Who are you?

Yes, a different kind of post today.
You know why?

I am curious.
I want to know who you are.
I want to know the names of the people who I am so grateful to.
I want to know where you live.
I want to daydream of the places you live in.
I want to play a little game.

Tell me your name, your age and your hometown.
Then, tell me 5 things about you and start every sentence with I.

Thanks, LOVErs.


Anonymous said...

I'll go first!
My name is Hannelore.
I am 20 years old.
I live in Belgium, part time in Leuven, een echte 'studentenstad', and Herk-de-Stad, a very small town where nothing ever happens.
I am studying to become an architect/civil engineer.
I love photography more than anything.
I want to travel the world and live in foreign cities.
I love losing myself in the music and the atmosphere, and dancing the night away at a great party.
I hate wearing pants, I think they are uncomfortable and I find it hard to come up with an outfit that feels like 'me'.

Jen said...

my name is jennifer. 34. on the top (3rd floor) of a row house in a tiny apartment in philadelphia with a boy and a cat.
i am currently unemployed. (looking for work, bleh)
i published a book of my breakfast photos through blurb.com, which made me very happy.
i crochet a lot.
i have a freckle in the palm of each of my hands.
i accidentally gave myself a tiny dot of a tattoo when fiddling with my india ink and a dip pen.

Amy said...

My name is Amy and I'm 25 years old. I hail from the sunny city of Los Angeles.

I spent a few years working in corporate communications before doing public relations for a non-profit. I work with families devastated by Hurricane Ike. I spend a lot of time in cities we only drive past. I love it.

I live in a wonderful townhouse with my closest girlfriends. At any given time in the evening, you can hear one of us laughing.

I can beat anyone in a round of Taboo.

I spend my time after work sitting at this little coffee shop in an arty neighborhood of Houston. It's attached to a yoga studio, a bookstore and the best little boutique in town. They made it just for me.

I lived on a plane and out of my suitcase for three years. I found my home here in Texas when I found a closet to put everything in.

Eyeliah said...

Ok; Hailey, 27, Calgary
I am 7 1/2 years married
I play guitar
I am left handed
I am a yogi
I am also an accountant

Micaela said...

I'm called Micaela but family and friends call me Mickey. I'm 25 and live in a small Texas town i LOVE, but I'm about to move to Virginia to "see about a boy."

I am a vegetarian.
I am a twin who's heart is half hers.

I believe going to the cinema is life's greatest escape.

I have believe i was going to marry Robbie Williams since I was 10.

I had the summer of my life when i was 19 in italy. I fell in love with a boy called Francesco.

i think about him still, years later.

and i loved your idea for this post.


Allie said...

I'm Allie, and I'm 23... I live in Seattle, Washington... Where Nirvana is from, and where Jimi Hendrix is buried.

I left my heart in Paris, two years ago.
I have naturally red hair, something I'm very proud of.
I am a wino.
I am obsessed with my kitty, Dotty.
I love anything sparkly: diamonds, sequins, glitter...

Liz said...

I'm Elizabeth, I'm 21 years old and I'm from Scotch Plains, New Jersey, but currently am going to school in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

I'm curently an undergrad at Rutgers University, studying history and philosophy, applying to law school.

I've been having a rough year and amazed by how much strength I'm able to draw from music when things are feeling shitty.

I really like penguins and my boyfriend and I have a mini-tradition of surprising each other with cute penguin plushies every now and then.

My first crush was on Paul McCartney of the Beatles.

I have two little brothers and two dogs (a pug and a doberman) back at home that I really miss and wish I could spend more time with.

Nice to meet you.

Gabriela said...

Gabriela, 23, Brussels

I am not actually from Belgium, but from down south in Venezuela
I got my very first job at a bookstore recently and it's something only a 17 year-old me could've dreamed of (except most customers are over 60)
I used to hate beans and fish, now i'd kill for them
I dream of flying to Finland and raising puppies in the snow with my furry little boyfriend
I'm getting really sick of school.

Kris and Corissa said...

My name is Corissa
I am 24 years old.
I live in Utah.
i love cupcakes
i love snuggling with my man
i love boots
i love red mango frozen yogurt
i love my family

thanks for your blog. i love that also. ;)

Unknown said...

