The beauty and the truth

Don't you just love the words above?
Like you share a secret with the one you love,
or don't love, of course.
Sharing secrets is something magical
something you can't really describe in words
and you shouldn't.

Oh, how i love things put on a head, like it's the most normal thing in the world.
Like you could walk outside with it.
As if the wind never blows.

Be more honest and open with him.
About my feelings.
And he should be too.

I am curious, what should you really do?

I am in love with hair lately,
the messy kind of hair.
Not the kind of hair that shows
you care about it.
Of course you do,
but nobody has to know about that.

how come
you never
bore me?

I have to say,
I am getting a little bored by my own posts.
Do you know that feeling?
Like you can't really understand
how other's can think,
your blog is still interesting?

There is no structure at all,
and i love structure so much.
Because it makes the mess in my head
a little less messy?

The girl from the Tumblr where i got this picture from,
said: I need to be here.
Well, me too.
Let's share the place.
You're welcome too.

I often wonder,
is it really possible,
a certain place
can make you feel different?
When you look at that picture above,
you get a feeling,
a feeling of wanting to be there.
You don't want to be where you are now,
because you can't be in two different places.
I wish i was happy with the place
i am now.
I am not.
I already know this place.
I am dreaming about places
i've never been.
Places unknown,
places to discover.

If only i wasn't so afraid to fly.

I love sleep,
my life has a tendency
to fall apart when I’m awake.

~Ernest Hemingway~

Ernest, i'm with you on this.

(Thanks to weheartit.com for the visual beauty)


Annabelle said...

This was an absolutely beautiful post. Lovely words, thoughtful images and very true thoughts. This is why I love reading your blog!
I should really; follow my dreams.
I love the proust quote on your sidebar - lovely. Thank you for this post and your blog. Have a great day :-)

Alice X said...

i loove the picture with the hair, of course your blog is still interesting mila:) i should really read more and stop worrying what people will think.

luyi said...

i wait for your new post every day!


Anonymous said...

I love your posts and I love your blog. :)

I hope you don't mind that I put your link on my blog. :)

Jordan said...

how could you NOT love your blog?!
i only wish i could come up with half of the things you post here! i just can't get the words out, but you on the other hand are brilliant!
i'm following

vintageveggie said...

don't even think that your blog could be anything but the unperfected perfection that it always is. i don't know what the blogging world would do without you.

erica leexo said...

you are so brilliant. i am so so excited that i came across your blog. it's just mindblowingly beautiful. the words, the images, everything. i look forward to reading all your posts. how refreshing! much love xoxo erica

mai said...

i love your somewhat incoherent posts.

behind all of what you think is clutter, i can understand what you're trying to say. maybe it's because deep down, we're all thinking the same thoughts?

lovely post.

chelsea said...

I love your blog so much. The way that you pair words and photographs together is brilliant. Each post is like a special collage.

I totally get your feeling. I feel so inspired by other people's blogs lately and not my own--at all.

Keep up the beautiful work!

Gray skies said...

i'm really interested about you mean.. there's a magical poetry, beatiful words was throwned on those invisible paper and someone like me has read it...

greetings Mila your blog inspires me so much ... bye

Betsey said...

hello dear :) it has been much to long since i have commented. i am sad you are feeling bored with your posts, becuase they are most definitely not boring! they are full of beautiful things- you never fail to inspire me! i love the first two pictures especially. so wonderful. i hope you have been well!

Anonymous said...

beautiful posts. as Betsey said, I am so sad you are feeling bored with your posts. you know...i kind of am too. like i feel that it isn't that good, and other people's blogs are better ex: yours!, but then everyone says its so inspirational and then they don't like their own blog, but then everyone else other than them loves it, if that makes any sense. its sort of like when you look at someone else's neat handwriting and you're all like I LOVE YOUR HANDWRITING!!! and they're like oh really? cuz i don't really like it. and then you say you hate yours, but then they say that they love it.

COURTNEY said...

i know what you mean about the hair.

i think that the mistake people make most often is that they just look like they are trying too hard and it doesn't look good. it either looks too busy or too uniform.

oh, and i love devon aoki. she has such a unique look.

Dooder City said...

beautiful post...such a joy to read your blog.
ps. I love devon aoki

leona_stam said...

I agree what you said''Sharing secrets is something magical
something you can't really describe in words
and you shouldn't.''
hope you''ll finally find your style of your post.=]

Chic Looks said...

so so beautiful as always

Len said...

Love to read your posts everyday, especially the images make me dream away. The one with the bed near the sea I have seen before and is the perfect photo to wander away when you have a busy day at work. By the way do you know a nice, cosy, romantic place to eat near the centre (omniversum) in The Hague? x

Anonymous said...

Dear, this place is still interesting and wonderfull, course! I need to coming everyday here, it's so plesant and soothing... simply, I love your blog!

K. Sundari said...

That is a lovely quote by Hemingway. I love discovering inspiring quotes on such beautiful blogs.

chloe said...

a beautiful, honest post. i am in love with messy hair too. and i completely know what you mean about being bored with yourself. have you seen the movies before sunrise and before sunset? if you haven't, you must.

