Do you want me?
Like really WANT?
I thought i knew you do
Do i?
I want to know what you think
when you look at me.
Tell me
so i dont't have to wonder

(Hedi Slimane)

I wish i could
see you
as some sort of
I can't.

I want to lie next to you
so so bad.
I can almost feel your
bare skin
and warm.
Let's stop this.

I feel like i need
to sort of
hide from you.
To make myself more
But how can i ever be
more interesting
when i can't
let you see
who i really am?

I want to live
on the edge
but only with you
so you can always
hold me back
when i almost fall.

Reach for the sky with me baby,
so we can both touch the same stars.

(I thought this was kind of funny to do.
Dalai Lama test)

(Pictures without credits from weheartit.com)
(Words by me)


*indie_queen* said...

I feel these words :(

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Wow, just mesmerizing.
Who is the first singer?

Maverick said...

Mila darling!

I absolutely adore reading your words of wisdom and looking at all the beautiful photos you post!

Hope you're doing well :)

Love, mavvie

Anonymous said...

where do you get all your amazing quotes from?

tigermilk said...

i want someone to sing this to

Krystal said...

this was gorgeous, my favorite post so far!

Maria C said...

I hope everything works out babe, mind jobs are the worst... I feel your pain.. I think im sort of going through this now...

I havent checked out your blog in a while... I should have though because you published some amazing posts. I really do you love your blog dear, I think it's an extension of you and I really enjoy reading your resplendent and truthful entries.

I hope 2009 will be good to you ;)

Maria C

Missa said...

I love your writing Mila, it's really good, and it's been awhile but I remember what it's like to be in that place.

Lots of love and luck to you dear! Your words are beautiful and these images perfection as always :)

Hila said...

who is playing with your mind my dear?
I do love your posts ...

notebookdoodles said...

the last photo is sooooooooo pretty! i am going to save it on my computer =) it makes me happy.

i hope you are well, mila. and i hope your mind will get better soon.


mai said...

so touching :)))
lovely photos as well.

wildflowers said...

Such lovely words and beautiful pictures :)

yiqin; said...

Very powerful words wit photos that match them SO WELL!

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

Coldplay huh? lovely. I'm a little surprised by that.
PS I really love this image of stars...

anywhere I lay my head said...

Lovely lovely! The photos are amazing but what I loved the most was the words, very adorable and beautiful!

Anonymous said...

You're a poet.
Beautiful post.

Can I add you to my blogroll?


danica said...

This post is so bittersweet...I hope you're well, Mila :)

frenchtack said...

so dreamy!

fell in the nettles said...

Pretty photos:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for your sweet little comment on my blog! its kinda funny, actually because thats exactly the same way i feel about your blog. its so beautiful, i can't take it any longer :)

Johanne said...

You're a poet<3

Anne Nena said...

Hey hey,

Echt heel mooi geschreven en de liedjes op je blog zijn ook echt heel mooi. Ik ben zelf net met een blog begonnen en woon ook in Den Haag. En dat 2e liedje is van Amelie he ? Maar anyways je blog is echt heel mooi! :)Dat wou ik even zeggen.

Danz said...

These are realy pretty photos - I especially love the one with the stars in the trees.

Anonymous said...

Hoi ik heb nog even verder gekeken op je blog en ik zag dat er zoveel dingen waren die ik herkende. Bijv de chaos en dat je niet weet wat je wilt enz, dat je verlangt naar de natuur en ook bijv je boeken enzo De nachttrein naar Lissabon van Paul Mercier en de film Into the wild en dat je van cakjes houdt en dat je ook een kat hebt. Zoveel herkenning en dan je gedicht het lijkt echt superveel wat ik meemaak met een jongen die ik leuk vindt maar om een lang verhaal kort te maken.

Het komt echt wel goed en je bent niet de enige die dit soort dingen overkomt :)! Het komt goed.

Anonymous said...

i hope you open your heart to this person, and i hope it all works out fine. touching words.

in other news, i saw this sweater and thought of your blog. the light colors and somewhat romantic aesthetic, though not as fairy-tale like as some other things you've posted, much more affordable!


tigermilk said...

OHH MY! i am over the moon right now, and i cant even explain to anybody how much this means to me because they wont understand. you are the reason i started blogging, one of the many reasons but you were like a trigger of inspiration for me so thank you for that and liking my blog!

definetly made my day ...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, you deserve all the love in the world! Kisses, Eefje

Ashley L. said...

Your blog inspires me beyond words! Seriously. I don't know how you do it...

Anonymous said...

i love the last image, the stars are so pretty! x

Ashley Rose Photography said...

I think everyone feels like that. the need to be a "better"person to be interesting. just be your lovely self and you will find someone who appreciates everything about you. you deserve to be loved :)be your wonderful self. xoxo.

Jimena said...

Hi darling - i just wanted to drop by and say hi. I tell you that I hope you had lovely holidays....

I've been having crazy weeks, with exhausting ups and downs (emotionally), but things seem to finally be settling down. I'll read and look at your beautiful posts in the next couple of days, but in the meanwhile, i just wanted to say hi!

Annabelle said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

makemoremistakes said...

MILA I'VE MISSED YOU SO GODDAMNED MUCH!! Also, I KNOW EXACTLY HOW THIS FEELS! There is this boy, and I just want to lie next to him all day long, and cuddle with him, and explore the world with him, and let him know everything about me- BUT I have no idea what he is thinking when he looks at me....

I LOVE YOU SO SO MUCH! Let's talk soon. In fact, I might facebook message you right now. It's been far far too long.

I love you!

Anonymous said...