I'm Faye...26 years old (oops, nearly typed 25 there, still in denial!..I live in London in a little apartment with my husband and daughter.

I am trying very hard to be more present in life and enjoy and savour every moment...rather than wishing my time away and waiting for things to happen in the future.

I hope my little family and I will be living in Australia in the not too distant future. Trying hard to make this a reality! (my sister lives there and I miss here lots). We also have big plans to start something together...

I love the countryside, green fields, beaches, the ocean. Just being near nature really. Lying in a meadow of long grass by myself in summer is one of my fabourite things to do ever.

I never thought I would have a daughter at the age of 24 but she is one of the very best things that's ever happened to me.

I love to eat cheese- all kinds of it, whenever possible :)

x faye x

Caroline Cakewise said...

My name is Caroline, I am 19, and my hometown is just outside of London.
I am so glad, first off, that you commented on my blog so I found yours!! It is the perfect mix of quotes, thoughts and pretty things. Sheer loveliness!!
I go to university at Cambridge.
I love Christmas but hate the winter - unless it is snowing and there's a fire in the grate.
I love Gene Kelly movies, Marilyn Monroe movies, Audrey Hepburn movies... basically, any happy old movie!
I love rock and roll dancing.
I am trying to learn Italian at the moment, so that one day I can live in Rome and cycle around the pasticerias all day with a pug in the basket.
How about you?? xx

Raver Ria said...

I am Raverria

I adore this blog :)

I left Sydney 11 months ago to live, work and travel.

I currently reside in London.

I am living my teenage goal and I don't want this dream to end.

Anonymous said...

NAME: 我 moi
AGE: 22 Years old

一 I was a rather pragmatic child

二 I do not like abbreviated text messages

三 I like nearly all vegetables and no fruit whatsoever

四I have no motor co ordination skills

五I will not be fooled by a handsome Irish man (again)

六 I am 90% Chinese 10% English

AK said...

My name is Amy Elizabeth. I've lived my entire 19 year old life in the same cramped house in Oregon, USA.
I wish I had danced ballet all my life, that I could be a professional.
I strongly dislike college and really would prefer to travel the world and be an artist/crafter.
I have never been in Love, to find my true love is my greatest desire.
I have six cats.
I love elderly people, there stories always touch me and I wish that we took more time to listen to their beautiful wisdom.

Anonymous said...

I'm Michelle, I'm 23 and I live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have a boyfriend called Tom, he makes me smile everyday and I knew I loved him after our first date.

I love going on adventures and bringing my camera along, I love to collect memories so I can look back on them and smile. Memories an be anything: photos, ticket stubs, dinner receipts.

I like to bake, it's my favourite Sunday thing to do.

I like to hang out in museums cause I like the quality of the silence.

I have a sister called Hollie and I miss her all the time cause she's living in England right now


lux said...

i'm alexandra ^_^
i'm 19
& i live in south australia
i'll just say the first things i think of, i suppose?

i study photography, glass and textiles

i have spent every saturday since i can remember going to lunch, cinema, shopping and dinner with my mum. i plan to for the rest of my life

i dont much like travel, i'm terribly claustrophobic and planes are not good for that. id love to cruise around the world though.

i read an awful lot. this past week i finished age of reason, things fall apart and pale fire. it always makes me so sad to come to the end, but i cant slow down.

i am excited and surprised by every good thing that comes my way, and appreciate my life so much it makes me cry

Molly Belle said...

I am Molly, I am 21 years old, and I live in a town of 1900 people, in southern Utah.

I am LDS. It defines me. I hate that it defines me. I was raised to be LDS. I don't know how to be anything else. I don't know how to not believe it. I only know I want to not believe it. It weighs me down.

I have a best friend who I love so much. I hate that she met someone and was married in 5 months time. I think she will regret it. She's my best friend. I don't want her to regret it.

I love to bake.

My heart has been broken. I hope it wasn't love. If that was love, it wasn't worth the heartbreak.

I have a beautiful creative mind, but no motivation to create.

Meggy said...

Los Gatos, California, USA

I think that writing a novel takes a very, very long time.
I have been married now for a little over five months.
I drink a lot of coffee.
I love, love, love.
I consider New Orleans, Northern California, Michigan, and Taiwan home.

