The 'Etsy Post'

Before i start this 'Etsy Post',
i want to show you the inspirationline i FINALLY made!

In my last post, I already told you about my Etsy plans.
Although i don't see myself as an artist at all and am quite insecure sometimes about the things i make, i have to admit i am really, really excited to start the little Etsy shop, make all kind of cute things and hopefully sell a bit also!

I am not completely sure what i want to sell though.
I think it will be part handmade things and part vintage finds.

Handmade goods like these:

Paper crane mobiles,
I can also sell them per piece.
I really like the lace on their wings,
as it gives them something special...
You can do lots of things with them, to make them more interesting
and pretty.

Of course different types of mobiles and garlands are possible,
also all kinds of paper, laces and trim are available.
For the mobiles i use cute ,little bells in different colors at the end of the line.

I really like these
'Garlands of tears',
as I like to call them.

(The left garland is made out of different white fabrics and lace and the right one out of pieces of grey and green leather and pink lace, both have a little bell at the end and the line is invisible.)

Oh, and one of the things
I definitely want to sell...
are very cute and pretty kits,
full of little goodies to get crafty yourself.

Sweet, little tags
and customised notebooks

Stationery and sweet clutches...

(Whem my sewing machine is working again, i will of course sew my own clutches.
I've already seen gorgeous Asian, linen fabrics....)

Another thing i really like to do, is making collages.
Since i was a kid, i have been cutting and pasting like crazy!

This is my inspirationboard for this Summer...

The four 'paperworks' i made the last couple of days,
are very different.
I used some of the most beautiful photographs from magazines,
but also pieces of lace, other little pieces of paper and words.

Besides these handmade things (more is coming!),
I'd love to sell some vintage stuff in the shop.
Stuff LIKE this (these are MINE!) ;)

I already made lots and lots of little cards,
to send with the packages.
The packaging will be a very important part of the shop...
I love beautiful wrappings and cute, little gifts to make the people who receive the package very happy!

I am very happy i am a real collector,
i have so many little things....
all kinds of paper, accesories and stuff.

Although i have lots of more stuff i want to show you,
i won't until the next post.
I want this to be the Etsy post!
(Okay, a little, tiny bit of the 'This is my place' post...)

To end this post,
which you hopefully enjoyed...
I want to show you my 'Wall of Inspiration',
which has become WAY bigger than it was!

I am extremely curious,
about your opinions on my selfmade stuff!


Anonymous said...

These are beautiful, I love the paper cranes and the clutches! :) Very inspiring!

Anonymous said...

never in my life have i seen such beautiful paper cranes! xoxo

jane said...

ahhhhh!!!!! oh my god. if you opened an etsy i would buy EVERYTHING in your shop. really. your collages are SO good, and i am looking forward to seeing more kits! *those lacy paper cranes are stunning too. i would buy 10,000 and hang them all over my bed.

miss kelly said...

Oh yaaaaaaaay!!! if the things you sell are as amazing as your blog, I will definitely frequent your shoppe. best of luck

addicted to discovery @

ABCDErica said...

Paper cranes are the best! And your wall? Oh, my. I love the splatter of color here and there and the lovely crafts. Crafts are always the best. You must of worked so hard on them

Turquoise Diaries said...

I just love the combination of paper and lace. beautiful. As they say in my part of the world: Health to your hands...

life according to celia... said...

the cranes with the lace are so beautiful!!

setyourselfonfire said...

Mila! Oh my soul! I don't even have words right now. I think i am going to buy every single thing in your shop!

You actually have the most beautiful things... looking at all this beauty is like being inside my dreams. Ahhh! I want to see your bedroom, please show us some pictures some time :)

So when does your shop open????

trishiekoh said...

How exciting! I can't wait for your shop to open.

eva said...


ik heb je blog nog niet zo lang geleden ontdekt en het enige wat ik kan zeggen is waaw.
voor al die mooie mensen, ideeën en dingen die je vindt en aan anderen tonen wil. het is echt prachtig, vanaf nu lees ik elke dag want ik heb serieus wat in te halen :)

veel succes met je etsy shop! het ziet er allemaal erg leuk uit! vooral de mobieltjes en kleine boekjes vind ik super.


Constanze Jo. said...

i love all of your stuff! especially those birds, the lace on their wings is a fabulous idea!
keep at it! you'll do a great job!

Sara said...

I saw them on facebook and loved them!!! My sister loved them too!

Eva said...

Hey Mila,

I absolute adore your blog - and your stuff is awesome! It always gives me a happy feeling to check out your blog!
Thank you! Eva

Heart in a cage said...

wauw wat mooi allemaal! ik wou dat ik zo creatief was!<3

Papillon said...

Félicitations! Toutes ces couleurs me ravissent...

Anonymous said...

Het ziet er allemaal echt supermooi uit, nu heb ik zin om ook zelf creatief aan de slag te gaan!

anywhere I lay my head said...

What a beautiful post! I can't wait until you open your etsy shop! I'm sure it will be amazing and a great success<3 I'm sure I will buy from you as soon as your store is open;)

Elsie said...

i particuarly like the last pink card with the sweet tree you created around the photograph and the tearmobile that was different colours, it looks fantastic infront of the window!

Electro Geisha said...

So many beautiful things. you inspired me to do something my self, when i come home... the birdies with lace are so romantic... i adore lace ....

melissamilis said...


ik kijk al een tijdje rond op je blog en ben ook al een tijdje aan het denken over een etsy shop :) wacht momenteel nog even af (druk gehad)
maar lijkt me leuk.

ik wens je in elk geval veel succes;)


Nostalgic Nosh said...

