Another post?

Yes, another post.
Quite surprising, isn't it?

Let me tell you why.
I got so inspired by two blogs i just discovered today,
that i just had to do another post.
Remember that NEED to share?

Also, one of those beautiful blogs, this one, posted some amazingness which i didn't know about until now and it's so beautiful i also want to share it here.

The organic clothing line of Jule Knuepfer is really amazing.
I love the original shapes and the colours so much...

So thank you very much, Annie and Carlotta, for sharing this beauty!

Via this same amazing website 'Not just a label' , i also found the designs of the Dutch Anna Smit. I find them quite interesting...

Another interesting designer from Germany: Anuchka Hoevener

French label Baron Baronne is also quite interesting, Maybe you'd like to take a look?

I also quite like the designs of Basbousa...

And what about Bernice Miller?

Black beauty from Italy, from Carta e Costura

Last one for today, i can't stop!
Christina berger

An other thing i'd like to show you, is the amazing work of Domestic Construction.
The two girls from this company make the most beautiful, one of a kind designs for walls, lightning and clothing.

Stardust Sprakle is the other beautiful, new blog where i was talking about.
I like the dreamy atmosphere...

Before i forget, i received the lovely Secret Garden Award, from the very nice blog 'The great book of fairytales'. Thank you so much girls!

I want to give this award to...............................Vegan and Vintage!

I hope you enjoyed some fashion!


Endofmarch said...

Thank you for those wonderful links. I will go and explore them further. I love discovering new blogs. I agree with you that it is oh so inspiring.

Have a great evening, dear!

Maria C said...

You always seem to find amazing sites :)
thanks for sharing!!


mila that really is too kind of you, you know sometimes i get incredibly sick and frustrated with blogging but its people like you that remind me why it is such a lovely and rewarding experience. ah i should stop i sound like a sloppy sponge ! but thankyou, and i hope we can keep in touch !

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow, what beautiful garments.

i wish i designed things like that.
i automatically make things all girly and childlike.

the art is beautiful too.
and my dear.... i think i should be owning some tea cup lights like those.
or a lamp or something cute.

you are lovely.
forever x

the tea drinking english rose said...

wow, what beautiful garments.

i wish i designed things like that.
i automatically make things all girly and childlike.

the art is beautiful too.
and my dear.... i think i should be owning some tea cup lights like those.
or a lamp or something cute.

you are lovely.
forever x

makemoremistakes said...

You are such a beauty! I love all of these, so very inspiring and original. I do think that we must must must meet! We are like sisters or kindred spirits.

I hope you are doing incredibly!



Design Lovely said...

Thanks for this post. I just can't get enough of those teacup lights. They are so cool!

Anonymous said...

hi!im a silent follower of your blog and i really really love it.and now i wanna have my own blog but aghh its not easy! can you please help me?? how can i get a layout for example? ah im hopeless,if you can help me i can give you my passward and you can do anything you want with my blog lol.you see im going crazy.
Lots of Love

Susanna-Cole said...

It's freezing in my bedroom, but the beautiful thing about your blog and you, is that I always get a warm feeling when a visit, so perhaps I should keep reading your blog to stay warm! :D

Anyway beautiful post my dear, I just adore the stuff from Domestic Construction. :) And congratualtions on the award it is much deserved! <3

And thanks for your comment, as always, I am so grateful, and I know that I'm blessed to know someone as lovely as you! <3


Rina said...

Hi Mila! thanks for all the links I´m really enjoing them! I love all the knits, well...everything

notebookdoodles said...

oh yay!! more posts =) i really like those teacup lights!! so very pretty and such a genius idea! and those folded papers are interesting as well.

congratulations on the award!! you're just going to keep getting more and more, i'm sure!

i hope you are enjoying your week.


luyi said...

thank you for posting such a sweetie.


i'm kind of addicted to her!

and you don't mind i repost her pix in my blog.


Lisa said...




i can feel your passion + love through your posts.

thanks for sharing this.

THANK you from the BOTTOM of my heart.for each and every word...



Jess. said...