Love your blog.

josefin said...

My name is Josefin, I'm 17 years and I live in Finland.

I love music, art and fashion.

I'm going to move to London after I have finished my school (I study right now to become a youthleader, I really have no ideas why).

I'm a Christian.

I'm going to make macarons tomorrow.

I should actually sleep now.

Kmox said...

Hi, I'm Camila. I'm 16 and I live in a small town called Lobos, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I live with my parents, and two younger sisters. Lobos is really cute; I actually live in the countryside and I love it. It's full of big green fields, and flowers, and beautiful houses all around.
What can I say?
I love English (I'm sorry if you find a mistake in my writing)
I'd love to work as a Music Supervisor in the future.
I'd love to live my life travelling all around the world.
I hate mexican food.
I love the idea of chocolate and winter together♥

Love your blog(:

cerebral e said...

I am Elissa.
I am in my late 20s.
I live in Perth, Australia, where I was born and bred.
I am a stickler for spelling and grammar.
I subscribe to more than 600 blogs on my Google Reader but yours is in my "Ace" category to be read first.
I made a pavlova this week.
I love to wrap presents.
I am helping my big sister organise her wedding.

Anonymous said...

Howdy, I'm Sam
I live in Bonita Springs, Florida
1.)I am left-handed, ambiguous, and often deragatory.
2.)I am in love with the complete opposite of me, one of those southern all-star athlete types, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
3.)I am going to Ringling College of Art and Design next year for Graphic and Interactive Commnunications.
4.)I have a fear of having no purpose in life.
5.)I beleive that Ralph Waldo Emerson is the next best thing to my southern all-star athlete.

china lily said...

I'm Mona and older than everyone else that's posted. I live in Vancouver, Canada.

I wonder if the death of my father when I was 15 has made me afraid of friendships.

I have an itch to knit.

I've made 2 films that I hope some people will see some day.

I feel lucky to have finally met the love of my life which only just happened last year.

I'm a chocolate snob.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jennifer, I am 20 (I turn 21 in 10 days!). I live inbetween Cardiff and Norwich.

I like jelly & creme caramel (things that wobble make me giggle).

I'm thinking about making a papermache lobster costume.

I want to dye my hair pink, soon.

I'm afraid of high ceilings, I haven't the faintest idea why.

I don't know what I want to do when I'm older, but I hope I live next to a forest, a big one.

Barry said...

My name is Barry. I'm 44 and I live in a town called Ajax, just outside of Toronto, Ontario in Canada.

I'm very creative and I like to write (poetry, blog posts, lyrics, short stories); studied French and Spanish, studied piano for a while, build models as a hobby and have created a couple digital songs on my computer.

I've known my wife for seventeen years.

I'm a hopeless romantic and I melt over anything that's well-written (especially poetry).

I think women are the most amazing creations on this earth and are the inspiration for most of my writing.

I relate better to people in their twenties than those in my age group; they hold so much more hope and generally are more energetic and positive.

And as a bonus "I" statement...

I love this idea for a post and I want to use it on mine. If you don't mind, please leave me a quick comment on my blog to let me know. Thanks. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm Adriana Penna, 38, from Rio de Janeiro , Brazil.
I'm single and no children
I work with internet and music
I like bossa nova and electronic music
I'm going to Bahia next week
I'm grateful for my life and friends

All the best for you in 2010

Anonymous said...

i am katrina
i think your idea for this post is brilliant.
i am from san francisco.
i wish to visit paris and tokyo one day.
i am grateful for my loving husband's presence in my life.

muchlove said...

I'm Anna, 25, and living in Melbourne Australia.
I am originally from Indonesia.
I have been watching Greta Garbo silent movies lately.
I think I'm going through a quarter life crisis.
I dreamt of designing my own line of stationary.
I crack my knuckles.


Sara said...

Sara, 22, Cairo (lovely, lovely Cairo)

I am a dreamer.
I am an older sister.
I am one who inspires and is inspired.
I believe.
I want to be remembered.

Anonymous said...