Rosie Posie said...

oh sweetheart!

thank you for your beautiful comment, and oh how exciting that you have a teeny baby in the family also :) my little brother is like my biggest love, i think. he was an absolute suprise after me and my sister whose ages are close together, and then there are 12 years between me and my brother!! he is adorable and i still call him my baby, even though hes in school now!

oh this post is beautiful beautiful... your hair obsession, i share that same obsession at the moment!! that careless look i wish to create but is rather difficult, hehe!! but i do adore it. amazing pictures of the hair also :)

oh and those words, about secrets!!! i agree, it is something you cannot describe. but makes me feel unbelievabley happy.

oh goodness, your bored with your posts??? but they are full of such amazingness and wonder, darling!! they are perefct. i love how unstrucured they are, lots of random thoughts and beautiful words and images, into messy perfection, that leaves me inspired. really truely!

oh and how i need to be there too, it looks like a dream place. i would love to just sit and think there, for hours and hours, days even. i dont think i would have a care in the world.
i wish my teeny little flat could be slightly like that. but at the moment it is choas, and rather horrible to be in really!!

that last picture is so dreamy. i wish to do tht also.

oopsie, i did not realise you had done the tag already!!! sorry, sweetheart. but it is a lovely idea to tag another. i will check better this time as to who has done it before!

take care dearest. have a magical dreamy day

Anonymous said...

your a beautiful writer and I'm glad I found this blog.
I should really: walk my neglected dog and stop reading amazing blogs.

Zmaga said...

I like messy hair too... I've got it! :)
Don't worry about the mess in the blog, it really is beautiful and interesting.
Hope you clear the mess in your head, though!

LILY-SAGE said...

your post was just what i needed to read today, everything was so perfectly beautiful.
i know the feeling of getting bored with your own posts, but yours are always a joy to read and so lovey...

i love to share secrets with my best friend starflower and indigo,
http://starflowerandindigo.blogspot.com/ i believe there is something magical about it

i wish to be in that wonderful picture of the bed with a beautiful view. its so relaxing and peaceful to imagine ones self there with the cool breeze blowing my hair softly and such a gorgeous view...

i also ment to tell u, but time got swept away, during christmas, my little sister made christmas ornaments out of her paper cranes...they were adorable.

have a wonderful week dearest mila,

Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

I would love to be in that place as well! Next to a special someone...

Oh Mila I am so in love... and I just can't stop coming back to your blog because it reflects my exact feelings for this guy in the most beautiful way, with the pictures you collect and your writing...

Boring would be the last adjective I would ever use to describe your posts so please, keep on posting!

anywhere I lay my head said...

I think this is the most beautiful words you have written so far. I almost cried when reading it. It's so straight from the heart and pure. I love the lines about being somewhere other than were you are right now because you can't be at two places at the same time. Thank you for writing such lovely things!

Hugs & Kisses

Emilia Jane said...

your posts could never be boring. they are so touching and real. don't stop.

Inka said...

yes, I know the feeling when you start to hate your own creation a little bit. Even tough you know it's actually really fine creation. but you'll get used to it and someday it doesn't look so bad anymore. but please, try to appreciate your work a little more then. you have the right because we all love it too. thank you for your words. I read every post.

Love Simone said...

I love the messy hair and the hemingway quote sums me up quite well too. I could never be bored reading your posts, although I know the feeling when it comes to your own posts.

Anonymous said...

Know that feeling but I do love your blog and can't get enough... I'd miss you if you stopped posting.

Thumbelina said...

I definitely know the feeling about wanting to be somewhere new. I wanted to leave where I live now immeaditly after high school, but decided to stay here and save money and then leave in a few years. It is such a frustrating thing, and I feel as though I should except my life in the moment, and not get too absorbed in what I want my life to be like or my plans for the future. And goodness, I want to be in that picture. It looks like one of the most peaceful places... just image how it would feel to sleep under the stars in that paradise... sigh...

Oh dear, I am feeling the same way. I truly haven't posted anything interesting lately, but that is due mostly to my mood right now and the horrid month that is January. And yes, haha, I am blogging again! Oh, your wonderful Mila dear.
Hope you are well <3
Ciao ciao,

Relyn said...

There is so much beauty here in this post. The images. The thoughts. The true words.

When I visited today and saw your post title, I just gasped. I had just clicked "publish" on a post called On Beauty. I love it when several of us are all on the same wavelength. I love discovering the different ways that we all interpret the same word.

Oh, yes. One more thing. You can't go. I only just found you.


mila your so honest and open here its really refreshing and endearing, of course your posts could never be boring and i agree with you -the only way to wear your hair is messy and carefree, i find the more i care about how it looks the uglier it is hence i dont bother with it at all!

Diana said...

Love your blog. Can you tell me all the songs that are playing? Especially the first one.

Diana said...

Just Kidding. I just found the player =)

Indie.Tea said...

