Happy hearts

A wonderful thing just happened!

I got a message from Cole from We Are Love Tumblr, that he did a post about Loveology.
Oh, i feel so truly honoured.

It's so strange to just being a girl writing and posting pictures and getting so many amazing comments and then something like this happens!
It really means a lot to me....
Thanks so much, Cole!

Another big THANK YOU to Meg, she knows why.
Darling Meg has two blogs, both worth visiting.
1 and 2.

This one is for you Meg, because it's beautiful and i know you think so too.

She also likes making lists.
I mean those long lists with questions about yourself.
I also love those lists, so i am just gonna post some of them.
Mainly for myself. I don't think the answers are that interesting to you.

1. Are you in a relationship with anyone?
No, not really. See my last post for a vague kind of explanation.
2. Who was the last friend you were chillin with?
My best friend, Hilde.
3. Miss someone?
Hell yeah. Him of course.
4. How’s your ex doing? Do you care?
I saw on msn he's sick, too bad for him. Yes, i do care, i want him to be happy, but i don't care too much, because at this stage he doesn't deserve my care.
5. Is there someone you want to fight?
No, luckily enough. I think i can better spend my energy on something else.
6. Song playing?
None, at this moment. I needed some damn silence.
8. What are you excited for?
Seeing him again and feeling like a 16 year old.
9. What’s annoying you right now?
Not being very tired at this hour of the day.
10. Would you prefer someone who is romantic or spontaneous?
Both please.
11. Are you tired?
Almost always, but not when i have to be. How sad is that at 24?
12. If somebody liked you right now, what would be a cool way for them to tell you?
Wait for me at my door, when i come home from University, jump on me and almost kill me with kisses and hugs.
13. What kind of socks do you have on?
Big, fat Nike grey ones from my Stepdad.
14. What color shirt are you wearing?
Some vague green Stella Mc. Cartney t-shirt for H&M (=sleepwear...)
15. What will you do Saturday?
I am not much of a planner, so i don't know actually.
What i hope i will be doing: staying in bed all day and cuddle the creeps out of me.

16. Does your family own any mansions?
Hello, this is Holland!.
17. Do you have any interesting bruises or scars?
I don't think bruises and/or scars are that interesting.
18. How long does it take you to get ready to go out?
Depends on the night, from 30 seconds till half an hour. I am a quick person, thanks to my dear Mum.
19. Do you like books?
Can't live without them.
20. Do you wish at 11:11?
Ehm, no. Why should i?
21. Who was your ex:
22. Do you still like them:
He's still an amazing person, but that's it.
23. Do he or she knows how you feel:
I don't know.
24. Were you close:
Yes, together for two and a half years.
25. How close:
Very close. Close enough i'd say.

(From one of Meg's blogs)

Now here's your chance to prove just how close you were.

1. Do you know where they live: Yes.
2. Their phone number: Yes.
3. Fathers name: No, too difficult to remember.
4. Step Fathers Name: He doesn't have one.
5. Step Mothers Name: See above.
6. Siblings name: Some.
7. Color of there eyes: Yes, brown and a little greenish sometimes.
8. Where they are right now: No and to be honest, i don't care.
9. Do you still talk after you broke up: We tried, but it wasn't really working out, to say it carefully.
10. Are they older or younger: Slightly older.
11. Will you talk to this person today: No, definitely not.
12. I love you: Oh, do you? That's funny.
13. Do they like anyone else: I believe so.
14. Did they ever cheat on you: No.
15. Did you ever cheat on them: No.
16. Did you cheat on them a little, but just kissing? No. I will never.
17. Do you still talk to your ex: No, not at this point.
18. Who is it: W, ex boyfriend.
19. Was it love: Yes, definitely.
20. Does your ex own a boat: Haha, i guess not. No.
21. Does your bestfriend: No.
22. Something you experienced with your ex: Lots of things. Maybe too much.
23. Something you experienced with your bestfriend: Lots and lots of talking, laughing, drinking, drugs experimenting and much more.
24. How many times was your ex at your house: Too many times to count.