I'm Wella, 18, Baton Rouge Louisiana.
I've lived on all sides of the US.
I'm moving to Pennsylvania this summer.
I love fall more than any other season, but this time of winter (Christmas and New Years on the way) makes me the happiest of all!
I think Harry Potter, Sailor Moon and Miyazaki Films shaped my young personality.
I love beautiful blogs (like yours) they give me so much inspiration.

Keeley Whitehead said...

My name is Keeley, I'm 16 years old and my hometown is Brisbane Australia but I live in Toronto, Canada right now.

I love nostalgia.
I am definitely a girl.
I am going to live in France for 3 months starting February.
I am inspired by the most unlikely things.
I love being around little kids, because I am very very young at heart.

Sheye, Brisbane, Australia said...

I love that photography taught me to see in frames.

I wish I had pretty things from my childhood.

I do believe I should live in California.

I don't like judgments so gossip bores me.

I called my daughter Mila for two weeks when she was born four years ago but no one could say it the right way so it's now her middle name.

bibi said...

My name is Bibi, 25 years old, currently living in Kyoto, Japan.
I'm a Malaysian (chinese)

I love photography and arts.
I like movies.
I absolutely love the blue sky because it makes me happy.
I enjoy music.
I want to be a professional photographer.
I love to collect stuff, like all sorts of stuff!
I love reading.
I love rabbits too!

Would love to know more about you too ^_~

Anonymous said...

Cute post! xo.

My name is Brandi. I'm 30 and I live in southern California but grew up in the midwest.

1. I'm heartbroken.
2. I adore dogs, especially my own.
3. I love to decorate and make my home cozy and welcoming and interesting.
4. I'm a dreamer.
5. I love Jesus more than anything.

ABCDErica said...

This is a great idea!

Erica. 17. I live in a small suburban city in Central California.

1. I find sentiments to be worth more than the grandeur of gold, though I am fond of glitter.

2. I love DIYs.

3. I am a person of detail; intricate designs and the thoughtfulness of remembering my favorite color makes me smil.e

4. I will be moving home in less than a year and I am terrified.

5. I should find pleasure in growing up, but I am unwilling to venture too closely to the rabit hole for fear I won't wake up!

Wild Keiki said...

I am Jess. I am twenty-one. I am from New York. I love living in ny even though I'm afraid of small, crowded spaces. I am an avid book collector, and kind of dork out when I find a first edition of anything. I have a black cat named Dakota (yes, his birthday is on Halloween). I write to-do lists almost every day of my life. I am an only child which I think lends to the fact that I have a very meticulous personality.


make sure you answer your own questions, dear! I am curious as well.

Robin said...

Robin, 23, from Washington DC USA, currently working/living in Sydney Australia.

I love having my nails painted.
I can't have anything with dairy in it.
I am very in love with my significant other.
I find Facebook really creepy, but I use it to keep in touch with people because I live so far away right now.
I skipped winter this year by moving to the Southern hemisphere.

Mandy said...

My name is Mandy, I'm 24, and I live in Los Angeles, though I grew up in a much, much smaller
semi-rural California town.

I share two pet rats with my roommate.

I have lived for a total of a year and a half in England, a year in college, and 6 months after I graduated. I miss it every day.

I have a fear of mountain lions, but no fear of any type of bug, rodent, reptile, or any of the other typical girly things. A mountain lion could rip you apart, a daddy long legs can't.

I want to learn how to actually really use my DSLR in the new year.

My favorite word is wanderlust.

iva yaneva said...

How fabulous!
Okay, so my name is Iva, I am 22years old and I was born in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

I love rain!
I love vintage items that tell a story.
I've been and architecture student for 4 years.
I find inspiration absolutely everywhere and I love taking pictures of small, regular things that other people just don't notice but are so beautiful.
I just had a baby nephew! :)

there you go:) have a lovely weekend! xo

Belowen said...

My name is Belowen, I am 25 and I live in Perth - Western Australia.

I can't wait for Christmas.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, partner.

I am a singer, songwriter and pianist.

I have 2 dogs, a beagle and a boxer.

I love roses.

rengin said...

My name is Rengin. I am 25. I live in Kumamoto Japan. I am Turkish.

I am a Biologist.
I love birds and insects.
I am wearing all purple now.
I always cut my hair on my own.
I have collected postcards for 6 years.

