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daydream delusion
limousine eyelash
oh baby with your pretty face
drop a tear in my wine glass
look at those big eyes
see what you mean to me
sweet-cakes and milkshakes
i am a delusion angel
i am a fantasy parade
i want you to know what i think
don’t want you to guess anymore
you have no idea where I came from
we have no idea where we’re going
lodged in life
like branches in a river
flowing downstream
caught in the current
i carry you
you’ll carry me
that’s how it could be
don’t you know me?
don’t you know me by now?
-anonymous street poet (Before Sunrise)
Happy Weekend. x
Toni from little suitcase


Little suitcase

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Hello, I'm Toni from little suitcase.

I am so happy to be one of the guests posting on Loveology while Sifra is away. I do miss her. Loveology is one of my favourite blogs.

When I was a girl I loved Barbie.
I kept my Barbies in a little suitcase and I had Barbie clothes on the bottom and all my Barbie's would lie on top. I would open my suitcase nearly every day, put Barbie in a new outfit and brush their hair and put them away again. I loved my suitcase. It would be under my bed, the keeper of my favourite possessions.

Now I gather up all the things I see that inspire me and place them in my suitcase. I look forward to sharing with you all the lovely things I find, until beautiful Sifra returns.

For now, here are some beautiful vintage suitcases. They make me so happy.

image here

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Would you like a cup of tea?

Hey everyone,
This is Sara from One Long Road! I am very pleased to be able to make a guest post here on one of my favorite blogs!
Loveology is such an inspirational blog!

I have been looking at a lot of teacups lately, and I find them so cute and delicate!
I will post some of my favorites, mostly from flickr.

this one is different, it's a Turkish teacup :) here
this, I couldn't resist! here  


I love tea! It's not just the fact that is in my culture, you can never meet an Egyptian who doesn't like tea! But I just love tea...with a teaspoon of sugar and some low fat milk.Love. I also like chai lattes. A LOT!
How do you like your tea?


The Happy Post

I called this post The Happy Post, although i am not really sure why I just did that without even thinking about it.
I feel sad, to be honest....and luckily i feel that i can be honest with you, dear readers. Thank you so much for that.

This is my last post.

NOT for good, but for a while it is.
And that hurts.
Because of some complicated, personal issues I am dealing with at the moment, I won't be able to post on Loveology for a while and at this point I am not sure how long it will take until i'm back.
It will certainly not take a year or so (HELL NO!). But also not just two weeks.

The moment I know when i will be back, i'll let you know.
Because I WILL be back. No doubt about that.
I love Loveology way too much to end it.
But you must promise me one thing: don't just walk away and leave me standing all alone in Loveology-Land when I return. I need you as much as I need the blog!

To return to The Happy Post: I do know why this is The Happy Post!
There are lots of things to be happy about, that's why!

First of all: there will be several GREAT guestbloggers who can log in to Loveology and post something they like (and fits Loveology, of course...) when they feel like it. I am very sure that's a great thing. Not only because these women are great bloggers, but also because it will bring some change to the blog and it will bring you surprises!
Who doesn't love a good surprise? (Besides something such as an horrible thing called a surpriseparty, of course. Like when you enter YOUR home and suddenly all kinds of people are jumping up from behind the couch and from under the table and start yelling and laughing and....The Horror.)

Back to Happy.
I am going to fill the rest of this post with happiness.
Don't forget about the guestbloggers! They will keep Loveology 'alive' when I am away and I am more than grateful for that!

^ Frankie Mag's 'Artgirls'. Yeah, they make me happy. Art makes me happy. Talented female artists make me happy. YEAH.

One female artist in particular makes me happy.
I just fall in love with every single work of art she creates...
I am talking about Catherine Campbell.

Look at her portfolio here, visit her wonderful shop here and her blog, right here, is also more than worth a visit!

I just purchased this gorgeous....yes FRANKIE Mag wrappaper I talked about very recently, designed by Catherine!

Recently I accidentally ended up on the website of Kate's Paperie.
I wouldn't actually mind spending a few hours in that store...in NY!