That was fun. :)

Did anyone do the Dalai Lama test i posted yesterday?
I am curious about your thought about the test!

I know i already told you about how much i hate chaos.
My mind is one big chaos, so i like things around me and in my house to be structured.
How can some chaotic places look so beautiful?

(The Selby)

I am in love with love.
And with this picture i found on one of Meg's blogs.
Isnt love lovely?
Isn't it just the only thing that really really counts?
Or am i getting too romantic now?
Lately i am, i'm afraid.

Still loving Clemence Poesy...

Isn't this cute and beautiful at the same time?
HE is too.

And this....will be my first ever mantra...

These little hearts are for you!

Hey, sometimes a chaotic post is okay.
I guess.

(Most pictures again from weheartit)


l u c y. said...

as always, gorgeous and sweetness!

MJ said...

Oh I love this post! It is full of love and longing and secrets and hope.


Anonymous said...

you create a beautiful chaos, mila. that's what i love most about your blog.

Annie Crowninshield said...

perfect post! thank you. now get some sleep!! ;)

leeselooks said...

mila missing you!

sending ALL my love your way.
happy 09 dear friend.



Anonymous said...

fun/cute post minus the snails...

pumps & luiers said...

proficiat - echt super voor je

en leuk weer wat meer over the girl behind the pics te weten te komen

i.d. said...

Your blog is so lovely! xx

agnes said...

what a happy post it is!

and those ans are definitely NOT boring, honey.. i 'm glad to know you more.

Skye said...

Lovely, perfect chaos is always good, because magic can emerge from the mayhem!

anywheredreams said...

gorgeous! I love it! I thought your answers were interesting ^^ I wish I could have a mantra like that but I think I wouldn't manage to stick with it, too afraid of too much stuff ^^

Hugs & Kisses

laura tj said...

i like your version of chaotic post!

Raver Ria said...

I agree, Hedi is a genius! He captures emotion brilliantly in his photographs, it just looks so organic... i hope one day i'll be able to photograph like that too..

I have been watching that old TV show Felicity lately (love it). and i heard this quote and for some reason i thought of you...

"if equal affection cannot be, then let the more loving one be me"


luyi said...

take care, sweetie.

you are still shining in chaos.

it just takes time.

Unknown said...

Ooh I love this chaotic post, beautiful chaos... keep them up!

D. said...

Oh, I love those lists too! I used to post them on MySpace :)) It's interesting to read other people's answers, even if you don't really now them.

Thanks for a lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mila, (Ik reageer maar even in het Engels :p)
I was happy to leave the comments on your previous post.
And I really like your blog so I will continue visiting it also it was really funny to see pictures of The Hague and all these spots I know on a blog. Anyways I can understand that Chaos in your head can sometimes be a bit overwhelming and you just want peace and quietness. But I liked to Quote Einstein (I do this all the time when I get really fed up with my messy room :p) : If a messy desk means you have a chaotic mind , what does an empty desk stand for ? :) Anyways if its still gets all to much just go to a quite place I like to go to the beach and Scheveningen is very close by. Mabye you will find more peace if you just take a walk.

Loves said...

Heerlijk hoe jij schrijft! En wat een prachtige plaatjes vind je toch altijd. Je blog is echt een inspiratie en als ik hem lees wordt ik altijd helemaal blij :)

essa stessa said...

I did the dalai lama test , the results are astonishing but can be true !
very nice post also

Anonymous social worker said...

thanks for the comment regarding my ferret, you are so sweet, love this post, especially the first picture.
and i too do chaotic posts don't worry.

Anonymous said...

I did the Dalai Lama test you posted: some answers felt natural, some wer surprising. But I was told Astrid is my twin soul and this is oh so true.

Love the closet picture from the selby... Wish my closet looked the same :)

Michelle Parks McCourt said...

A beautiful chaos of a blog.

cleolikesyou said...