I love your addition of lace to the paper cranes! All of your crafting looks so lovely and original. I think you'll do well (:

heleen db said...

Mila... echt, ik ben sprakeloos! Je zegt wel dat je je wat onzeker voelt over de dingen die je maakt, maar daar is echt geen reden toe!
Vooral de kraanvogels vind ik echt ongelofelijk mooi, dat stukje kant maakt ze nog eleganter dan de vorm al deed.
Ook de collage met 'What is silence' is echt hartverwarmend, net zoals de kaartjes.

Je zal ongetwijfeld enorm veel succes hebben op Etsy! :)

Shayla shut your eyes said...

oooh! darling everything is beautiful! you'll have no problem selling your beautiful etsy items. i can't wait until you make it.
i will definitely be a buyer. your paper cranes are delightful. i just love the lace you add to your things. makes them so lovely and delicate. classy.
just gorgeous! good luck to you, miss. :)

Miss Jo said...

you stuff is beautiful! Both the self made stuff and the vintage pieces! The paper cranes and tags are delightful!

Milou said...

Wat leuk om eindelijk dingen van 'jouw hand' te zien :) (maar misschien heb je dat al eerder gedaan en heb ik dat gemist)

Je hebt een heel herkenbare esthetiek, zo zacht, ik ben benieuwd naar je shop

shopgirl28 said...

You've come up with some very beautiful ideas. The journals are my favorite. They look lovely.

umama said...

So gorgeous! You should post a sweet giveaway to kick off the start of your Etsy .. heheh

Hayley said...

the stuff you made is cute and adorable and i love it! i also making collages, and i love the idea of making one specifically for summer. what a fantastic idea (:

Hayley said...

** i forgot to add that i absolutely adore your journals! they are sooo cute (:


Love origami crane & its meaning... I've also been collecting owls figurines for awhile now...hope to post the pictures my feathered friends one day. Lovely week & stay fabulous Mila darling!

Bianca and Isabella said...


the crumpet girls

Arlie said...

Oh! this is so exciting! I love all of your ideas - get that store up!!!! we will be etsy friends :) :) :)

Demoiselle Libellule said...

Hello, I have just found your blog via Flickr! I really enjoyed your post and I will put your blog on my own blog list!

Continue to follow your dreams!


AliceTo said...

I really like your paper crane mobiles, the little bell is a very good idea and I love the inspiration wall!
Lot a good thoughts for your etsy shop!

Quixsa said...

So creative and beautiful! :0)

Anonymous said...

I guess I will have to compete with everyone here to buy everything that you sell! G'd luck with the store!

Anonymous said...

I think your items are simply lovely! Good luck, with your shop. :)

It followed me home said...

Gosh, we have the same salt & pepper owls!


By the way I love your beautiful blog!!

amy said...

those paper cranes are so so beautiful! i have always loved paper cranes and waste so many work hours printing out lovely patterns and folding them into life :) i love your posts, they are too pretty! i just gave you a lovely award on my blog :)

wildflowers said...

WOW!!!! This post is so incredibly lovely and charming! I simply adore all your ideas. Everything in this post are things I truly love and find so delightful. And your inspiration boards and papers are wonderful :)

Thanks so much for making my day brighter ♥

Ruth said...

What pretty collages - you are an inspiration

Ruth @ Matches


Michelle said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm so excited about it. You make the most wonderful things!

The Design Boards said...

Your work is beautiful, all of it!!!

Rachel said...

Wauw. Serieus.
Zo geweldig allemaal! Je moet zeker een etsy maken. Dan zal ik zeker wel iets kopen, eindelijk een winkeltje waar ik geen €10.000 verzendkosten hoef te betalen.
Ik vind dingetjes inpakken/verpakken ook altijd het leukste om te doen, haha.

oh, hello friend. said...


Ohmigoodness I will be most excited when you open your shop -- you have such lovely style and taste and I'm sure it will be amazing!

Your giveaway is great!! :) Of course let me know if you ever need any help or ever have any questions -- anything at all!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE pretty packaging and I've been wanting to organize a swap on my blog for people who have the same love/passion for pretty packaging - so I will let you know when I actually do it and I hope you would want to join the swap!

Have a lovely weekend friend!

- danni

Maddy said...

What I do not really like:
'the garlands of tears'. Well, in fact I like them but maybe you can use more fabrics? And put two or three together?

What I like the most:
Your customized notebooks, because they are original and they inspire me

What kind of item would be great to sell?
I don't know actually, you have great ideas!

Other tips etc.
Not yet, I'm sorry :)

Bri said...

I love the bits of lace on the paper cranes. What a nice touch. I once made 1000 paper cranes - it was quite the feat!

Julianna said...

Oh wow I'm so incredibly excited for your Etsy shop! I can already tell it will be somewhere I'll be visiting often!

laura said...

so when's the grand opening of this so called etsy shop? can't wait.

Beth said...

Love those paper birds, they are super cute!
Beth xx

Windy Days said...

I love making collages too, it's so relaxing. :)

♥ Cinchie said...

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georgia b. said...

you are most certainly an artist! it's written all over your blog.

your vision for your shop sounds so much like mine. i'm so glad to see someone with the same ideas and plans. it makes me feel like i'm doing the right thing in following this dream of an etsy shop.

best of luck to you! {even though you are on DaWanda instead of etsy.} i can tell you will be an even bigger success than you already are through your clearly well-liked blog.

{love the music her, too.}

Anonymous said...

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