Noa Noa

Next Thursday,
I'll be visiting Amsterdam for a big shopping-day
with my mum!
I am really looking forward to it...

Noa Noa is one of those stores I always visit when I am in Amsterdam.
I love their dreamy, sweet clothes.

The fabrics, prints and accessories are amazing every single season!
It's the kind of clothing you dreamed of,
when you were a little girl...

I fell in love with those dark-blue trousers above,
from the S/S '10 collection.

The little details on the clothes
are fantastic!
They make you feel so special,
almost like a princess...

(The above four photographs are from here.)

(Below are past collections)

I send you lots of ♥


Rose, Pearl and Grace said...

You're so lucky, how I wish I was going to Amsterdam to shop!!!
Check out our blog if you like.

~Rose, Pearl and Grace


Anonymous said...

i love that orange dress!

Beth Grace said...

How precious! You are exactly right, "dreamy" is the perfect word to describe their clothes. I love love love them.

Ellie Grace

missjoesten.nl said...

You're so absolutely right! I went there a couple of weeks ago and I totally adored it. I want to go back there... It's very funny, because I just said to my mom that I loved the blue pants. Haha. You blog is amazing!


The Art Cupboard said...

wow what a fantastic shop! such pretty pretty clothes. have fun in amsterdam! i've always wanted to go, sounds lovely.

Happy Valentines day!

love- bree

laura tj said...

so lovely and girly

Chelsea said...

I haven't been to noa noa in ages...the only store i know here in England is miles miles away from me in Brighton :(

Jane Flanagan said...

I love Noa Noa too - one of my favourite shops!!

Unknown said...

Noa noa is gorgeous....I'm in a group on flickr for noa noa
I'll send you an invite so you can find it there, kathryn x

ashley said...

yes-ah, yes-ah (bit silly today!)
i think the clothing looks stunning- happy shopping/drooling,
xs ashley

Afra Klinkenberg said...

I love the style

My Owl Barn said...

I love those blue trousers and the tee! You have a cute blog!

Unknown said...

What an absolutely amazing find! Thanks for sharing! XOX

Anonymous said...

i love your blog and it's fun to read. I love the way you share your stories... please don't stop being you! :)

Len said...

Hi Mila,

Thanks voor al je lieve complimentjees!

Noa Noa is ook super schattig, mn ook de ascessoires!

Zo'n lange rok is ook heerlijk voor de zomer! Ga er 1 zelf maken als ik terub ben in poederroze! Lekker romatisch en zit ook lekker

Vivi said...

Your blog inspires me!

noa noa said...

You have posted a great collection of NOA NOA images from both past and present collections. For all you NOA NOA fans out there we have a blog at http://noanoareigate.com where we post pics of our deliveries every two weeks. (By the way the blog is beautiful!)

narcisse said...

thank you so much for posting our pictures on your lovely blog...we share your sentiments on noa noa! we are the only store in the united states to carry their line. we are glad to ship world wide-you can see the collection at our website www.shopnarcisse.com