna Louise said...

Such lovely words and pictures.

Anonymous said...

these photos are so pretty-like a breath of fresh air.

words, lovely as usual :)

hope you're having a great weekend!


Brittan said...

perfect! you always have such wonderful posts and I always enjoy visiting here! I especially love the first and last photos! thanks for sharing!!!

little owl

anywheredreams said...

oh I love the last one, the one with the flower and the icecube, so cute!

Lucia said...

so adorable, simple and beautiful :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, simply beautiful.


Abby. said...

Wow Mila, I think this is my favorite post!
I can't even pick a favorite picture, but that first photo really did strike me!

Sanna said...

Beautiful words and pictures!!

Myy said...

These are too gorgeous for words.

Miss Woody said...

your blog is a dream.

muchlove said...

I love the stunning focus on such simple objects.

erin meagan said...


Clouds said...

these pictures are gorgeous! some people are just so talented, i'm in awe.

Ms Unreliable said...

Oh! These are far too beautiful to just glance at, I think I'm going to make a cup of tea, come back and admire them for a while.

Thank you for sharing, just gorgeous!

xx Kit

A said...

you are my must visit everyday. in love with your creation.



IKS said...

you said it well - innocence. you can really feel it. my favorite is the second photo, so gentle and soft. perfect!

thea said...

very wabi sabi!

xx - spoonfulzine

Betsey said...

so simple & beautiful!

Megan McKean said...

oh my, what a lovely blog you have here.
these pictures are so pretty and wonderful.
a true pleasure to have stumbled upon you. i'll most certainly be back