What a lovely and honest post!
oh, ik ben weer terug van mijn niet posten en niet blogs kijken (waarom? ik weet het niet, veel tijd om tijd in te verspillen?).
Al je vorige posts doorgelezen en nu ben ik weer helemaal bij!
Wat is jouw blog lezen toch geweldig:) Hoewel ik er soms ook toch een beetje melancholisch ofzo van wordt, alsof ik verlang naar die wereld in al je mooie plaatjes en woorden.
een hele grote knuffel!

MJ. said...

Hey! There's always some order in every chaos (at least that's what I like to think...)!

Such lovely pictures!! They inspire so much peace and happines!

Moorea Seal said...

i just love your blog!

i added you to the list of my most admired blogs. check it out in my latest post!

AshleyL. said...

I am inspired yet again :)

Thank you for visiting my blog. It made me smile.

I just posted some beautiful pictures I took for my friend and her fiance. I think you might like them...come visit my blog and take a peek :)

Marian said...

darling Mila,congrats on the feature.your post as usual is breath taking. love the 'i am afraid of nothing' image,also love the selby image.
big kiss,

What is Reality Anyway? said...

really great post! x

notebookdoodles said...

i loved this post. it's as simple as that =)


Anonymous said...

lovely post. even if it is chaotic and a bit over the place, you always know how to make it gorgeous. and congrats on your feature too!

Anonymous said...
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jo said...

chaotic posts are always acceptable! i luv the Q & A. the selby is awesome. sometimes others' clutterness looks a whole lot better than (our clutterness), its sad isn't it?! haha. & hey, mila congrats on your Loveology recogniton, props props !

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...


<3 Matilda

Susanna-Cole King said...

Congratulations on the feature dear, your blog deserves to be buzzed about! <3

And gorgeous photos, and love the questions, as it's always lovely to have insight into a lovely girl such as yourself! :)

Hope you have well, my dear! <3


Meg said...

oh, oh, words cannot express...

thank you, thank you, dearheart...

always & ever & ever.


StickyKitten said...

i love the photo of the baby snails climbing on the big snail! i hope you are having a beautiful day full to the brim with love from all directions, mila!!!!

Petitebine said...

Fantastische post weer meid.
Wat een inspiratie, waar haal je het vandaan?
x Robine

Alice X said...

beautiful beautiful pictures and i loved your words as well. it's always hard letting go.


Anonymous said...

Thank you thank you for your wonderful pictures/inspiration/text/songs. Keep going on like this.


Betsey said...

this chaotic post is so amazingly lovely! as always!
hope you are well dear!

Missa said...

The balloon photo is so pretty, I love those colors! I always love learning more about you as a person too, you're a very interesting girl Mila :) Beautiful Post!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Milla, well deserved!

I have missed your blog so much whilst being away and am so excited to have so much to catch up on!

electric feel said...

mila thre is not much to say

your posts are wonderful
and that music in the background-so peaceful!

Anonymous said...


La C.

makemoremistakes said...

You're fucking amazing.

I love you.

Ruse Cross said...

I absolutely love your blog.

Feel free to stop by mine sometime.


I should take lessons from yours!

Ruse Cross said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Wow! Du tar verkligen helt underbart vackra bilder =)

Jag har fotograferat i 6år, kolla gärna mina fotografier på http://www.lvdp.blogg.se

Anonymous said...

You are soo sweet. read it every day. (it like my breekfast) Do you know were I can get sessun online, and are there any stores in berlin or amsterdam who have the label?


Congrats on the featuring of your blog! All pics are so inspiring!

Have a fantastic week, sweet Mila!


loveology said...

Thanks lovers for all your amazing comments!

@Vilje, if you just google Sessun online, you'll find multiple online stores that sell the beautiful brand!

Lina, i wish i could read your comment, but i can't although i tried!

Thanks again....sometimes your amazing comments almost bring me to tears. How damn sentimental is that?!

LOVE and always yours,


nikole said...


caroline said...

i'm such a sucker for pretty packaging...
i just stumbled on your blog and its super pretty and insightful! i'll be back!

M said...

Sending loveliness ...

I need to confess,

I love your blog
it's adorable and magic,



Anonymous said...

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