Malina Sternberg said...

My name is Malina,
I'm 16 years old
and I live in a small village in Germany.
I have two cats named Alice & Google.
I love taking photos.
I have already got my christmas present.
I have a blog, too.
I am half American.

Pauline said...

Bonjour :)
My name is Pauline, I'm 23. I live in Thann, a little town in eastern France (near Germany and Switzerland).

I love watching people, I could spend my whole life sitting outside on a bench and looking at them passing by me.

I miss my cat a lot (she died a week ago), and I still think she's just outside in the garden and that she'll be asking to come inside any time now.

I'll be in Romania next week for the New Year's eve.... cannot wait for it! (I love travelling!)

I love listening to world music, especially traditional spanish african and turkish music. (I've just watched one of my favourite film from the German/Turkish director Fatih Akin, and the original soundtrack is so great)

I'd like to be in New York and see the snow falling and having a walk with Woody Allen.

Lots of Love
Merry Xmas from France


I'm Poppy
I'm 21
I'm in Birmingham UK but at 4 I'm making the christmas journey back home to my family.
I am here with my boyfriend is here he just told me he doesn't like my housemates.
I made christmas dinner for everyone last night.
I made red velvet cake they were gross!
Merry Christmas :)

Nicole said...

I am Nicole but most people call me Cole or Nikki
I am 22 years ancient
I live in Ewing, NJ just outside the capitol or Trenton
I graduated in May and I am still looking for a "real job"
I currently work as a pet sitter while trying to find my "real job"
I want my "real job" to be either a stage manager or event planner
I am not at all ready for the holidays
I have 3 cats. 1 hates everyone except my mom, 1 is afraid of everything and 1 doesn't have a tail.

Killian Fallon said...

My name is Killian.
I am 17 years old.
I live in Dubai, U.A.E.
I am Irish.
I think I am the perfect height.
I am anorexic.
My favourite book is 'The Life of Pi' by Yann Martel.
I want to be a product designer.
I collect interesting jars and bottles.

And now you know :)

Unknown said...

Ooh such a good idea Mila
I enjoyed Reading the comments and finding out about people here, found some new blogs to visit.
I'm kathryn I'm 33 and live in Northumberland
which is N.E. England
I live with my folks as I'm healing from long term illness
I believe in angels
I love nature especially the sandy beaches of our coastline and the green hilly country side with birds and squirrels, rabbits and foxes....
I love finding handmade treasures on Etsy
I made a blurb book called Wishes of peace which I put my heart into and my photos too ;)
love n wishes kx

Laura said...

I am Laura, I am 17 years old and I live in Lisbon, Portugal :)
I like pretty things like the one that appear on Loveology.
I like crazy outifts but I don't wear them because I don't have the confidance.
I love photography.
I love music and I can spend hours just listening to my favourite tunes.
I fear the dark but with a nice company I love to watch at the stars :)


Unknown said...

how can ur blog be so nice?
take care!

Agnes said...

My name is Agnes. I'm fourteen years old and I'm from Sweden.

I love books. And to read.

I'd like to be an actor or a director when I grow up.

I've got the best friends in the whole wide world. They're awesome, and i really, really trust them.

I've been playing violin since i was five and piano for about a year.

I belive in magic.

Barry said...

Love this post, thanks so much for giving me permission to steal your idea! Your blog makes me smile.


Diane said...

My name is Diane and I'm 24. I live in Northern California.

I like David Bowie.
I am studying Library Science (to become a librarian).
I want a dog more than anything right now.
I have a music show at a local college radio station.
I like your blog.

tita y lili said...

I am Elena,25 years old from Sofia,Bulgaria.

I love this blog.
I am happy somethimes.
I want to travel round the world.
I need love and beauty to be alive
I have a small fairy shop where i sell my own creations.

Thank you!

kate said...

My name is Kate, I'm 28 from connecticut, USA

I am a painter but i wanted to be a sculptor
I teach art at a creative arts school to little children
I am always cold, my superhero power is sucking heat off of other people.
I usually only drink water but I love champagne and hot chocolate.
I love animals. all of them. my favorite job i ever had was walking dogs.

