LouLou Addict(ion)

First of all: Thank YOU!
It has been truly amazing receiving and reading all of your lovely comments on my last post 'Who are you?'.
I just loved to read all the personal, funny and recognisable things you told me.
LOVE to you all!

Now, a little but cute post about a lovely French site!

Amazing brands at Loulou Addict!
Instant happiness...

I just got two beautiful lamps from House Doctor,
but look at their amazing wrapping paper!


Mini Labo
The cutest

Scandinavian brand Isak is so pretty!

Loulou also has a very cute blog and loads of other cool brands. Take a look!




R. D. C. said...

The first picture is just lovely! I love its colours... :)

Unknown said...

All these things are just beautiful to look at. I love the tray at the end. I'm always looking for new trays like this. I have a few cute ones from Ikea.

Stina said...

OOoh, the notebooks!
I think I am in love!

Unknown said...

soo pretty! I love all of the prints! :)


Sophie said...

amazing wrapping up top! I would be happy just with the wrapping and an empty box! haha.

Merry christmas to you!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Those wrapping papers are so beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh, how charming!
Heading over to her blog to check it out!

g said...

Such charming things you find, Mila.

Hila said...

How lovely Mila!
Happy holidays to you :)

indigotangerine said...

so pretty. I can just imagine how lovely your house is, do you want to show us some pictures some time?

magali said...

she has great stuff, yes. but unfortunately always more expensive than other retailers. saying this because i ordered once (the order took 6 days to ship less than 500 kilometers away) & visit the online shop once in a while, and some of my friends went to the shop in person and complained abbout the freezing cold welcome...

muchlove said...

Ah, everything is so adorable! thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

your blog always inspires me

Jaeveberry said...


Fashion Wh0re said...

Love your Blog it's So Cool


; said...

I just answered your questions too, great idea:)

Merry christmas and a happy new year<3