Another post


First of all, i want to say THANK YOU!
Thank you is always easy to say, but this time i truly mean it.
It means so much to me receiving so many wonderful comments from you readers!
Really, you guys are amazing...

I know i post a little less than i first did.
That's mainly because i have less time, and also because sometimes it's just a lack of inspiration.

A few days ago i discovered the gorgeous artworks of Melissa Haslam from Melbourbne, Australia.
Aren't they pretty?

A little while ago, i asked you if you'd like your Etsy art featured in one of my posts.
A few people commented that they'd like their items exposed here.
So here are their beautiful things....

Sofia Barao's jewellery

Sticky Kitten's cuteness

Goodwiu's Vintage!

Heidi and Seek's beautiful clothing...(Beautiful ethical design and some vintage!)

Jenn Smith's photography

Hila's beautiful photographs...

Tim Walker did it again...

^ How gorgeous are those black headbands!

This is how a hug should be.
Okay, an hug with your lover. The lover of all lovers.

How amazing is this?
Unfortunately, i don't think Holland is ready for this kind of make-up...


Gorgeous Hanne.


I won't either.


Endofmarch said...

Thank you to YOU. Really.
I haven't been reading your blog for a long time, but I am always happy when you post, because I can then discover photographers and artists that will inspire me.
Like in today's post. I wish I had known about this etsy feature thing, I would have participated. It would have been nice to see my paintings in a blog that I love to read :)

I hope you will soon feel as inspired as you inspire others.

notebookdoodles said...

another great post mila.
i love the hug part,
even though i am not much of a "hugger"
but that photo is pretty sweet!

you are truly awesome =)
thank you.


bronwyn said...

Those paintings are gorgeous and those eyes are amazing! I'm sure your inspiration will return shortly.

Ariel said...

Oh wow! Thank YOU for the lovely features... and introducing me to the wonderful Melissa Haslam! Such beautiful work...

Rita said...

Lovely blog!

jEeRo said...

jZ look at the wonderful Melissa Haslam's artworks..it takes me away her works..thkx for sharing =}
ya i got that too-lack of inspiration..at times i juz duno what to blog..can stare at my blog quite awhile..n still nothing pops out..haha..
great post Mila!
ur awesome too!
thkx for the lovely comment too!

Lisa said...


i hope all is well.
you post as often as your heart desires.

everyone is special.

i love that *hug* photo.
i think hugs are greatly underestimated...
so many things could be overcome if a giant hug were involved...

all my love beauty.


Sara said...

Wow! Thank YOU for such great posts; I only started following your blog recently but I love it!
Oh, and I love the hug picture; reminds me of how we should all appreciate the little things.


I'm a long time reader but a first commenter and i just wanted to drop a line to second everyone else and say no thank YOU, your posts always bring a smile to my face!

p.s we have you linked on our blog i hope you don't mind too much ;)

Missa said...

Amazing features as always Mila!
I love the artwork... lounging dreamily in a beautiful blooming tree full of kitties might just be my idea of heaven ;)

Also, thank YOU for always being so wonderful with your comments as well! xoxo

sparkle said...

oh mila, i think you are the only one to be thanked. you really did brighten a lot of my cloudy days,
and i don;t know you but i do love you

wildflowers said...

I want to say THANK YOU :)
I adore your blog and your lovely posts. I seriously wouldn't know how i could live without all the inspiration and pretty.
Thanks also for showing the work of Melissa Haslam. It's beautiful.

shilvia said...

adore tim walker!!!lovely etsy finds...all so pretty and cute :) what a sweet image of hearts on trees!!! and mila...thank you right back at you!!!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Wow....love those pictures !!!!! The 3rd one from the top is just AMAZING !!!!!!!!

Bibi said...

THANK YOU for sharing great photos again today =)


tim walker sees life through the eyes of a child and thats his genius!his imagination is endless.love love love this post dear from the beautiful images to the inspiring illustrations at the beginning to the quote at the end.
stay strong dear.

Mirthe said...

Ik heb je een award gegeven!:)

LILY-SAGE said...

My oh my what a truely beautiful post! you alwyas have lovely posts, i always look forward to.
i am in love with the picture of the hug, i havent seen my bf since may and i see him next week, i am sure our hug will be like the picture.

Thank you so much for your comment dear! dont worry about the tag, i understand :) i enjoyed reading your 7thngs tag. i hope u are finding the Bible a good book, i have been reading it also.

i saw a picture this week of cranes hanging from a tree branch, and i thought of your cranes :) my sister has lots of fun making her paper cranes as well :)

hope you have a lovely week!

Female Action Star said...

sweet post... always inspiring. Thank you. I love ur name by the name its very pretty...


StickyKitten said...

AW, Thank You! Wow, you featured my kitten necklace and hand crochetted Strawberry Shortcake dress! Thanks sooo so much! You are such a sweetheart. I love all of the other artist's creations as well! Especially Hila's photography-it's really pretty. Hope you have a wonderful week, Mila!

Matilda Iréne Linnéa said...

Thank YOU! You're great!
I love Sarah Barao's necklaces...
Hope you have a fantastic week, what's left of it that is. :)

<3 Matilda

[Tara] said...

Barao's jewelry is so delicate and lovely!

Betsey said...

oh amazing.
that picture of the hug is so so beautiful. ahhh.
and all this etsy goodness is just so exciting!
thank you for your blog- it is amazing and inspiring and just wonderful all the time. it is definitely one of my favorites. and thank you for all your sweet comments- they always mean a lot to me!

Caroline said...

Oh my! Thank you for featuring Goodwiu Vintage. You have the best blog.

makemoremistakes said...

LOVE YOU TOO MUCH!! You are the best.


sofia barão said...

thank you Mila for featuring my little shop. Your blog has the most amazing choices of beautiful photos I've seen, great inspiration.

michiko said...

You're welcome and thank YOU Mila, for sharing all this beauty and inspirations.

hanae said...

i would totally wear that makeup, even in holland, yessireee!

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