Happiness is on it's way

I couldn't wait to show you
these two lovely items I purchased.
At Etsy, of course.

I've bought both the ostridge and the elephant!
At this great shop.

I fell in LOVE immediately,
with this cute necklace.
Bought here.

Now tell me about your latest,
or your favorite Etsy purchase!


Betsy said...

Best!!!Lovely...I absolutely love all these photo inspirations!
http://betsy-haier.blogspot.com/-FASHION BLOG!!!

Anonymous said...

pretty pretty pretty!
my last purchase on etsy was a floral pattern necklace from the lovely much love anna!

Bianca said...

i want that cute pink necklace!

Unknown said...

cute ... my last purchase was boring ... brooch backs for my brooches!

Unknown said...

My last purchase was a print entitled "Bozo Girl", a sad little girl wearing a red clown nose, painted by the wonderful "mcatgarrison." Her creations delight me!

Helena said...

I love your flowery pendant! I never buy such dainty things because my style tends to be more...chunky and bold, but I think I ought to start (especially since i have never made a purchase from Etsy!).

. said...

That necklace is the cutest thing I've ever seen! x

umama said...

I just bought this... (of course cus I am a Twi-junkie)

but I am actually going to give it to my sis, as much as I love :0)

And your finds are tooooo cute!

A Beautiful Party said...

I haven't had a latest etsy purchase in a while. Maybe it's time I head over and buys something new. i'll let you know. ( :

iva yaneva said...

I think we have a very similar taste as well:)) you got lovely things, the notebooks are so pretty!
My last purchase was a beautiful print from Alice Gao which I blogged about a couple of weeks ago:) I am trying to keep away from Etsy after the holidays, hehe :)

Anonymous said...

Those coin purses are to die for! :)

Anonymous said...

my print from amanda atkins is my utmost favorite recent purchase from etsy. it hangs right above my desk, so i can conveniently look at it and feel inspired while i work.

*Trisha* said...

What lovely items--especially the necklace. I'll have to check out the shop for myself.

My last Etsy purchase was from Star of the East, located in Turkey.

I bought a beautiful shell and pearl ring that looks like a rose (well, my brother 'bought' it.. but I picked it out), and a green sea urchin christmas tree ornament. I love them both.

I blogged about it if you'd like to see pictures :)



Captain Nick Sparrow said...

Etsy is so much fun! The last thing I got was an owl christmas ornament to commemorate my owl sighting of 2009. Here he is:

mmr said...

oh wow die schriftjes (zijn het moleskines?) zijn echt prachtig!

Sarah M said...

Ah! Gorgeous! I just bought these cute leggings from branch handmade that she screenprinted a birdcage on. Obsessed with them!

Katie said...

!!! Where did you get that ocotopus, etsy dot com shirt? Is it a shirt? I must have one!! :)