When I was looking at the gorgeous giftwraps and printed papers there...I realised how much i LOVE paper! And how much I like to spend hours browsing the web looking for the most beautiful things... :)

And my 'wishlist' gets bigger and bigger....

Hmm...how I wish Korea and it's amazing products was just around the corner...


And Poppytalk!
Such an amazing blog...and let's not forget about the Handmade section which is totally awesome!

From Alison Tauber, one of the great artists featured on Poppytalk Handmade...

Wanted to make this waaaay bigger, but my body just hurts from lack of sleep.

LOVE and be back soon.
When I return, this blog will rock (haha) like it never rocked before.
Just wait and see...

Aussies just do it better.

Frankie Mag now also online!.

Also check the back issue.

Turn a page.
Trees will thank you.


Yes, I LOVE Aussies.

Oh my...and this 2009 Frankie calendar!
Must go on a big search for that one!

Art on the calendar from: Katherine Brickman, Catherine Campbell, Jen Corace, Tinee Kleinschroth, Marjorie Liucci, Kat Macleod, Beci Orpin, Erin Paisley-Stueber, Lilly Piri, Rob Ryan, Mel Stringer and Eveline Tarunadjaja.

That sounds like heaven!
And it certainly looks like it!

I couldn't resist visiting the Frankie Forums.
I can better not do that again. Those people make me crazy!

And to make it even worse:
Frankie gives away free, gorgeous posters with EVERY SINGLE issue.

I am jealous.

(All images found via google)




I just made an awful mistake.
I accidentally deleted all the links from the list of 'Blogs I Love'!

I've been trying for hours to make links of the linklists in stead of the long lists they are now, but it didn't work and now everything's gone.... :(

Please, send me your link if you were in my blogroll!

Also, if there's someone that can help me out creating a proper link to all of my fave blogs....I would be very grateful!

So sorry for the deleted blogs.



Helloooo sweethearts!
I know it has been way too long. I'm sorry.
I will come up with something to make it up.
Some time SOON.


As you can see, i worked a bit on the blog.
I am not satisfied yet (at all!) but i do like the fact that it's different, cause that's what i wanted...

I am posting waaaay to less lately. Have to change that....but some things on my mind seem to stand in the way...

Of course i found some nice things again, at least...they made me happy, once again. So i hope you like them too! ;)

Hannah and Landon.

Not that 'cute', more interesting.... why? Noo idea, they just are.
Bet you all know this couple already, but nevertheless i wanted to share some of their photographs and some of Hannah's drawings... Love their work...

Oh....don't think my 'Zakka-obsession' is over...haha oooh no!
I think it's just getting started! ;)
I guess you may all know Rakuten, that BIG Japanese store, or whatever you call such a thing as Rakuten.
When you click on Stationery in their webshop, you don't know what's happining!
They have a truly amazing collection of all kinds and brands of stationery!
It's heaven, believe me. If you can fall in love with a notebook or diary as i can, you just cannot deny Rakuten...

For example:

Sweetness from this shop!

Ooh! And when you realise that 1000 Japanese Yen is only 7,50 euro, it only get's better! (International shipping is also around that price, a little more....)

Something totally different, but nearly as important...
I think i just found the cutest and prettiest cuddly toy EVER!

Handmade by the (of course) Japanese designer Chikro.

By the way, i found Chikro via the most lovely blog with a huuuuuge amount of great links: Tania!

(I really, really have to post / blog more often. I have so many things saved everywhere on my PC...i just don't know where to start and what to post now and what later and what fits together in one post.....whaaaa!
I think i'll just have to give up on the idea Loveology is ever going to be as pretty and organised as for example one of my fave's: Oh, hello friend!

I already have to go now, but i just wanted to add a little post for you dear readers!
Of course i am curious what you think about the new stuff i added to the blog!
Also, i am thinking about making some 'internal' changes to the blog also. It just feels like Loveology needs to 'grow up' a bit. So, when you have ideas about that or tips maybe or anything that comes to your mind, just leave me a comment.
Every single one of them is always greatly appreciated.
From the