Ohhh those textured walls are so mesmerizing!
There's a room in the MET in new york that is cover with these tiny and peculiar metallic circles. I'll have to send you the picture, because these photos remind me so much of it!


sara said...

so much beauty around her! your blog is so inspiring. thanks for sharing. Happy Thursday! SAra

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Thanks for passing by !
Love these pictures !! You have a great blog !!!! Love it !!!!!!!! :)

sparkle said...

oh mila, you have no idea how much that meant to me.
when i was eating my bagel today, i thought of your comment, and i smiled. i smiled
1) because it felt like someone -you- actually cares
2) because i wanted to get twinkles in my eyes by smiling because you said thats what matters.
thank you very much.

those teacups lamps are SO beautiful. i imagine them in my white dreamapartment in paris and they look lovely.

thank you also for mentioning my blog in your blog today. wauw. you know i really admire you so its so lovely to be mentioned.

take care little dove,
sparkle x

Anonymous said...

Mila I don't how you find every beautiful blogs! it's just awesome!! thanks of you, I discover everyday photographer, designer.... I fell in love of Jule Knuepfer design and Berenice Miller paint!!I don't talk about work of Domestic Construction, it's amazing!
Also I want to say you, the last coment which you posted on my blog is the better coment I have never received, you enjoyed my day!!

Ana Laura Perez said...

I love the work by those girls from domestic construction!
And im loving all of these new posts, i saved lots of inspirational images once again
Much love

Blood Roses said...

those Jule Knuepfer designs are really interesting, thanks for sharing!

Johanne said...

Great post! And your blog is absolutely beautiful.
Would you like to trade links?
If so, let me know!


jEeRo said...

lOve Carta e Costura,Basbousa n Anuchka Hoevener designs!..n of cuz Domestion Construction..esp their cute lightings..
Stardust Sprakle blog has a warm feeling in it..
thkx for sharing Mila!

Darling Dexter said...

Mentioned your blog in a small piece today on my site...I'm relatively new to your site and find it inspiring--thank you for providing such lovely reading material :)

electric feel said...

hh my gosh
the cub lambs
just beautiful
ammazing and interesting post

Mirthe said...

Alles op jouw blog is zo moooooi. Fantastisch!:)

Anonymous said...

Ik vind het altijd zo leuk om op jou blog te kijken,
Ik herken mezelf vaak ook in de stukjes die je schrijft, over hoe je je voelt, hoe raar het mischien ook klinkt. Ik heb veel aan je blog, gewoon omdat het voor mijzelf dingen in een ander perspectief zet.
Je stopt veel gevoel in deze blog, en dat vind ik heel knap.

xx Fleur

joanita said...


i love the girls at domestic-construction. the wall art is amazing.

visit my blog!


A Rose said...

Wow, gorgeous! You always have the best posts!! I love reading your blog :)

gracia said...

Such finds! I now covet all of the clothes seen here. Such beauty!

Female Action Star said...

yeah this is some pretty sweet stuff thanks for this...


abraham palafox said...


HollyG said...

I love your blog!!! I would be honored if you would link to mine-- I am adding you to my blogroll.

HollyG said...

I love your blog!!! I would be honored if you would link to mine-- I am adding you to my blogroll.

Missa said...

I wish I had more time to explore and discover new blogs, it's so exciting when you find a new one that you really love and find inspiring :)

Well, at least I have you to find them for me, thanks Mila, for being such a sweetheart and for having such wonderful taste! xoxo

sueper said...

geweldige vondsten - ben helemaal in de ban van domestic construction - dank je voor me maar weer eens te inspireren

Krista said...

Amazing post! The photos of the Jule Knuepfer dresses are simply stunning and I would do anything to wear the white dress to my wedding.

Ever since my fiance proposed to me with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring from www.idonowidont.com I've been dreaming to be a runway fashion bride.

The shapes of the dress are amazing, A girl can dream can't she!

Valentine said...

Congratulations on the award dear! I love the designs you posted up! It inspired me a lot.. to buy.. but seeing as Im broke.. which in this case is good.. i cant purchase anything.. haha..


The art by Michelle Haslam.. absolutely wonderful!



Felicity said...

I have something on my blog for you.

Anonymous said...

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