Jenna Brittany said...

I am Jenna.
I am 22 years old.
I am from Cincinnati, OH.
I am a fashion design student.
I am terrified to leave college.
I find beautiful and pretty things the most inspiring.
I find joy in the details and little moments.
I have a blog that I hope you will enjoy: http://www.jennabrittany.blogspot.com/

Jenna said...

Hello, love =]
I'm Jenna.
I'm 16.
I live in the outskirts of a suburb of a suburb of a suburb of Sacramento. So Northern California. =]

I love photography.
I spend too much time alone.
I eat too much chocolate, bread and tea.
I am afraid of growing up.
I am listening to the Killers. =]

emma said...

I am Emma-Jean, 28, my home town is called Horse Shoe Creek.

I make stuff like jewellery
I drink more tea than anyone I know
I love sam
I like red hats, gloves and scarfs
I dream of creating a secret garden full of bright red poppies and pretty blue bells

Anonymous said...

My name is Nixa, I am 28. I was born in Peru but raised in a small beach town about 1 1/2 hours south of San Francisco (California). I grew up on Morrissey Blvd, I like that. I love my dog, dantes and my boyfriend. I also like taking pictures of flowers.

Susa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Susa said...

My name is Susanna. I'm 16. I live in Kajaani, a small town in the middle of Finland.

I eat too much raw sugar.

I should be knitting right now. And I had a great idea when I read your blog just a while ago.

Mela said...

Hello, what a nice blog you have :)

My name is Mela, im a 15 year old girl from a little town in Sweden.
I love to take photos and make websites.
I play tabletennis and that's so fun!
I have an awesome family and some great friends.

indigotangerine said...

I can't say my name or age, but I am from Seattle
I am infatuated with the stars
I can't imagine myself being anything but an artist but am too scared to say that out loud.
I am an only chilid
I often eat eggo waffles with peanut butter on top for breakfast.
I want to marry Lee Pace

Anonymous said...

Well hello! My name's Kenzie.. I'm from a little town in Minnesota, USA
- i'm having a visitor from germany in 6 little days!
- i love raspberry vanilla tea
- i will live in germany one day.. no matter what happens!!
- my favorite book is jane eyre
- i love meeting people that are just as weird as me! :)


tori said...

I'm Tori, i'm 17, from the Kansas City, MO area.
I love reading people's blogs.
I am watching Survivor right now.
I love etsy (and in your case, Dawanda) shops.
I have no idea what i want to do with my life.
I am so glad that i'm on winter break! no school!

. said...

Hello. I'm Kemi. My hometown is Peterborough, England but I have lived in Springfield, Illinois most of my life. I am 18.

I am fascinated by outer space.
I think I might want to be a scientist, or a writer, or an editor, or documentary film maker.
I am studying Arabic and Russian.
I want to travel across the world, soon.
I think I might be in love and it hurts.

Anonymous said...

Hi there!
My name is Laura. I'm 24 and I'm a puertorican living in Seattle, WA.

I'm going back to the island on vacation tomorrow.
I'm flying first class tomorrow for the first time.
I bought my first class tickets by mistake; they were the cheapest ones.
I'm in love with a boy and I never expected to be this happy.
I have the same birthday as my boyfriend and think I thinks that's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking the time to post on my random post... :) God bless you! I pray you have a wonderful new year! Many blessings to you! xo.

career opportunities in new Zealand said...

I’m in a hurry
I have got to go
I like your idea of getting to know your readers.
I’m Radz
I came from Australia
I have no more to say.

apartments in manila said...

I’m KC
I’m 24 years old
I was just dropping by and
I found this very exciting.

Trisha said...

I'm Trisha.
I'm 16 years old.
I live in a very small town near Utrecht (The Netherlands).
I love photography, it's my biggest hobby.
I'm addicted to fashion.
I want to travel a lot when I'm older.
I love love.
I don't have a blog, I've a Flickr.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we´ve met before (Flickr)
My name is Daria, im 22, from Moscow, Russia but...

...I moved recently to another continent (to Brazil to be exact) to do something i believe which is helping people in need in a Cancer Hospital in a tiny city people never heard of(by teaching art to terminal kids).
I am deeply in love with my significant other and we are crazy to have kids on our own.
I cannot live without art (photography, painting and sowing).
I wish i knew my biological family.
I live for my personal motto which is UNIVERSAL love and spread it as much as i can. Every single day.

