You are not alone.

For M.

I hope you still read my blog.
I hope you won't forget about me.
I won't forget about you.

you feel like
nothing exists
when you loose everything
and the one you
live for.

i think about you.
I can feel your pain,
when thinking about

Back in the days
you and me,
we didn't always agree,
we didn't show each other love.
But now,
i want you to know,
i won't forget about you
and i will
let you go.

You are not alone.

Reach for the stars,
the sky
and you will know,
one day,
this world
is also there for you.
To carry your heart,
to make it warm
and keep it soft.

I know you know i am talking about you,
when you hear this song.
This is for you,
so you know
I think about you
and won't stop doing that.
My heart is with you.
I am there for you.
Because i want to.

Light will shine for you,
some day soon.


Annabelle said...

What a lovely post. Great words and dreamy images. I hope whoever you wanted this poem to reach, reads it. :-)

Anonymous said...

love those little hearts

She's Dressing Up said...

Beautiful post =]

Maame said...

It is a beautiful post. I love the mood you create on your blog - almost like a small window into your heart.

tigermilk said...

no one can forget the ones that have touched them. i will never forget the way you'vemade me feel, mila.

Anonymous said...
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Michele said...

really lovely ...

ABCDErica said...

Those are touching words. So lovely.

Nicole Then said...

that is such a sweet picture! lights of love

makemoremistakes said...

You are just so incredibly beautiful. I love you.

Missa said...

Oh Mila, such beauty
It puts a smile on my heart :)

Jess. said...

This is amazing.
This is beautiful.
And I can't stop myself from reading it over and over.

Love, love, love.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mila,
De award is voor jouw je hoeft hem niet door tegeven. Het is gewoon om bedankt te zeggen en om je eraan te herrineren om lief te dromen en je dromen om te zetten in realiteit :) En dat je nooit moet vergeten dat je altijd vrolijk mag dromen ook als het bv minder gaat. Volgens mij heb je dan juist je dromen het meest nodig om je eraan vast te houden en om te weten dat het goed komt.

doeg doeg, Anne

agnes said...

whoa. how sweet this post is. i'm sure your love and care for M is delivered. :)

have a nice day!

Meaghan Kelly said...

this is such a beautiful post. you kind of made me cry. but in a good way! :)

anywhere I lay my head said...

So lovely!<333 I hope the person this poem was for reads it ^^ I'm sure M haven't forgotten about you! Who would?

Hugs & Kisses

Billie Jean said...

hey mila,
we hebben je getagged omdat je altijd zo'n geweldige posts op je blog zet!

Nikéh en Maxime

Diorama said...

I hope the person reads this ^^

jEeRo said...

'My heart is with you.
I am there for you.
Because i want to.'
-love these words..wish i have the courage to say these words to the one i love..
like the last pic..lovely dreamy feel in it..
yet another honest great post Mila..
thankx for tagging me in FaceBook..
have a wonderful weekend!

Dooder City said...


Sandra said...

i can't find the right words to describe how beautiful this is

Robine said...

prachtig, werkelijk waar!

Johanne said...


"cross my heart and kiss my elbow" said...

Mila this was such a sweet and beautiful post.
M has definitely not forgotten about you and feels comfort knowing that they are not alone.


Ashley Rose Photography said...

Mila :) I love that you pour out your heart on your blog. Its completely indearing and I truly feel your pain & love!!! xoxo

Rosie Posie said...

oh my goodness, sweet, delightful mila, this is breathtakingly beautiful.

i dearly hope he reads it. i do i do.

sweet wishes to you dearest

Hila said...

Ah, another beautiful post :)
Thanks for the tag on facebook - I'll do it sometime this week and post it on my blog if that's ok.
Hope you're well my dear ...

Julianna said...

alright my dear...there isn't anything better than that picture up top is there?


Krystal said...

i LOVE this, so gorgeous


this is lovely mila, i even got a little teary (im a sap)

Ella said...


electric feel said...

ohh Mila darlin it's always a pleasure to read your blog!

Franco said...

o envy your breautiful blog :(

Hila said...

I've answered your tag on my blog my dear :)

Sve said...

Hey...I came to this blog by chance...
This post is the reflection of real, unconditional love. I believe that you are happy to have had the chance to feel that.
Good luck and God bless :)

Anne said...

this entry is so beautiful.
i stumbled upon another blogger called Cross My Heart and Kiss My Elbow. She had a blog titled "Light."
This entry reminded me of her blog.