O, what beautiful photographs...and I love the Hemingway quote.

notebookdoodles said...

i get that feeling too about feeling uncertain as to how people can still be interested in your blog. but we all just do the best we can =) and as long as it still makes you happy. that's what counts..


deep_in_vogue said...

Gorgeous post, I adore your blog!

parisa said...

so beautiful photos!!! I like your blog so much!! and I like the first song,so I listen to the song many times these days. Thank you!

agnes said...

honey, your blog is definitely not messy at all! it's sweet and adorable as always, and i love it as always :)

jEeRo said...

well if you think your blog is bore take a peek at mine..it could really put you to sleep..
your blog is amazing Mila!!..don't ever doupt that alright?..alot of people here will agreed with what i just said =]
i like long hair too but can't keep mine long..cuz i don't look good in it so..yeah..
yet another great post!
keep it up
You Go Gal!!!!!!!

Fym said...

I'm obsessed with messy hair too. Just feel that it's a casual yet wild look that makes it really attractive in a way.

And please dont get bored with your posts. They are not boring. Not at all!

Random thoughts would still flow under structured minds. So dont be afraid to let them out. It's a form of relaxation too...

Keep blogging, & stay happy. =-)

Lisa said...

mila mila mila.

what would i do without you.

your posts are imagery + inspiration to my soul.

i love that 1st picture to the fullest.

i swear- each post just gets better & better.

sending all my love your way.

keep on shining BEAUTIFUL MILA


Sam said...

Found your blog by chance - lucky me - it's lovely! Will be back!

Hila said...

Well, I'm certainly not bored with your posts :)

Kitty said...

I meant to comment on this post before but I scrolled too far and commented on the wrong one. Woops. I'm so awful.
If you hadn't already seen though, I love these photographs. They make me want to go out and recreate them. They make me want to be in them so I can just escape sometimes. They are absolutely wonderful.
Please keep up the exceptional work!

Maverick said...

Those pictures are so great :) I love that song that plays on your blog, too! How have you been Mila? :)

love mavi

muchlove said...

Your blog posts are unbelievably beautiful. But I do know the feeling of being bored with one's own blog posts. Perhaps it's just a phase that will go away.

Johanne said...

This was a wonderful post dear. The lack of "structure" makes it so laidback and poetic. I like that, please don't change it(:
I'm with you on the hair. I can't pull of the messy look though. Wish I could.
The first picture and the words are so beautiful..I like her golden dress.
AND i like the last quote as well, allthough I'm the complete opposite. I have to stay awake to keep it together. Kind of...


Ryoh said...

This is my first visit in your blog.. and this post is the most beautiful post i've ever seen. and your words make me think about my life, i love it especially the paragraph including 'the most normal thing in the world'...

Piper Madison said...

Great post - don't get bored with your blog - it is beautiful and real. We can't get enough of it. :)

Franco said...

so inspiring.
is your name mila? that's my mom's name

Franco said...

so inspiring.
is your name mila? that's my mom's name

Anonymous said...

Hey Mila,

Woh je hebt echt superveel comments iig ik wou ff zeggen dat ik je een dreamaward had uitgereikt omdat jij de 1e commenter was en dat vond ik zo leuk hihi. En je post zijn heel mooi en herkenbaar vooral die ene met what I really should do & die van hemingway en blabla leuke post etc maar dat wist je al :)!


"cross my heart and kiss my elbow" said...

i love your blogs mila!
your posts are never boring they inspire me. =)

thuva-lisa said...

men sötaste människor

Valentine said...

Hi Mila! That is also one of my fave Hemingway quotes. It is very very true. :-)

As for your question-- there are so many things that "I really should" do.. so many that I dont even know where to begin and that is where frustration starts. :-)

but your blog always cheers me up! so to thank you for it, i gave you an award. ;-) congratulations, dear!



naturally nina said...

Oh my goodness. I just found your blog and think I've died and gone to heaven! :)

Susanna-Cole said...

Stunning post, as always my dear! The words were true, love the candidness, and personality of your writing, makes me feel like I'm reading out of the most honest and beautiful journal! And I'm so in love with messy hair too, if only my hair would get messy naturally, but goodness it's always straight as a pin!

And thank you, my dearest, for your comment! And thank you, for sharing you thoughts, they are always incredibly beautiful to read! <3

Much love to you, dear! <3


Patricia Villablanca said...

Lovely pictures, they make me smile!

Missa said...

"Oh, how i love things put on a head, like it's the most normal thing in the world.
Like you could walk outside with it.
As if the wind never blows."

- Mila, you are just too damn cute!

I'm loving the messy hair lately too, and I know what you mean about wanting to get away from where you are. With our house under construction I've been surrounded by chaos lately and long for that peaceful bed in the photo!

Missing your lovely words and beautiful posts during all the business! Lots of love to you my dear <3

Sandra said...

you're blog is so wonderful. i just love it actually. i don't know what i like about it but it's so freaking good.

joanita said...

perfectly said.

secret, fragile skies said...

everything you do is full of wonder and magic. love it.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...