Little suitcase

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Hello, I'm Toni from little suitcase.

I am so happy to be one of the guests posting on Loveology while Sifra is away. I do miss her. Loveology is one of my favourite blogs.

When I was a girl I loved Barbie.
I kept my Barbies in a little suitcase and I had Barbie clothes on the bottom and all my Barbie's would lie on top. I would open my suitcase nearly every day, put Barbie in a new outfit and brush their hair and put them away again. I loved my suitcase. It would be under my bed, the keeper of my favourite possessions.

Now I gather up all the things I see that inspire me and place them in my suitcase. I look forward to sharing with you all the lovely things I find, until beautiful Sifra returns.

For now, here are some beautiful vintage suitcases. They make me so happy.

image here

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image here

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Kate8085 said...

I can't wait to see your treasures!
I used to have a suitcase growing up that was like the green flowered one.

Sara said...

They're lovely!

I love the 3rd picture! and the 3rd to last!

An (ex) alien in new york said...

Oh how lovely. I've been coveting my father's old suitcase for a while and I've finally been gifted it! When I was little my barbies clothes were kept in a tool box, the kind that opened out with its own compartments.... barbies themselves were kept in the little pink suitcase designed for ballet uniform!

Anonymous said...

When I was little I had my own little suitcase with barbies! And how lovely are these pictures :)

laura said...

happy suitcase day :)

Anonymous said...

such a lovely guest post dear! and i love old suitcases too, i was so happy when i saw one sat there once in a vintage shop, i just had to buy it ♥

kirstyb said...

love the pics - i want that pink suitcase xxx

Eyeliah SS said...

Great collection of photos, I would so use one if my arms didn't get sore. Nowadays suitcases with the wheels (or even backpacks) work much better for me for travelling.

wildflowers said...

What a lovely post! So many delightful images :)

steph said...

Vintage suitcases make me happy too! I love the pink one, simple yet so adorable!

A home far away said...

You take the most interesting photos I have ever seen!

Have a good day
Hugs Gunilla in Singapore

gracia said...

Vintage suitcase make me smile, too. Something to do with the secrets they hold... maybe... maybe not.

tammy said...

Aaah a vintage suitcase and teacups - a perfect combination for an Agatha Christie novel.

This blog is always full of such beauty - have popped a link to yours on mine!


N.B said...

Great Blog !

Papagaio Mudo said...


you got a lovely blog. I like it.


Shayla shut your eyes said...

that! the suitcases stacked up to be end tables by the bed..
that's what MY bedroom looks like!
i collect old suicases as well. they're all through the house, stacked up, scattered, on side, on ends.. under the bed. just everywhere. :) lovely post

Ashley L. said...

What a great post! I'm loving the idea of using suitcases as a nightstand. Very cool!

shilvia said...


Misha said...

Thanks for sharing these! I have recently discovered the magic with vintage suitcases, unfortunately, there are no true vintage pre-owned suitcases to b efound around me. I'm still looking, still hunting.

Sara said...

Blog-design competition going on... Would you like to be a part of it??


agnes said...

i always have a thing with vintage suitcase, it feels soo different, as if you are carrying other's travelling experience before with you too..

thanks for your sharing :)

NurseT said...

Picture 6, and 9.. so pretty. And I want that little rose pillow in picture 10 for my bed. :)



Jenny*Ilovemuffins* said...

Love the images! Makes my want to pack my suitcase and drive away.....:)

Suusje Q. said...

Prachtig allemaal!

Liefs, Suusje

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

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