Time for some happiness

I know it's way too vague, too much light, you nearly can't see a thing.
But i am loving this polaroid i took last week.
I guess it's one of my favourites...

This one is also quite strange.
It's actually accidentally made by a friend who was here and was wondering what the oragne button on the SX-70 was for??!!

And my dad was thinking the exact same thing, about a week before.

Thanks guys, for wasting my film! ;)

Let's make this post about happiness.
Things that make me happy.

What makes you happy?

I really need this kind of post.
Maybe you also really need it.
I don't know.
Let's just do it.

1. Hugging. Big BIG hugs, hugging somebody and smell their fragrance. Hugs out of love. Real love. (Unreal love. Fake love.)


Sometimes a hug from your furry friend, feels even more real than from another person.


2. Light. Light from the sun, the bright, yellow sun. Light from a nice lamp. Light from a candle. Just light to see the little sparkles in your eyes.



3. Sweet summerhouses like these ones.

(^The first one is actually somewhere in the city i live in, i just discovered!)
(First picture via Google, second via this blog.)

4. Inside swinging


5. Gorgeous photographs, like this one by Hedi Slimane.

6. Illustrations...this time by Fontaine Anderson. Found via this amazing blog.

7. These beyond gorgeous designs, by Alena Akhmadullina.

I want to learn how to knit too!!

8. My sweetest little nephew! (Isai, you're not on the 8th place, you're my number 1 and you know it!)

9. This amazing site i discovered via this lovely blog.
it makes your photographs look like 100 to 150 years old!

Me, back in 1872.

I wanted to make this post much longer and better, but unfortunately i don't have time anymore, because i am going to my first ever sewingclass! Wish me luck!

More 'Happy Posts' are coming this week...


Anonymous said...

i think the poloriad is lovely-soft. this post makes me happy, hearingthe valse d'amelie on you blog everytime i visit makes me happy!

Lou said...

Haha, grappig gegeven, die twee polaroid genomen door je vader en een vriendin. Verder heb je mooie dingen uitgekozen, ik vroeg me af waar dat geweldige zomerhuisje staat in Den Haag, of weet je dat ook niet? Zo nee, dan begin ik te neigen naar een zoektocht, want jeetje hij is wel heel mooi..

Lou said...

En ik heb het volgensmij nog nooit gezged, niet dat het van belang is, maar wat is Isai een ontzettend mooi en schattig jongetje! Vooral dat gaapje is echt vertederend. En nu ik toch voor de tweede keer reageer, je polaroid vind ik denk ik ook de mooiste van je die ik tot nu toe heb gezien, dat overbelichte is in dit geval heel passend en mooi!

Kimberley Brandsma said...

Mooi allemaal!<3 En je neefje is zo schattig!<3<3

Mary-Laure said...

A sewing class, I'm eager to hear more!

And I agree that a hug from a furry friend is bliss...

Mandi Johnson said...

Candlelight makes me happy. :)
Good luck on your class!

Lucy said...

yay for happy posts! i love those accidental polaroids, also.

sophiejade said...

I would love to go to sewing class - i really need to learn!

I love number one.

Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

Spend all afternoon in a sewing class would definitely make me happy, I think it would even make the smile last for weeks I think...
Swinging indoors could also do the trick...
But for now, I am just as happy reading this post.


Abby said...

Those accidental poloroids are very cool!

Oh happiness, what a happy post!
I want a sweet summer house like those.
Oh and an inside swing!!!!!!!! THAT is INCREDIBLE!!

Your nephew is gorgeous too! Gosh I love babies.

Stay happy!


Fifikoussout said...

Oh what a GREAT GREAT post !!!
lovely, inspiring, and as usual, very delicate <3

i like your polaroid of the vase, very ethereal..

haha so funny "what the oragne button on the SX-70 is for ?" session turned out good !! no waste of film, on the contrary, and the one of your dad, haha so sweet :)

you should tag people about what makes them happy, this way they would think about it, and feel thankful and lucky, and even more happy :)

loving Alena Akhmadullina's creations :D

aww <3 you nephew is a doll !!!

oh, you were very pretty in 1872 !!

so cool !! how went your sewong class ???! i am so jealous !


Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Twinkle lights definitely make me happy. I am loving #11 - so fun!

ashley said...

that post made me happy. and i have a feeling your sewing class will make you happy;)
the picture of your dad is fabulous too- what a wonderful oops!
cant wait til your next 'happy' post- good karma darling;)
x ashley

Ivonne from Self Exposed said...

Lovely Mila,

I went into the japanese site where you can transform the pics to make them look older. I loved the look! So much that my friend who took the pictures for my last post changed them all, they look so much better with that 1900s look! He did some work into mixing the real colors of the pics with the oldy look, they turned out great!

Thank you so much for the idea, it's another way in which your blog brought beauty into my world!

Come check them out anytime, I think they contribute more to the idea of nostalgia for old times that the post talks about.


luyi said...

thanks darling,
you always bring out the best of life.

and by the way, your little nephew is sooooooo cute!