Love this blog. As i told you before, art is love, you are art, you are love, keep it up!

melissamilis said...


I'm Melissa, 22years old and i live in Belgium Herentals.

I'm in love with photography and graphic design
I just moved to an apartment with my boyfriend
I'll be opening a webshop with vintage clothing soon
I like your blog
I want to wish you a great day :)

Lots of love.

Unknown said...

What a great way to get to know your readers. There are a lot of young ones, but I guess you are young too. I love your blog, it's sentimental and beautiful. I guess that makes me young at heart.
Do you care if I borrown your idea for my blog?

My name is Melissa,
I am 44 years old
I live in Washington State, USA.
I love interior and event design.
I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas, but I don't put up a Christmas tree.
I want to sell my house and travel the world.
I love drinking Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks.
I love connecting with new friends through blogging.

hierophanta said...


I'm Shakir, I'm 28 and have lived most of my life in Chicago (although I've lived in London, Manchester, and Brunei)

I am working on a photography collection.

I will look in your eyes as we pass and feel a great deal of empathy.

I love to travel and have had the fortune to see much of the world.

I plan to become stinking rich someday and open a school.

I will change the world, one starfish at a time.

A Beautiful Party said...

My name is Ann. I recently turned 27. I'm originally from Kentucky but currently live in Illinois while I go to grad school.

I am terrified of graduating because I have no idea who or what I want to be yet.

I recently took up hula hooping as a form of excercise.

I wish I could move to Portland, Ashville, SC, LA, and Nashville all at once.

I love making things but hate making things for my thesis show because it's so nerve-wracking and not fun anymore.

I wish I could glue googly eyes to everything.

Your turn. ( :

Anonymous said...

My name is Chelsea. I am 24. I was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and ended up (for now) in a university town in the Pacific Northwest.

I am a PhD. student who prefers writing about _Gossip Girl_ and Lady Gaga over "English literature." So I do.

I think that it's likely that cookie dough and pizza are the world's finest foods.

I have a desperate desire for a Goldendoodle puppy.

I love the intimacy and good-naturedness of the blogging community.

I love love.

Lilacism said...

Amabell. 19 years old. Melbourne, Australia.

I am currently in love with Olivier Zahm.

I want to be an artist more than anything but am shy about showing my work to anyone.

I think Paris is a 'Never-Never Land', perfectly suited for ppl like myself who seem to be suffering from a Peter Pan Syndrome.

I can day dream all day and never get bored.

I wish I was friends with Daphne Guinness.

Carmen said...

19 tomorrow.
A populous suburban city in California is where my hometown is. When I'm away at college, I'm alone in a tourist beach town with too many strangers.

I love to dream.
I want to move to somewhere far, like the moon, where I can look upon the earth and things will look so much clearer to me.
I enjoy reading about dystopias.
I wear knee highs often.
I am lost.

Anonymous said...

My name is Jelena (pronounced Yell-en-uh)
I'm 16 and I live in a small town where I feel my soul is confined

I went on a walk in the snow today and felt better about life

I dream too much for my own good

I love anything glamorous and Factory Girl is my favorite movie, and yes i know i just combined 2 facts but i couldn't decide on one.

I think quite differently from others my age

I will move to New York upon graduating high school and finally live life on my own terms :)

Healthy Beginnings Montessori said...

My name is... Amanda

Recently turned 25 which I'm feeling rather comfortable with... I have high hopes for this year of birth.

I reside in Dallas, TX (but itching to move abroad); however was born in Des Moines, IA... farm girl.

I rarely miss a day without consuming a Diet Dr. Pepper.

I cannot wait to marry my best friend and companion for the past 10 years this coming July.

I hope to find myself submerged in a foreign land sooner than later.

I find that nature as a whole eases my soul.

I adore my family with every ounce of my being.

Anonymous said...

My name is Roxanne. I'm 21 from Taiwan,a small island which is next to China.

I feel angry of the education system but still had nothing to do with it.
I hope I could keep all the important things in mind.
I love my family.
I want to live a beautiful life.

