We LOVE Holland!

(Photograph by Valentina Vos)

I was thinking.....i really like to use this blog for a lot of different things.
Also to 'promote' different labels, designers and photographers, as you've probably already noticed.
I thought it was time to make a 'Dutchie Post' as i was flipping through the pages of some Elle Wonen (Elle Decoration) and saw some great things.
I also found some amazingly talented Dutch photographers on Flickr.
Holland really does have some talent, besides Viktor & Rolf and the well known designers from Moooi.

First of all, i discovered the amazing photography of Valentina Vos at Flickr.
I am very happy she told me she likes my blog and i can put her photographs on Loveology. Thank you, Valentina!

Hella Jongerius is one of those slightly older Dutch talents, which you just have to know.
She designs such amazing things!

The most well known design from her is probably the gorgeous vases she designed for Ikea some years ago. I still want that pink and gold one...

This gorgeous couch by Hella...
It's my dream to own it some day...

An other quite known Dutch talent is Tord Boontje (yes, this is also a weird name in Holland...)
I love his beautiful flowery patterns...very dreamy.

Below some designs by Dutch designers i like.

From Orson+Bodil, by Alexander van Slobbe.

I am glad Daryl van Wouw finally got over this sporty thing.

Ilja Visser's latest collection.

I love the designs of Spijkers en Spijkers, i think these Dutch sisters, who live in the UK, are my favourite.


Before i forget...
I received two beautiful awards!
I am very thankful for these little, special gifts i receive from time to time.
So thank you with all my heart!

This beautiful Dream Award i received from Dream Lovely.
Thank you so much, Anne. <3

The 'Premio Dardos' Award i already received some time ago, but that doesn't make it any less special to receive it once more.
Thank you dear Valentine!


Micaela said...

LOVELY images as always so OF COURSE valentina was happy to let you use her amazing photos!!! and i'm glad she did and loves your blog as i do xo

anywhere I lay my head said...

Lovely images and lovely designs as always<333 I love it that you show me different designers and photographers that you like because I always like them too:D

Franco said...


Michelle Parks McCourt said...

another gorgeous post.

Rita said...

That couch! I want it now!

Anonymous said...

Lovely designs and pictures as always <3

allyssa rea; said...

my new couch is albeit much more traditional, but its the same colorrr!<3

kara - all things ordinary said...

I'm a fan of dutch design, too. Do you know Artecnica? (http://www.artecnicainc.com) They produce Tord's lighting and accessories as well as work by Hella and other dutch designers.

Caroline said...

Waow i love your blog and photo´s! Btw; are you dutch?

Marie-Eve said...

Thank you so much for all this inspiration you give me. It's a wonderful blog, with amazing visuals. Beautiful.

tigermilk said...

you deserve a million awards! and dutch are the best. why do you think i chose my url?? ;)

Mirthe said...

Wat een mooie post:) Ik vond Daryls laatste show heel mooi! Ook fantastische foto's.

vintageveggie said...

i love those hair knots, unique hair styles is one of my favorite things right now... currently i am dreading some of my hair just for a change!

Alice X said...

soo lovely, i love that dear and those photos by valentina. absolutely breathtaking.


Jordan said...

i'm dutch!
love this post
you should post some dutch models!

Anonymous said...

wow.. this is the first time im in your blog, and its absolutely beautiful, i was having a bad day, but you made it brighter somehow, the music.. everything is so soothing, you are now by far, my favourite blogger!!! congrats!! lol. and keep on posting, its beautiful!!

caroline said...

those first few photos are magical!
i am giving you a fab blog award! see my blog!

chloe said...

yay, such fabulous fashion and design! i love being introduced to new photography/art/clothes and your blog is one of my favorite places for that. thank you thank you.

notebookdoodles said...

thanks for sharing all things holland, mila. it's very interesting!


Anonymous said...

gosh. now you've made me want to go to holland. it looks like an absolute fairy tale!

Hadley said...

your blog is so, so very inspiring and calming. thank you for always making my day just that much better.

Indie.Tea said...

O, how lovely! There is a similarity between all of the items and the photography...something I cannot name (unfortunately).

ashley said...

i have always wanted to visit holland and now i am craving a visit for inspirational finds alone! lucky i have you to bring them to me in my living room!
hope you are doing well mila, i always love these beautiful posts you do!
x ashley

Anonymous said...

Hello Mila,

I gave you the award with pleasure.
Also fun post about alot of dutchies design talents. I think its a wonderfull idea to use your blog to also promote.

For now keep on dreaming lovely,

xxx Anne

ps this month Glamour has an article in it about Tord Boontjes and he actually lives&work in the french countryside.

Anonymous said...

Geweldig! Je hebt hele mooie dingen uitgekozen! Van mij mag er ook meer aandacht naar Nederlands design.

Rina said...

Oh! I loved this post Mila, thanks for having this amazing blog that I always enjoy so much and you can show us the beautiful Holland!

Anonymous said...

You have a wonderful blog...and I really like your post. I was a fitter at the orson+bodil show last year..it's just amazing! greets

daydream lily said...

I love Holland too, though I've never been. But your blog makes me want to go there :-) beautiful images and finds.

loves and hugs.


Kim said...

Aahw, dankjewel!
Valentina haar foto's zijn echt prachtig :))))

Liefs, Kim

Billie Jean said...

hele leuke post, leuk dat je aan diverse dingen aandacht besteed!

wat we wilden vragen, heb je mss interesse om met ons te linken? lijkt ons heel leuk :).

Nikéh en Maxime

cleolikesyou said...

die bank is prachtig!
mooie post verder.

amy said...

oh the dress with the crown!!

amy said...
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Kelly said...

Thanks for your comment sweet.

This is a beautiful post by the way.
I LOVE Tord Boontje. I wish I had the money to deck my entire house out with his stuff.


laura said...

been a fan of tord boontje for a while now, i always see his works at cool design shops here in australia (and everywhere else around the world i think!). thanks for sharing the rest of the talented dutch creative people!

la petite mademoiselle said...

wat leuk dat je nederland van zijn beste kantje laat zien!
ik bekijk heel vaak je blog, ik ben er een beetje verliefd op geworden!
gefeliciteerd met je awards!
kusjes eva


lovely selection of designers, my eyes are fizzing from so much talent and beauty in one small post!

Claudia Schmid said...

Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing them!

Enchantment said...

hey gorgeous! how have you been? I know I havent left you a message for quite some time! Butttt I still look at your blog daily! I already knew about Valentina Vos her work,amazing right?
Well hope you had a nice weekend! Bye darling! x0x0

abraham palafox said...

himila how're u? :D
i hope you fine
i send you hugs and kissess

(i love the frist song, and all your taste in clothes)


Marian said...

that couch is gorge dear,the vases are beautiful sweetie. How are you Mila,have not stopped by in a while but your blog is as beautiful as ever.
muah x

Lola-Elise said...

I have that vase! (the pink one) i bought it from ikea a while back! i had no idea who the designer was it just looked pretty, i was like 11 though! I love love your blog. Your such an inpiration..please check put my new blog im new to the blogger world..(Lola-Elise)..Xx

Anonymous said...