I just came across this PRETTY Japanese website,
it's called Solid Pattern Maker and I don't understand a thing of it,
but I do see the pictures.
Sometimes that's just enough.

Did I say looking at the pictures was enough?
It would be fantastic really,
if I could actually MAKE these clothes...

So simple,
yet so feminine and beautiful.

Look at these gorgeous girls
and their dresses...
A lot of cuteness for this early morning!

Bye for now, dear friends.


J. said...

Oh, this little girl is so sweet !

Lulu said...

this is so great! absolutely lovely and precious!


Mela said...

I like these shapes very much, and I'd buy the jacket with the bow..It's a pity it's for a child!

Colline said...

Oh japanese sewing is so amazing and the photos in their books are often so poetical, sensitive! I love it! That's why I've begun to sew!!! Thank for this incredible link!

M :| said...

I really love that dark gray/black jacket and those little girls so cute..

agnes said...

awwww.. I always love the unique aesthetic of the Japanese. everything is so simple yet appealing.

Ulrika said...

you have a beautiful blog, very inspiring!

oh and those girls are so cute :)

Anonymous said...

love the simplicity-japanese are so good at making simple, lovely things!
and the model is gorgeous as well :)

Jen of Made By Girl said...

I love little oufits like these on little girls...they look so SIMPLE and pretty! The child looks very similar to a good childhood friend I had names Doris. :)))

Jen Ramos
'Cards & Prints You'll Love...'

kerrie e. abrao said...

You have diamonds on the inside, my beautiful. Xo

Love K

Len said...

Hi Mila1

Thanks voor de award! Heel lief van je! Internet is zooooo langzaam dus ik hoop dat Thailand beter gaat dan Cambodia om te posten!

Dat vest ziet er heerlijk uit! Hier niet nodig want 33 graden! ;-)

x Len

The Accessory Lady said...

These are really interesting. Very simple, but they also remind me of the clothing that future societies wear in sci fi movies: Functional, fashionable and very minimalistic.

aa said...