I really enjoy your blog.

; said...

I'm Maria from Vasa, located at the westcoast of Finland. Right now it's a winter wonderland.

I love cats + could'nt live without my family and friends

I worry a lot about the climate change, makes me very upset

I love to dance to good music

I have a wide imagination

I'm working on my graduation project in fine art, direction painting & installation

esmee said...

I'm Esmee, 16 years old from Amsterdam.

I am a student.
I love many things.
I love, for example, philosophy, fashion, art, books and cooking sweet stuff.
I am happy, almost every day.
I am in love, but I don't know if he's in love with me too...

A very nice assignment, thankyou.

deryik said...

my name is derya (pronounced like daria), im 25 and i live in istanbul.

i love dudok café's apple pies.

i want to learn sewing before it's too late.

i believe in the power of coincidences, they basically shaped my life.

i have friends all around the world and i want to visit each one of them.

i love it when grandma calls me to ask "what's the color of the sea today?" and makes me notice the difference.

embodying paradise said...

my name is Eglė. it means a fir-tree in my language.

i live in Vilnius city, in Lithuania - little country by the Baltic sea.

i am an architect, photographing from time to time .

i love today - it's white and snowy outside. this morning was slippery and long, feeling hot wine somewhere in my hair still since last night.

i love your blog.

Sian said...

My name is Sian and I'm from Liverpool, UK (I live 2 minutes away from the real Penny Lane).

I'm two years hard work away from being a veterinary surgeon.

I kind of wish I were doing something more creative.

I love cooking, especially middle eastern food. I just love using rose water, cardamon, ginger and pomegranates.

I like cycling through the park and noticing the seasons change.

I love to travel and would like to live in other countries, but I'm not sure I could live in a city that didn't have a river or was by the sea.

Anonymous said...

I am Mada.
I am 16 years old.
I am from Bucharest, Romania.
I love hats, clothes and shoes.
I like making handmade jewellery.
I love making photos.
I like interior design.
I want to be a journalist.

Unknown said...

My name is Claudia, i'm 34, from São Paulo, Brasil

• i'm generally happy
• i like beautyfull things (and sometimes it makes me feel a little guilty, cause i should worry about some more important stuff)
• i can't write too many words in english
• i still like my last boyfriend
• i'm recovering my dreams (now that i know how to make plans)

dana said...

The name is Dana, I'm 20 and I'm from Galati, Romania but I currently live in Bucharest.

I've been following and admiring your blog for a long time, but I have never said anything.
I sew.
I dream about studying in the UK in the fall. I'm not sure what's going to happen if that doesn't work out.
I have a small swallow tattoo on my back.
I'm hopelessly in love with a boy who moved away and I can hardly see him.

Katie said...

My name is Katie, i'm from Wisconsin, USA and am 20 years old...

I have a "battle scar" of sorts, a scar that runs down the middle of my chest from heart surgery. I don't hide it and think it makes me unique.

I am leaving in 6 days for a 6 month stay in Spain!

I am so excited to have new adventures, but also sad to leave everyone I love.

I love going to concerts, especially where I can wiggle my way to the front row!

I just started my first blog to document beautiful and funny things and my new travels! http://aslightfigureofspeech.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

My name is Ljuda, i'm 29 years old, live in Moscow, Russia, i love my husband and baby, misfits, read a blogs, play guitar and street-art

iliketweet said...

Jumping on the lovely bandwagon here but I'm still going to play :)

My name is Clare, I'm 21, I live in Nantwich which is a little town in Cheshire that is famous for salt and having a lot of pubs.

If I could live anywhere in the World without having to work it would be Thailand, if I had to work it would be London even though I've done that and it's mental, but I love it.

I love my family, especially the new addition of my little sister's daughter Ruby who is perfect.

I love Sauvignon Blanc or Southern Comfort, lime and lemonade if I'm going out.

I'm currently watching 'Bunny and the Bull', I think you'd like it actually.

I'm constantly amazed that anyone is willing to read my blog, it's very strange to me.

There you go, 5 things about me. I also say 'Loverrrrrrr' a lot :)

tweet tweet tweet


Anonymous said...

You are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will talk.