Rina said...

Beautiful post Mila!. Good to start the week. Last week was difficult to me, wasn´t very good. My dogs makes me feel happy and of course a beautiful shinny day, a nice coffee with good company

Kelly said...

Wow some of those pictures are amazing.
And I love Fontaine Anderson's work - so detailed.
I'm off to look at that photo-ageing website!
I've been wanting to do a composite of my boy and I when we were little.

Anonymous said...

you should really ask people to use their photos before taking them.... or at least give them credit. even if it's just a honest post you are still stealing their creative work.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing so many lovely photos =) and u looked great in that old photo!

Happy sewing!!!

Andrea Eames said...

Thank you! I needed some happy thoughts today :)

loveology said...

Thank you all for leaving such nice comments! They are all truly appreciated!

A; I always do the very best i can for remembering and saving all the sources and owners of the pictures i post.
In this particular post, there are only two pictures that doesn't have credits with them. That's the one with the tap and the one of the painting with the owl. I simply forgot the sources, but i posted them because i wanted to share their beauty with you.
If anyone has a problem with it, i'll remove them immediately. I will do that right now.
I know it's not right to post things of other people without also credit them, so you are right. But i always do my very best to post beautiful things and also promote people's work (by posting their credits), so it hurt a little when this one (or few) times i forgot some sources, you are immediately here to say i am stealing other people's creative works. I don't think i do that, because i would NEVER ever say the works are mine.
Nevertheless: thank you for taking the time to tell me this.
As i said, i will remove them.

Anonymous said...

Lovely entry and incredible pictures, as always. I love all of the polaroids (and oh, is there anything better than hugging a furry friend? I've missed my cats so much!).

I live in Sweden. It feels both good and bad to be home - I've kinda gotten used to living in a big city, but at the same time, I'm going through some tough times right now, and I need to be close to my family and friends.

I'm sad that you had to go through the same thing. Heartache sucks. I'm such a control freak so I always want to know how the story will end, but there's really no way to control love.

I hope things will turn out well for you. You seem like such a lovely person and I know that you deserve nothing but love in your life!

H. Camerio said...

this post makes me happy :)

Ange Friesen said...

The open ocean.

Crunching perfectly crisp leaves under my feet.

Amazing books.

Hugs, also.

Curly fries.

The Amelie soundtrack. (I put this into my itunes a few weeks ago.)

Home made things.


Sushi. Delicious food of all kinds.


jEeRo said...

hOw did the sewing class go?..ya i need hug..lots of it actually..n i miss my cats..

would love to have a summer-house..but where im from theres no seasons..

being at the sea side listenin to the waves takin in the smell of sea the sight of sea makes me happy..calms me down..

makemoremistakes said...

Oh darling you are so sweet! I hope your sewing class is fantastic-I am thinking of taking one myself...
I also love love love your polaroid.

I hope you're well love!


pumps & luiers said...

Ik vind die eerste polaroid ook zoooo mooi.

Wat mij gelukkig maakt: de onvoorwaardelijke liefde die ik van mij hondje krijg ;)

Susanna-Cole King said...

I heart your "happy" posts, because they make me happy too! Beautiful photos (when are they NOT beautiful? Never!) And oh my goodness, swings! I don't care in they're inside or outside, I adore them either way! :D And your nephew is so precious, and you look beautiful in your photo from "1872" ;)


Parapluie said...

wow, so true.

Jane said...

gorgoues polaroid! <3 isai is so sweet...how old is he now?
tag, you're it! see my blog for more details...

Jane said...

gorgoues polaroid! <3 isai is so sweet...how old is he now?
tag, you're it! see my blog for more details...

Ashleigh Rose said...

Lovely post!
How do you work that site that makes your photos old? I don't understand it.

I love your mistake polaroids they're wonderful!

shill said...

sweet summer houses! this post sure makes me happy :)

danica said...

These are such lovely, happy things! I especially love the summer houses - amazing! I hope your sewing class goes well xo

Anonymous said...

hey darling,
it's the first time that i put on my earphone while visiting your blog.

i found out that you also have good taste in music!

such a great enjoyment to both eyes, ears, and most importantly, mind!

Missa said...

Mila, your light-filled polaroid of the vase is really really gorgeous, I love it love it!

Yay for happy posts, all your posts make me happy with their beauty and of course seeing my little girl's face light up when she looks at me always makes me the happiest!

Hope you enjoyed your sewing class, keep those happy posts coming and big BIG hugs to you dear!

Anonymous said...

Kwam bij toeval op je weblog en jeetje! Je hebt echt een juweeltje van een weblog :-)

Echt een inspiratiebron, en ik blijf 'm zeker volgen!

xxx nathalie

Helen said...

I actually really love it when photos have too much light in.
WOW that website it amazing- that'll give me something to waste my time with for the next hour or so!

Helen said...

I actually really love it when photos have too much light in.
WOW that website it amazing- that'll give me something to waste my time with for the next hour or so!

amy turn sharp said...

lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.