Yesterday was amazing! Nouvelle Vague was even better than i expected!
Un-very-fortunately my digital camera is not of great quality, so the pictures i took are awful.
Nevertheless i'll post some of them, just to give you an impression.

Unfortunately i wasn't able to find the Moustache Bar, so i had to go moustacheless.
So sorry i can't share this with you!

I will be doing another post this evening, so stay tuned!
(I found an amazing photographer, i saved the most gorgeous pictures and now i forgot about her name...such a shame! I have to find it again...)


Mon Petit Lapin said...

Glad the gig was great. I'm listening to them now to get over my jealousy ;) Great idea the moustache bar!

Heart in a cage said...

Fijn dat je het leuk hebt gehad! Die eerste twee foto's vind ik eigenlijk best wel gaaf!;)


Looks like a fun night!


Rina said...

I love Nouvelle Vague, is one of my favorite bands! I would love to go to a concert

Missa said...

There's something I really actually like about the movement and the colors in that first pic.

So glad to hear you had a great time!

sueper said...

The bluryness of the pics suits the name: Nouvelle vague ;)

lucy. said...

heart heart nouvelle vague. looks like fun!

Ella said...

I actually really like these photos.